British Royals Commemorate Anzac Day

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took part in Anzac Day observances today in London (Anzac Day commemorates Australian and New Zealand casualties and veterans of conflicts and is held on April 25 to mark  the start of the WWI Gallipoli Campaign on April 25, 1915).  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were up early to attend the Dawn Service at Wellington Arch. For this service, Meghan wore the first brimmed hat we’ve seen her in, a wide black felt Garbo hat with relaxed brim, trimmed simply with a slim black hatband that ties in a simple bow at the side.

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The less structured hat provide contrast against Meghan’s tailored coat in both colour and formality and made a chic pairing for this early morning, outdoor event.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Coat from Smythe.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Prince Harry and Meghan were joined by the Duke of Cambridge later in the morning at Westminster Abbey for a Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving. A more formal event, Meghan topped a textured black dress with a straw beret percher, trimmed with a small beaded dragonfly.

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The size and shape of a beret works very well with Meghan’s fine features and flowing hairstyle (it was shown off today at the perfect tilt over her right eye!) and balances well with the high neckline and long hemline on her dress. I adore the dragonfly trim, which lends a bit of textural contrast and sparkle to the hat without making it inappropriate for a memorial event. We’ve seen Meghan in very streamlined hats so far but her fashion is anything but fussy this millinery approach seems to suit her well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. The hat is bespoke but follows the same scale and shape of OC 437 from SS 2018 with similar dragonfly trim of OC 372 from AW 2017. Dress is Emilia Wickstead.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Memorial events pose unique fashion challenges that even the most experienced of royal family members don’t always get right. I thought Meghan’s hats today were very sleek and streamlined, but spot on. What do you think of this new pair of hats in her wardrobe?
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20 thoughts on “British Royals Commemorate Anzac Day

  1. The Garbo hat is okay, but it’s not a style that does much for me so my personal bias showing. The shape and style suit her well. But I have no time at all for that coat. I dislike Kate in double-breasted metal buttons and pointless pocket flaps (ie, there’s no pocket underneath) and that goes twice for this coat. Four pocket flaps! Why not just throw the kitchen sink at it? But I do like the pairing of dark with a light neutral.

    The beret is very sweet and suits her tremendously and although I don’t much care for loose, long hair + hat, the style of hat and hair was probably right in this case (tidy ponytail?, probably not). And the balance between skirt length, jacket length and size of hat was spot on.

  2. I like both hats on her. When I read “Straw beret percher” my mind pictured a “strawberry percher” and I could not rid my mind of the image!!

  3. I love seeing her in a wider brimmed hat, but I don’t generally care for relaxed brims (unless its a beach hat or something). IMO the feel untidy and even sat-upon in a more formal context like this one. I also like the small saucer hat and the dragonfly, but I’d much prefer she go in the brimmed direction more often. Really a couple of great appearances, I think both outfits are wonderful and the hats make nice pairings.

  4. I’m finding the wide-brimmed hat very close to successful, but just a little floppy. The beret is splendid.

  5. More wins for Meghan! In my opinion she hasn’t missed the mark yet with her four hats.

    I’m glad to see a brimmed shape on her, and while it is simple, it frames her face very well and she doesn’t let the floppiness of the brim obscure her face/view. My only complaint (and it’s really minor) is I think her coat is a little long, but otherwise a great outfit (and way better than that other woman’s rain bucket hat, which looked really out of place with her outfit and the event IMO).

    The Treacy beret is a wonderful piece, and she certainly is getting the placement just right for these cocktail hats. And I love both of these hats with her hair down; it looks amazing!

    She definitely is working this streamlined and minimalist hat style, but I do hope she branches out once in a while with something a little crazier in terms of color or trim in the future.

  6. Loved both outfits, again very occasion appropriate. This girl know her style and what suits her. Can’t wait to see her choices in the future.

  7. I loved the first outfit, and I love a Garbo hat, but I didn’t think it was as flattering as the second hat. Hats that are smaller in scale suit her very well. I think she could succesfully wear larger hats, but the Garbo hat was a miss. I would have liked the Wickstead dress better if it were shorter, and the skirt were more fitted, but that’s just me being picky. She’s a beautiful woman, and she wears her clothes well.

  8. I thought these two outfits were both good-looking and very suitable for the occasions, a promising sign in terms of Meghan’s future. I’m not particularly fond of either hat style as a general thing, but these were both good examples.

  9. Stylish and becoming. It is not always easy for a young woman to find a hat suitable for a formal occasion that doesn’t make her look older than her years. This is very promising.

  10. I like that she tries different shapes, it is way to early for her to have a signature hat. I suspect HatQueen will have a special this time next year with all her hats in her first year. I for one, hope she will experiment with as many shapes textures styles and colours as she can and that she doesn’t loose her personal style.

  11. Both of these are fab. I love the brimmed hat and the juxtaposition with the more formal coat works very well. And the beret is perfect for her too, she does like a beret.

    Both of these looks are more polished than she often goes for, I don’t mind her more casual looks, but it’s good to see her turn it up when the occasion demands it. And yes, that Wickstead is a twin of Sophie Wessex’s pale blue suit from Ascot a few years back I think.

  12. The first hat seems a bit too casual. I don’t mind this style but I always think of Jimi Hendrix when I see it. If you google “Jimi Hendrix hat” you will know what I am getting at. All Meghan is missing is the trim of metal rings…The gray coat is excellent.

    The second hat is much better. I like the dragon fly because in Nova Scotia legend has it that when a dragon fly appears the ancestors are visiting. Seems appropriate for a hat worn to a memorial service. I just wish Meghan’s skirt had been fuller. The outfit, particularly the material, actually reminds me of something Sophie Wessex would wear.

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