Dutch Royals Celebrate Koningsdag

The Dutch royal family gathered in Groningen today to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s 51st birthday. For this festive occasion, Queen Máxima repeated a relaxed beret in red suede embellished with matching rows of top stitching and top stem.

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The hat is a surprising repeat from this same event, held in the same city, in 2004. Not only is the hat a repeat- notice that the denim jacket Queen Máxima wore in 2004 popped up on Princess Alexia today as well.

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These connections are really lovely and the hat is well suited to the street party events that made up today’s celebration. I’m just not sure about the pairing of this informal hat with this dress- is it me, or does an embroidered sheer illusion neckline scream for something more structured and refined? If repeating this hat was the fashion goal of the day (it is a lovely nod), I think I’d have preferred it paired with something else.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. It is the ‘Pitsy’ design.
Previously Worn:  April 30, 2004
I suspect there will be polarizing opinions on this one- I can’t wait to hear precisely what makes this ensemble work/not work for you!
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21 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Celebrate Koningsdag

  1. It’s always fun to see how long between wearings royals produce hats or clothes out of the depths of their (huge) closets, isn’t it? I’m quite impressed that Máxima wore this hat to the same occasion in the same city 14 years apart — she’s beginning to rival Princess Anne for repeat wardrobe surprises! I agree with the majority that the hat is too informal with the fancy dress, although it looks good with just the coat; but Máxima tends to dress very beautifully on most occasions. She just looks good in beautiful clothing — she’s a lovely woman with SUCH an expressive face, and so her clothes are, while lovely in and of themselves, really a backdrop to her face, which is as it should be.

    Anyway, I’m rather torn about this outfit. I like the dress and hat and coat all separately, but I’m not sure they work together. On the other hand, I much prefer the slightly smaller version of the beret, so this year’s wearing is much better than the 2004 wearing, I think. Perhaps a more formal hat for the dress, and a different dress with the coat and hat, would resolve my indecision. In any case, however, I love the dress separately, and I appreciate her wanting to look her best for the people who come out to see her. She’s a queen, and that’s what queens do!

    Such a lovely family altogether — and I’m shocked at how quickly the girls are growing up! They were just little girls last year, weren’t they? It certainly seems that way to me, anyway!

  2. I will get right to the point….the beret doesn’t work well with the beautiful dress. A different style of hat would have been more appropriate for the dress. But it’s the right hat for the event. I liked what Maxima wore just not all together.

  3. The idea of repeating this hat in the same city is a nice gesture. And something more casual for this event is a good idea as well. The combination with the coat is ok. But there’s just something not quite right about the combination with this more refined dress. Makes me wonder what other hat options she had. A big picture hat would have been too much, especially with so much red going on). A casque or toque would be nice. Or she just should have picked another dress.

  4. I agree that this beret is a great choice for this occasion .
    In today’s pics Maxima is wearing her beret a lot further forward on her head than she did in 2004. I think this is what is making the beret look smaller (since pulling the the beret forward draws in and narrows the circumference of the beret.) Today’s Bonnie-and-Clyde-style placement is much closer to the placement Stephen Jones used for his berets in the Dior Fall RTW 2017 collection; it doesn’t surprise me that Maxima would be interested in trying that placement, and also in trying that collection’s pairing of berets with cocktail and party wear.
    I looked at additional pics of this event, and while I will always love to see a big picture hat worn with a dress like this, the fashion-forward combination of a beret (casual) with an event dress and gloves (formal) on this occasion looks fresh and interesting to my eye, especially with the hoop earrings added for another young and casual touch.
    Re the coat: a beret worn with a long coat should be an automatic winning look – but next to this over-long coat, the beret seems too small. However, If the the beret were worn further back on the head, that would make the beret look wider –which might be enough to balance out the length of the coat. Otherwise, a shorter knee-length coat could be worn, and the beret stay as is.

    • According to a spokesperson from Fabienne Delvigne’s the beret has actually been altered. It has been made smaller for a more up to date look. (Source: royalty programme Blauw Bloed – blue blood.)

