Queen Mathilde Visits Hal

On Sunday, Queen Mathilde attended the biannual Mariaprocessie (procession of the Virgin Mary), this year held in Hal as part of the city’s 750th anniversary celebrations. For this event, she repeated her tomato red picture hat with square crown and medium width, gently upturned kettle brim. The first time we saw this hat and patterned coat pairing, I thought it was overly vibrant but I’m eating my words today because it’s lovely! The patterned coat needs a strong hat to balance it and this design, with its sharp lines and lack of fussy trimming, does the trick.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Nov 6, 2013
We have not seen this hat since its last outing, four and a half years ago. Have your thoughts about it changed, as mine have?
Photos from Getty as indicated

7 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde Visits Hal

  1. This makes an exuberant ensemble, and I see what HatQueen means about strong hat balancing the coat. I’m rather annoyed with the photographer for that unflattering seated photo, though.

  2. It’s probably a lighting issue, but the colors look much better in these photos than from 2013, which makes me like this ensemble more. That said, I don’t think I care for the dress and her coat to be of matching material; a solid dress in red, blue, or white underneath would be better IMO. Even though this hat is pretty plain (and we know I’m not a huge fan of such hats), this balances well with the coat, and the subtle angle of the brim is a nice touch. Also, I think her hairstyle really helps elevate this whole look.

  3. Queen Mathilda is very statuesque and can carry off a large hat better than most. I always appreciate the bright colours which make Royals stand out in a crowd. This outfit is a great example of a stand out ensemble.

  4. I love the strong color and brim size, and it looks great with the dress, but the crown feels a bit too large and out of proportion with the queen to my eye.

    • I agree about the crown being too large – and I saw some close-up pics that showed how clumsily the hat was made. Not one of my favourites.

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