This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Infanta Elena visited her father in hospital last weekend in one of her go-to fedoras (Hola)

On Wednesday, Princess Kiko presided over the 50th National Convention of Imperial Gift Foundation Boshi-Aiiku-Kai (Association for Maternal, Child Health and Welfare) in Tokyo in a cream hat with stacked lime hatband.

Apr 11, 2018 | Royal Hats   Apr 11, 2018 | Royal Hats

Lady Amelia Windsor in a beaded gown and headpiece to walk in the Dolce and Gabanna Alta Moda show at the MET in New York

Wonderful interview (in French) with Fabienne Delvigne about Queen Máxima’s signature hat shapes. There’s an adorable clip at the end of the Dutch queen offering one of her hat pins to Crown Princess Mary on a windy day.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

 Minimal, modern and striking black felt brimless hat with graphic rose from UK based William Chambers Millinery
Lovely slate blue felt percher with cut leaves and white leather orchids from Latvian brand Rubina Millinery
Sharp finishing  on this textural black cocktail hat with ruffle & glass beads from UK brand Butterfly Hats
Simple but memorable red straw hat with pleated brim from Dutch milliner Eugenie van Oirschot
Very smart black and white finely patterned straw saucer with floral and feather trim from Sally-Ann Provan
Blush pink straw button percher with roses, silk rings and flying beads from UK milliner Justine Bradley Hill
Interesting shape and ombre colour on this straw wide brimmed design from Madrid based Biliana Borissova

And an absolutely stunning Mondrian hat designed, made and modeled by Dutch milliner Marianne Jongkind

 Royal Hats

A new documentary featuring Queen Elizabeth discussing the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy forest conservation project with Sir David Attenborough airs Monday on ITV. This sneak peak is utterly charming.

Photos from Asahi 

9 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I have some high school French but luckily I can speak/read Dutch so the video was awesome! Let me know if you’d like it translated.

  2. Very fun video feature. I’ve retained too little of my high school French, but it’s clear Fabienne Delvigne is enthusiastic about her customer. “Bellissima” is certainly an appropriate name for that style. But Max could use some of Queen Elizabeth hat pins. Hers look so dangerous!

    Since we have recently wished for Max to use Dutch milliners, how about Eugenie van Oirschot’s red straw, besides some of Wies Maudit’s creations?

    And I love seeing another stunning Charles Rennie Mackintosh creation by William Chambers.

  3. The Mondrian hat has Maxima written all over it. Let’s hope HM reads Royal Hats and understands how restive we all are for her to try new milliners!

    • I completely agree about the Mondrian hat for Maxima. It’s not only by a Dutch milliner, but so much her style!

  4. I don’t understand French, but that video of Maxima was very interesting. I don’t usually see these hats in motion. And those killer hat pins she wears sure do come in useful.

    And here’s a few hats I’d like Maxima to wear from the Dutch milliners mentioned in this post:

    View this post on Instagram

    For Hatshop Cappello Nijmegen (NL)

    A post shared by Marianne Jongkind (@mariannejongkind) on

    The orange one is screaming Maxima’s name, lol

    And look, from 2005:

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