British Royal Wedding: Phillips Family

We pick up our look at the hats at today’s wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the ones worn by members of the Phillips family. Princess Anne continued her recent streak of new hats with a headpiece of feathers and net tulle- the only true fascinator we saw worn by a royal family member. Clearly made to coordinate with her silk wrap dress, the piece echos the dress’ hues in navy and burgundy feathers. I suspect the choice of a feather headpiece is an attempt to lighten the dress’ dark colour scheme, which it does. Almost.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Autumn Phillips topped her turquoise coat dress with a matching vertical saucer hat generously trimmed in turquoise and gold feathers and a turquoise straw twist. It’s nice to see Autumn step away from her go-to beret base percher styles and this blue is stunning on her. While the hat and dress appear to be different colours here, they were a lovely match in indoor light.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. The design is bespoke
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall’s dark navy straw hat included a large ruffle and glittered leather roses built on a button base with rough edged tulle tucked around the hat. The ruffle brings some exuberant energy to the small hat, which coordinated beautifully with the navy beaded embroiderey on Zara’s teal coat. Her lovely hairstyle also showed the hat to perfection.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rosie Olivia. It is a custom version of the “Kai” design from SS 2018. Coat from Claire Mischevani
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Three more strong hats from the British royals, don’t you agree?  Now, it has been an enjoyable but very long day of royal hat watching, dearest readers. I’m much in need of sleep and will continue coverage of all the remaining royal hats (plus some other notable ones), tomorrow.
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25 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Phillips Family

  1. I like Princess Anne’s outfit and don’t understand the bathrobe comparisons – I’ve never had a dressing gown that looked like this! It’s a wrap-style dress and very nicely done, IMHO. The fabric colour is perhaps a little dark for the season but that’s all. Anne looks nicely put together from top to toe. As do Autumn and Zara (under trying conditions) so a win for the Phillips clan!

  2. Anne: no amount of flowers will help this bathrobe/smoking jacket dress. It’s a bad look all around
    Autumn: The dress is really dated. I think she’s going for a retro look with and it needed a big pillbox instead of this hat. If you’re going to go retro, commit do it all the way. This just looks like she got a new hat to go with her grandma’s dress.
    Zara: The video of Mike rubbing her belly was ADORABLE. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this hat and coat. It’s maternity chic all the way.

  3. I don’t like Anne’s fascinator or her dress. It beats me how she can get a new outfit that looks as out of date as this one does. Autumn’s hat is OK with the dress. Zara’s hat is great with her hairstyle and I’d love her coat too if it weren’t for the peter pan collar. It’s just too buttoned up.

  4. Autumn and Zara are the standouts here. Autumns look feels quite similar in silhouette to the Countess of Snowdown’s (which I also love) and it’s interesting to me how a different hat shape and color can make the look quite different. Love it! Didn’t care too much for Princess Anne’s hat/dress, but she looks lovely all the same.

  5. Although the color of Princess Anne’s dress/coat was on the dark side, I thought she looked lovely. I loved her hat, and I loved the drape of her dress in front. Also, I wish she would smile more. She has a beautiful smile. The color of Autumn’s hat and coat dress were lovely, but I’m not a fan of saucers. Zara looked lovely, and her hat was very interesting. She is a lot of fun seeing in photographs. Finally, HatQueen, you have out done yourself in providing photos and summaries from Saturday’s wedding. I cannot thank you enough. God bless.

  6. Every time I open this blog I find another post! Thank you HQ for your marvelous and quick coverage! This weekend has been wonderful fun for us Royal followers and lovers of hats!! The first thing I thought of when I saw Autumn’s hat was that there was another gravity defying placement, but I do adore the hat–color and style and trim. It made the outfit! A winner! Zara’s hat I also loved and I thought her dress was beautiful. Hat and dress were a good combination! I really liked Ann’s outfit, but agree with others that it was a little dark IMHO for this time of year. I was surprised at all the navy blue dresses at the wedding, also.

  7. I just love the pictures of Mike and Zara holding hands and laughing! Zara’s coat is beautifully embroidered and her hat is wonderfully exuberant and matches well, Mike looks handsome after his rhinoplasty, and I’m sure he breathes much better! They look so much in love as they wait for this new baby to arrive, I think I’m going to vote for this hat over Autumn’s even though I love the turquoise color and trim of Autumn s percher, The Princess Royal’s hat matched her new wraparound dress although I wish she had had the outfit made in a more springlike and lighter hued fabric, Overall a great showing from the Phillips family!

  8. I don’t mind the darker colors for Anne, and find them a fun departure from normal color schemes for this time of year. What I didn’t like was this fascinator; I don’t think fascinators actually do anything flattering for Anne with her hairstyle, and instead she should still to more substantial headpieces IMO.

    Autumn was another favorite of mine for this wedding. She looks gorgeous in this bright turquoise and this hat is great for her. After so many hat mistakes in her early royal days, she continues to win again and again. Brava!

    Props to Zara for going to this wedding so late in her pregnancy and looking amazing in maternity wear. This coat is beautiful, and the cocktail percher was a good choice, even if it wasn’t a surprising one.

