British Royal Wedding: Gloucesters and Kents

 We turn our attention now to hats worn by members of the Gloucester and Kent families. The Duchess of Gloucester repeated her pale slate blue straw pillbox with matching tulle veil trim. A classic piece, it brought some lightness to Brigitte’s beautifully cut navy coat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn:June 17, 2017June 1, 2017July 1, 2016June 12, 2016June 10, 2016:

It was wonderful to see the Duchess of Kent, who seems to have given up public appearances except to step out on the Buckingham Palace balcony every few years during Trooping The Colour. She topped her purple floral dress with a straw based percher hat trimmed in a voluminous triple ruffle of purple, lavender and cream layered crin. I’d have preferred Katharine to place the hat slightly forward, more on the side of her head but it’s simply nice to see her in public.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Alexandra débuted a new palest pink straw picture hat. The hat features a wide brim and slightly squared crown around which looks to be wrapped a ruched hatband. A spray of light feathers on the side completes the piece. Alexandra wears larger hats so well and this one is a lovely pairing with her printed dress and pink jacket.

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Designer: I believe it is Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Michael of Kent repeated a dramatically large hat with a shallow crown and slightly mushroom curved wide brim. The hat is trimmed with oversize cabbage roses tucked above and below the right side of the brim which are studded with slim curling feathers. The design is finished with a finely woven veil with dotted border. I thought the hat showed to great effect against her streamlined salmon skirt, tunic and jacket and pearls.

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Designer: I believe it is Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 19, 2007April 23, 2006

I thought Princess Alexandra’s new pink hat was a particular beauty- what do you think of this quartet of pastel pieces?
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12 thoughts on “British Royal Wedding: Gloucesters and Kents

  1. I too was glad to see the Duchess of Kent thought sadly she appears so frail. The Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Michael and Princess Alexandra looked lovely. All of these ladies are the minor matriarchs and it is great to see them at these family events.

  2. Everyone here looks lovely, very much what I would have expected/predicted. Except I really really love the Duchess of Kent’s hat. It has such great motion and really wonderful subtle coloring. I wish we had a better picture of it up close. I’m just glad she was able to be there!

  3. The Duchess of Gloucester is looking elegant like usual, but also keeping it simple like usual. I’m suddenly reminded though of how much I miss her hat from the Cambridge wedding.

    Glad to see the Duchess of Kent out, even though it looks to be not as easy as it once was. The placement of her hat could be better, but overall it was a great piece and it was lovely to see her.

    I was so happy to see Alexandra out in hat that wasn’t a neutral color or blue! While she didn’t stray from her usual style, this light pink hat looked fabulous on her; another favorite of the day.

    I’m happy Marie-Christine didn’t go all beige with her ensemble, but I’m bored seeing all of her natural straw-colored hats being repeated. I would’ve loved to see her repeat the hat from the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service from June 2012; that deserves another outing!

    • I agree 100% Jake except for Princess Michael’s hat. I LOVE IT. Really, really love it! Princess Alexandra’s new hat is also so dreamy on her. Brilliant!

  4. With all the attention to the celebrities at this event, it’s great to see this group covered. Princess Alexandra’s pink wins for me. I hope we get a better view at the Duchess of Kent’s sometime — it looks like fun.

  5. I love the Duchess of Kent’s hat, she is always so understated and elegant! I hope when I get to be that age that I still look that put together. I was so disappointed when I heard that the rest of the Kents and the Gloucesters weren’t going to be invited, because we really don’t get to see them that often, and they are family. Still, what a day for millinery!

  6. Lovely ladies, all. If I had to pick a favorite, it would probably be Alex’s. I want to tilt Princess Michael’s so that big rose underneath the brim stops poking her in the eye. DoGlo always elegantly turned out! It’s lovely to see DoKent, I agree with everyone who said she is looking frail. I actually thought Prince & Princess Michael were as well, they seemed to have trouble walking.

  7. The four royal ladies all looked beautiful, and it was wonderful that the Duchess of Kent was able to attend. The 2006 photo shows the best close-up of Princess Michael’s hat — I think it would be perfect if it didn’t have the veil. The veil is the one step too far. Princess Alexandra’s new hat is very attractive and I look forward to seeing some close-ups and views of other angles. The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat has made many appearances before, nevertheless, it went well with her dress and was perfect for an afternoon wedding.

  8. I’ve always loved all of the Kents – especially the Duchess – she looks so frail God love her – but to be honest I really don’t care what she wears as long as she’s there!! Princess Alexandra looks lovely the hat is definitely “her” ! Princess Michael loves the big hats like Camilla … I think she looks great … wonderful to see Prince Michael I love watching him in documentaries and listening to his voice 😊 The Duke is looking good seems all the Windsors have these terrific genes that make them strong for ever ! Duke and Duchess of Gloucester are looking very well too … I have to say I do like her hat even though we’ve seen it before a few times 😉

  9. The Duchess of Gloucester is a real “style icon”of mine. I really appreciate the way she dresses with a kind of quiet elegance. This event was no exception. Princess Alexandra is another extremely elegant older woman who has a personal style that works for her and which she wears well. Princess Michael is always flamboyantly and yet beautifully dressed and is tall and statuesque enough to pull off an enormous hat with aplomb. Pastel colours suit her blonde beauty to perfection. The Duchess of Kent is very frail. I am pleased that she felt well enough to come out to a family wedding. The hat is a little too twee for my taste for a mature lady, but she looks charming, nonetheless. Hat Queen, this has been such a treat to go over all these wonderful hats in detail!

    • I agree with all of these comments re the Duchess of Kent. She appears a lovely lady and always well turned out. I know she is private but was sad to see her looking so frail. She was also wearing trainers for comfort instead of court shoes, but in circumstances like this attendance of what is essentially a family wedding is so much more important. I noticed her hanging onto her husband showing a close bond. I hope we do see her out at trooping the colour. xx

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