      Funny, Bonnie and Clyde came immediately to my mind too, that is, the Faye Dunnaway interpretation of Bonnie. Or Ché Guevara. Something rakish, mischievous or adventurous anyway. I think Q Máxima carries it off rather well.

      • Thanks for confirming this Wies! It looks like they may have tucked and sewn some of it together. You can really notice this in the side-by-side comparison photos, and in the 9th photo of the post (where Máxima is waving) where you can see the beret clearly from the right side where this looks to have been done.

      • Thanks very much Wies Maudit for that info from Ms. Delvigne’s studio re the beret alteration. I am always amazed at the skill of royal milliners where hat alterations are concerned. There is never any trace visible to the viewer where the changes were made. That can’t be easy to achieve!

  5. Really love all the symbolic gestures as in queen Maxima wearing a hat from a previous queensday on a nowadays kingsday and the princesses wearing mum’s clothes! Not a fan of this outfit but you can’t have it all and anyways last years hat and outfit are unbeatable!

  6. With the coat I like it, with the delicate dress it looks off, I agree with Glitter Girl Maxima has to balance her outfit : not too formal not too causal. Still I am surprised she looks this good with his hat as I am so used to the wide brim hats.

  7. This red beret is the first hat I ever saw Máxima in when I picked up my first royalty-themed magazine in late high school; it was in an article talking about the new generation of crown princesses (Máxima, Mary, Mette-Marit, etc.), none of whom I was aware of beforehand.

    When I first saw a photo of her wearing a red beret earlier today on Twitter, I thought, “No, is that really the same hat from ages ago?!” I wasn’t so certain about the look then, but now I think it was a fun look for Koninginnedag, and this is a great nod to their previous celebration in Groningen (something I wasn’t aware of concerning this hat and this event).

    As for the beret with the outfit: I think it looks good with the coat on, but with just the dress, it seems a bit at odds, with the beret looking more casual, and the dress quite formal. I would love to seem them both again, but separately (I think this dress with one of her pale pink or black slice hats would be fabulous!). And aren’t the princesses looking so grown up? It makes me feel old haha.

    • I’m sorry but NO. The repeat of the beret is clearly a nod to 2004, when she wore it for this same event which was held in this city. Konigsdag official celebrations move to different cities each year- they are not held in the same place.

      There’s no way Meghan Markle’s four hats worn so far are influencing Queen Maxima’s fashion choices.

      Forgive me if I come across as harsh but I’m not willing to let the conversation on this blog turn into comparisons between royals or conjecture about who’s trying to be like who. I like what we’ve seen of Meghan so far and look forward to how her style will evolve but suggesting that her two berets are influencing European queens, who have worn them previously, to wear them again… well, I’ll let you guess what I think of that!

  8. The beret has been slightly diminished in size since its first appearance. It may well have been chosen to complete the 50’s inspired coat. Obviously Queen Máxima wanted to give a more casual twist to her stylish ensemble of dress and coat, with her hair down and a beret instead of a hat. A hat would have been more elegant but also more distant, and this was rather suited for the occasion and the relaxed atmosphere (much appreciated by the Dutch). Although unexpected, it gives some punch to the outfit.

  9. I love the hat, and I think it is charming and she wears it well. I don’t like the dress with it, because it doesn’t go together wth it very well. Frankly I hate that kind of dress anyway. Something more casual and streamlined would have worked better. The dress is too frilly and fussy, but would have been great for a lot of occasions. The princesses looked good, and they were certainly having a great time.

  10. I love the repeating hat and jacket.
    The hat is nice and good for the event, but I agree that it doesn’t work with the dress. It looks great with the coat though.

  11. Well…..it’s rather hard to know exactly what you would wear on a day like this that requires you to look like a Queen and yet join in all sorts of fun and frovolity. There is a danger in looking too formal and a danger in looking too casual. One year it’s a denim jacket and the next something quite chic. And then there is always the weather too.. so I think this is a good compromise. Frankly I am astounded that she was able to do all this in those stilleto heels!

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