  9. I think if Anne’s ensemble had been lighter or brighter colors she would have knocked it out of the park. It’s beautiful and shows off her enviable figure but in these colors it really does read man’s dressing gown. The feathers are a departure from what she normally wears, they’re fun. Autumn was tied for my favorite (the other being Bea), I love this turquoise on her. She is always very well turned out. I love Zara’s hat as well, she is always daring and fun but this one isn’t too out there. Navy and teal are a good color combination for her. Her hair was stellar.

    • I agree with you Buffy. The entire outfit is lovely, but once again I would have preferred something more primaveral. In general, I have noticed that the British royals do not seem to choose hats that reflect the season. I see so many sinamay and straw hats paired with wool coats on dreary, winter days. I guess this is just another example of cultural differences.

  10. I have to agree with those who felt that Princess Anne appeared to be wearing a dressing gown. I didn’t see her in the TV coverage until she was already seated, so I didn’t see that interesting contrasting ruffle until these photos today — without seeing it, it really did indeed look like a dressing gown! However, the fascinator did match well, and suited her customary hairstyle perfectly. She was smiling in many of the photos (as she should be on such a happy occasion), and despite the dark color, I felt looked very nice from head to toe.

    Autumn’s hat is very attractive, a wonderful color for her, and the embellishments are wonderful — I look forward to finding more close-up photos of the hat, but I felt like it was too far forward — she seemed to be tilting her head back to see out from under it. I think just a tad further back on her head would have been better.

    Zara’s hat was quite typical of her usual hat stylings, and went well with her coloring and her coat. Interestingly, in the TV coverage I saw, the coat looked so dark I thought it was at least navy blue if not actually black. She was already seated, and I did not see the actual color or the beautiful embroidery until this blog. I wish I had been able to see more of the earlier coverage of the guests arriving — perhaps I will find some video online, though just about everything I’ve seen so far has been the service itself and the departure of the newlyweds.

  11. I thought Princess Anne looked lovely-a lot of the guests wore navy blue-Her hat looked great on her hair. Perhaps if she showed her lovely smile more her over-all appearance would have more appeal. Smile,Princess,smile!

  12. I loved Autumn’s look and her hair looked gorgeous. The color is so striking on her.

    I really loved Zara Tindall’s entire look. She was one of my favorites at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding and she is again here. She always looks like she’s having a terrific time and is clearly adored by her entire family. On a side note, I loved every tv shot of her and all her expressions. She is a delight, and even more so since she was probably so uncomfortable.

  13. HatQueen, you are amazing! It’s barely been 24 hours since the event ended, but you have managed to put up four posts already. I’m joining the chorus of thanks.

    It’s always a treat when the Princess Royal wears something new, even if it isn’t the most exciting thing out there. Autumn looks wonderful in this color, but I think Zara’s is my favorite of this bunch. The ruffled shape and netting make it fun. The volume of the piece suits her and, as others have noted, her hair is just right.

  14. I appreciate the Princess Royal’s piece, but the whole look together was too dark. Autumn Phillips had one of my favorite looks of the day. The color is great on her and the hat is a great piece. Zara Tindall carried off her hat with regal aplomb as usual, but it seems like every hat she has is in this shape.

  15. So, I watched the wedding in bits and pieces on TV while packing the car, then we set off on an 11 hour car journey to a place that is lovely, but has very spotty internet access – so frustrating on a day when I want to be looking at all these wonderful blog posts, photos, and comments! Hats off to you, HatQueen, for everything you have put together here – it will take me days to read it all at this slow pace, but I wouldn’t miss a word of it. (Not to mention the 111 comments in the live blog post!) I will return with comments when able!

  16. Autumn’s hat was very pretty and it went so well with her dress. The color went great with her blonde hair. Zara’s hat was a fun and stylish hat and the dark color was a great contrast to her blonde hair as well. Anne was my least favorite. Her whole outfit seemed dated and dark. I realize Zara’s outfit was also dark but I think the teal on the coat and her blonde locks lightened the whole thing. Anne’s on the other hand was two dark colors, burgundy and navy, and her hair coloring is dark. Though she is to be applauded for a new hat.

    Thanks for all you do. A long day but a fun one!

  17. Princess Anne looked very handsome, and I do think the fascinator and the dress suit her. The fascinator has playful spirit I don’t usually associate with the princess’s headgear. However, as others have mentioned, the colors are a bit somber for the occasion, and, even though I like the way her wrap dress looks (and it fits perfectly), I confess my first thought was “dressing gown.”

  18. I adored Autumn’s hat, I think that it was perfect for the event, and that we will actually get to see it again in the future! (Just to let you know, on mobile all of the links go to Harry and Meghan, none of the guests 🙂 )

  19. Include my thanks, Hat Queen! Both Autumn and Zara looked lovely, and Anne, well, and least it was a new outfit……but a bit somber in my opinion.

  20. Thank you so much, hat queen for working so hard for us. I remember the pre internet times when I was always disappointed in seeing just the bride and a few guests in a magazine and now so much fun afterwards.

    Once again chapeau for you!

  21. incredible job HQ! all three hats, look very lovely especially Zara’s, the colour could have been a tat lighter but that is just a quibble. all three very nice indeed

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