Crown Princess Victoria: Blue Hats

While we don’t see Crown Princess Victoria wear many hats or headpieces, there are a handful of blue designs to be found in her millinery closet that I thought we’d peek at today:

1.May 30, 2010 | Royal Hats   2.Aug 30, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designers: both are unknown
Introduced: May 30, 2010; August 30, 2014

3.May 17, 2015 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats   4.Mar 14, 2017 | Royal Hats

Designer: Philip Treacy; unknown
Introduced: May 17, 2015Mar 14, 2017  

It’s an eclectic mix of styles we see here – a feathered headpiece, straw fascinator, lavishly trimmed button percher and sleek Garbo. Seeing this quartet together makes me wonder if a less severe hairstyle might aid Victoria’s millinery style, giving more balance to her overall look when she wears a hat?

Photos from Stella Pictures; Ragnar Singsaas via Getty;; and Rex/Shutterstock 

13 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria: Blue Hats

  1. Victoria’s signature updo just happens to be the most favoured hairstyle for longhaired royals worldwide when it comes to wearing brimmed hats (whether narrow or wide), so Victoria naturally tends to look just right in a brimmed hat; however, that same updo does not work with brimless hats nearly as readily, and it could benefit from bolder modification than we have seen to date when she wears smaller hat styles. Kate, Maxima , Sophie of Wessex and Victoria’s sister Madeleine have all shown us some fine examples of brimless hats worn with creative updos which are sympathetic to both the hat and the wearer.
    I find that a non-sympathetic hairstyle diminishes my enjoyment of a hat, no matter how beautiful it is, so I lean to brimmed hat # 4 as my favourite; the scale and proportions are just right; but, I do find the all-over symmetry and straight-line brim rather static and uninspired — I prefer Victoria in the diagonal or arabesque lines of her other big hats, e.g.

  2. Sometimes Victoria’s hairstyle works, but other times no. I said this on a previous post, but I think her hairstyle looks even more severe on her because of her strong, squared jawline. It usually looks good with fascinators, hairbows, or cocktail hats, but in larger pieces having her hair down or something less severe I think would be beneficial.

    Of these hats, the Treacy cocktail hat is definitely the best. I like the wide brim one, but I don’t think the angle it is at is flattering from many viewpoints; if she had it tilted over her other eye, I think it would look better.

    At any rate, Victoria deserves more blue hats!

  3. I can’t say I am a fan of any of these but if I had to go with one of them I would say #4. While I usually prefer hair up when a royal wears a hat I do wish Victoria would wear her hair down more often, maybe when she is not wearing a hat.

  4. I sympathize: when I wear my hatted hair in anything other than a tightly-scraped-back plait coiled into a bun, I look like I’ve been dragged backward through a hedge. Better severe than unkempt – and the Treacy hat looks very well, I think.

  5. I don’t mind, Not indeed love any of these hats. But I have a lot of time for Victoria, she seems like a good egg. But I agree, softening her hairdo would do wonders. I just feel she is too young to have settled on so harsh a hairstyle; that’s the Princess Anne route!

    • (Strangely, my comment on its original appearance is quite the opposite–maybe there’s something about the angle of this particular photo that makes the hat look off kilter. In any event, in the May 2017 photo without hat or coat, the princess looks even more elegant.)

  6. Sadly, it’s all about the hair with her. I understand her need or desire to look professional and tidy, but this severe “scraped back” look doesn’t do her any favours. As a result, her hats look rather “glued on”, and that’s never a good thing.

    • Exactly! I don’t care for any of these, but I think both 2 and 3 would be quite nice with a slightly softer hairstyle.

  7. Can’t get excited about any of these hats. I wonder if she would look better with her hair down, giving her a softer look.

    • I agree. However, when the Duchess of Cambridge wears her hair down with a hat, there is a loud chorus of voices saying she should have worn it up! Sometimes, I think these women just can’t win with whatever fashion choices they make.

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