Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to 1984 and a clearly joyful royal couple enjoying an amusement park ride. I adore how Queen Margrethe is hanging on to her hat.

Photo from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Don’t know where to post this… but since were looking back at Elizabeth IIs bows and brims, with an upcoming royal wedding… what about a retrospetcve on our fav hats she’s work to weddings over the years.,. Including royal and friends weddings , she’s had crackers eg princes Alexandra’s, princess margarets, prince Andrews. ANd a few from friends in the 40s/50s. As a side note has anyone noticed the headpiece camilla wore to her own wedding is similar to the one Queen Mother wore to Elizabeth’s in 1947, especially in the way it fixes to the back of head and curls round, just a curious thing I noticed from watching the Crown and then checking actual photos.

  2. Very well dressed for an amusement park! Queen Elizabeth and Prince Henrik enjoyed the water ride together several years earlier. Recall back on April 24, when a photo emerged of both queens during a State visit, HM wearing light purple? I hope she didn’t get it wet at Tivoli!

    May 17, 1979; HM at Tivoli Gardens
    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    • You always bring the fun, Jimbo! And this is one of the hats featured by Inger Stokkink’s recent post about Margrethe.

  3. What fun! I wonder if the couple in the car behind them are also part of the royal party, or if it was actually common for people to dress so formally for a trip to an amusement park in 1984?

      • HatQueen, not necessarily “clearly” — in the late 1970s, I attended a Morris Dance and Folk Music festival in Cheltenham where we were sleeping in tents in a field, and some people were emerging from their tents in the morning wearing tweed jackets (the men) and skirts and stockings (the women). The people who had campers rather than tents were as nicely turned out as they would have been from a hotel room.
        We Americans were highly underdressed in our sweatshirts and jeans!

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