This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Last week, Princess Alexandra donned her tall natural straw hat with Pork Pie crown and veil trim to officially open the Lynwood Village near Ascot.


King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia in construction hats during their visit to Japan this week, inspecting progress on facilities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Several new designs caught my eye this week:

Such a happy bright pink fedora with daisy chain hatband from UK milliner Nicola de Selincourt
Awed by the delicate 3D lace work on this mint straw button hat from UK brand Merve Bayindir
Pretty white vertical upswept saucer hat with feather flowers from Dublin milliner Aoife Harrison
Lovely gradient shades of layered hatbands on this black straw boater from Texan milliner Milli Starr
Beautifully lush and romantic floral headpiece from royal favourite Jane Taylor Millinery
Sorbet hues on these super chic fedoras from Canadian brand The Saucy Milliner
Classic colours & lines on this wide brimmed white saucer with navy lace from London based Ana Bella Millinery

And from London milliner Edwina Ibbotson, the springiest of spring statement picture hats. I can only imagine this piece (and this vibrant rainbow design by the same designer) are already reserved for Ascot!


 Royal Hats

Very interesting article on royal relevance, race and the state of Britain written by Lady Gabriella Windsor’s former flame who had, for several years, a view from inside the palace (Vanity Fair). Not sure what his game is but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Stunning new pictures of the Dutch Royal Family released on Thursday (scroll right to see all shots)

Queen Margrethe’s future burial sarcophagus has been completed. While clearly a piece of amazing craftsmanship, I’m afraid I still find it a bit creepy.

Several new photo released from the Swedish royal court including beautiful new pictures of Princess Adrienne and her parents and a series of very dashing new portraits of Prince Daniel.

Here’s a heartwarming one- a weary mum, travelling with young twins on a flight from Riga to Stockholm yesterday, received some royal help and encouragement on the flight.

And finally, a closeup look at the sweet white knitted bonnet Prince Louis sported at less than ten hours old for his big debut. So sweet.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

15 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I apologize if I overlooked it, but I was hoping for a bit of discussion about the white hat Melania Trump wore to greet French President Macron and his wife.

    I know this is the ROYAL Hats blog, but hats worn by those other than royals are frequently featured in the “extras” post. It is extremely unusual for American women to wear hats (except for the Kentucky Derby, happening this weekend), so I thought it was worth a mention.

  2. Since we’re erring on the side of kind, I’ll just say that when I showed the picture of the sarcophagus to my husband, his reaction was unprintable! Not that I blame him — that really is a creepy and overdone creation. Carved stone is one thing, but glass topped with gold leafed figures of all kinds, and what looks like elephants on the legs? Queen Margrethe is very artistic, I know, but that is perhaps over the top. To put it mildly!

  3. I am confused by the sarcophagus…will the body be encased in the clear glass (?) pod thing? I have to agree Creepy with a capital C! I assume this is what the Queen wanted. I still find it sad she won’t be buried with her husband.

    The new photos of all of the royals are fantastic! I especially love the one of Queen Maxima in that beautiful tiara.

    Finally I didn’t really care for the article written by Ella Windor’s former boyfriend. As mentioned I don’t understand his point in writing it and I find it sad to know Ella uses ecstasy. It only makes her seem like the idle spoiled rich some may already think and not a good reputation to have even for the fringe royalty he points out they are.

    • Michell, I believe the intent is that this goes above her burial site – it looks like there is a statue likeness inside. If you follow the link to the Instagram post in a browser (rather than the app), you can see a translation of all the comments, that talk about this.

  4. After our previous discussion of the beautiful alter cloths and other religious cloths donated and even hand decorated by Queen Margrethe, I’m surprised that the sarcophagus is so space-age looking and not something that lends itself to being covered by beautiful religious cloth coverings. (Incidentally, the comments on that Instagram post about the sarcophagus are also very interesting to read using the translation function.)

  5. I’ve been reading your beautiful blog for a long time and wanted you to know how much I appreciate your hard work ! You have terrific pages that are exciting to read ! Today’s page is no exception the new hats are some to look for at the wedding in May … The photos of the 3 A’s is gorgeous and their mother of course in her lovely tiara is a standout – the baby bonnet reminded me of the sets my mother made for my two sons years ago people don’t do that so much any more ! Thank you again for giving me so much pleasure 😊

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