British Royal Wedding: Snowdon and Chatto Families

We still have a lot of hats to look at so let’s get to it! The Countess of Snowdon repeated a wonderful textured white straw hat with curved mushroom brim, simply trimmed with a ruched white hatband. While I might have preferred to see the hat with a more vibrant pairing than the ecru silk shirtwaist dress Serena wore it with yesterday,  the look references the Dior New Look silhouette of the 1950s which will always make me swoon.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 5, 2012

Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones topped her black piped white dress and jacket with a white percher hat trimmed with black feathers. It’s a fresh look for the teenager (who has matured considerably since acting as bridesmaid for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011!) and the black feathers give a bit of drama to the hat, keeping it from looking bridal.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Nicola de Selincourt
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Sarah Chatto wore my favourite hat of the day. In navy blue open-weave lattice textured straw, her hat features a shallow, slightly domed crown with wide, navy Petersham ribbon hatband and an oversize mushroom brim. Sarah’s hats tend toward the subdued but this one makes a statement with its wonderful patterned brim. I thought it was magnificent on her.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Stephen Jones. Dress by Jasper Conran

Previously Worn: This hat is new

I thought this was a fantastic trio of hats. What do you think of them?
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18 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Snowdon and Chatto Families

  1. Sarah’s outfit top to toe was indeed a favorite of mine. Monochromatic and simply elegant and I do love the hat with its open weave. I also love these big royal events so we can see these younger and lesser seen royals!

  2. I love Lady Sarah’s outfit – top to toe. She’s in her comfort zone but she’s stepped it up. Hope that’s a real brooch at her waist and not paste!

    I think the Countess has missed the feel of the event with her coat-dress. It’s too bulky and the pale colours wash her out. I feel like it’s a million years since I’ve seen her smile in a photo. Lady Margarita is delightful – a better junior teen look for this event than Lady Louise.

  3. SOOOOO GOOOD. I love Serena’s hat with this dress and Margarita looks great. But wow, Sarah kicked her fashion up here. The cut of the skit on that dress is fab and the hat is a best ever for her. Yes it’s navy but this is a million miles away from boring!

  4. Three great looks! Margarita’s hat is perfect for her dress and I love Serena’s hat better with this dress than the old ladyish green suit she wore it with last time. But my word, Sarah looks fantastic. The hat and dress are beautiful by themselves but together, it’s magic. She’s my best dressed royal by far!

  5. Love all of these! Sarah loooks stunning, she does this silhouette a lot but you can see why. Serena similarly retro and chic too.

    I think Margarita is going to be a stunner – she had an elegance way beyond her years already.

  6. The Countess of Snowden and Lady Sarah Chatto both wowed here. I love love love Sarah Chatto’s lattice hat/navy dress. I really wish we saw her more often. I was also pleased to see the upcoming young ladies in “real” millinery, Lady Margarita Armstrong Jones and Lady Louise Windsor. It’ll be fun to see them over the next few years.

  7. Zara is really beautiful in here. Great hat and dress!
    Lady Margarita’s dress has been worn by her mother on Royal Ascot. I think in 2017, day 3.

  8. Was it not quite wonderful that Prince Phillip was able to walk the length of the church to the west steps to wave goodbye in that family portrait? So glad for all that he could make it.

  9. Lady Sarah Chatto gets a giant round of applause from me for her entire wedding look at Windsor. Her hat is one of the day’s best. The color and size are perfect on her and compliment her divine dress well. This is the length Sophie’s dress should have been.

  10. I agree with you HatQueen that colorwise, Serena’s ensemble doesn’t shine in the way it could, but otherwise she looked perfectly elegant and wedding guest-ready!

    I’m glad to see Margarita in another cocktail hat, and this was a good choice for her. The black feathers were a great addition to this piece, and I like the subtlety of the black lines in her outfit.

    Not necessarily a new hat shape or outfit design for Lady Sarah, but it’s the details that make all the difference! Another favorite of the day, this royal blue really flatters her, and the weaving of the hat’s material made for a fantastic effect in the sun. Brava! The Chatto men were all in particularly fine form in their morning suits

  11. I also love Lady Sarah’s hat and think she has exquisite taste, knows what she looks good in and executes her vision so that her ensemble is polished and sophisticated, She and her menfolk look wonderful!

  12. Another great showing of hats! Lady Margarita looks wonderful – her dress and percher were very chic and age appropriate.

    I liked the Countess of Snowden’s 1950’s inspired outfit. Her hat looks great on her.

    My favorite is just like yours Hat Queen. Lady Sarah looked impeccable walking to the church. I loved the color of her hat and dress, the style of her dress and her hat was so light and summery. It’s a style that works for her, and the color complemented her so well. She sure was a proud godmother on this day!

  13. I REALLY love Lady Sarah Chatto’s hat. The lattice pattern really makes all the difference. And the shape suits her dress nicely. Navy blue might not be everyone’s idea of breaking out, but for someone’s whose usual palette is grey, white, black and ivory, it’s almost vibrant! The Countess of Snowden’s sixties look is one she often wears, and one that suits her well. Margarita looks very chic and self-possessed. Her hat is very charming.

  14. While I love Sarah’s hat and the lovely shadows caused by the lattice brim, I’d love to see her change up the shape every so often. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her in a percher? Margarita Armstrong-Jones looked very sweet, I think both she and Lady Louise were exactly age appropriate and also venue/event appropriate. I didn’t care for Serena’s hat, it looked too much like a lampshade to me. Maybe because of the trim? I feel we haven’t seen her in anything unusual lately and I long for the days when she had the hat covered in pheasant feathers.

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