Queen Hosts First Summer Garden Party

The first of this season’s summer Garden Parties kicked off today in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

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Queen Elizabeth hosted the event in her repeated muted jade straw hat with straight-sided, domed top crown and short cartwheel brim, trimmed with silk flowers and a straw twist. It’s this hat’s second outing since its Ascot debut last year and stands out, not for its go-to shape for the Queen, but for its very pretty colour.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 23, 2017

Countess of Wessex repeated her natural straw saucer hat with lattice open woven brim, trimmed with a large coral feathers and tan crim twists. It’s a great hat on Sophie and pairs so well with her red frock.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: Oct 5, 2017; June 20, 2017

Earl of Wessex and Duke of York both looked dapper in their black silk plush top hats

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

That’s a handsome quartet of British royal hats in the garden today, isn’t it?!
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10 thoughts on “Queen Hosts First Summer Garden Party

  1. I have always loved the Countess’ hat, and I adore how she switches it up to make it fresh again with each outfit change. She looks impeccable here, as does the Earl, Duke and HM The Queen. Very nice start to garden party season!

  2. HM is perfect all the way around! Great color, smile, and stamina, considering her schedule of events this week! The only thing missing from her ensemble is dapper Philip! Sophie is absolutely one of the most beautiful members of the entire family, and she looks sensational here, as well as earlier this, wearing a casual hat while carriage riding with her daughter. Just like Mrs. Jimbo and fine wine, she gets better with age. Edward stole the show with his magnificent topper, and yes, the shot of him leaning on his bumbershoot is super.

  3. I had forgotten HM had worn this hat to Ascot last year, and when I first saw photos of it, I thought she brought out a new hat! I apparently was a little underwhelmed previously, but now I love it, and I think it’s because this hat seems much more appropriate for the event. The coat is also fantastic, and I enjoy the design and fabric details. Wondering if HM also had eye surgery done recently, as this is the second time in a row we’ve seen her in these sunglasses, something she doesn’t often wear.

    It’s great to see Sophie getting good use out of this lovely hat; I would’ve liked to see the outfit again from the Brunei trip, but this dress is also a great choice, and I enjoy seeing new outfits paired with repeated hats.

    Andrew and Edward were in fine form; the tailoring of their clothes and the fit of their top hats was just right.

    Overall, a most fantastic outing for all!

  4. I wish the crown of QEII hat was slightly lower and not a fan of the adorrments but the colour is lovely
    I surprise myself each time how much I like Sophie’s hat
    the gents look smashing as one should

  5. I like the Queen’s hat, and I love Sophie’s hat, as I did when she first wore it. It goes very well with this dress too.

    Can’t wait to see what hat Meghan Markle (or whatever her title will then be…) will wear next week to her first garden party! I think she’s done pretty well on the whole with the hats she’s worn so far (is it four of them?), but I hope she wears something a bit more garden partyish!

  6. It’s a little difficult to guess the temperature. The Queen herself, with dark glasses but yet umbrella and fully button coat, seems to be prepared for summer and for winter. The Countess of Wessex looks as though it’s summer, and she looks lovely.
    The Queen’s hat looks a little large on her head perhaps. But I do love the light jade color.

  7. Nice outing from everyone. Sophie looks lovely, hat and dress a good pairing (although I reckon her silhouette would be further enhanced by a better bra). ‘Dapper’ is the only word for the Princes. Love the shot of Edward leaning on his brolly and chatting. I’m not in love with HM’s coat but, as HQ says, the colour is gorgeous on her.

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