British Royals Celebrate Prince Of Wales At Garden Party

The Prince of Wales was joined at Buckingham Palace today by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for Princes Charles’ 70th Birthday Patronage Celebration a garden party celebrating achievements of his Patronages, Military affiliations, the charities he supports and others involved in public service.

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The Duchess of Cornwall used the occasion to début a new hat. In white straw, the brim follows the characteristic upswept shape we’ve seen on many of her other hats. The crown, however is unique- the left side follows an angular sloped peak while the right side appears to be smoothly rounded. The hat is finished with a finely pleated white hatband and trimmed with lace cutouts, placed like a side spray of flowers on the side.

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The lace trim is a very pretty touch that adds a delicate touch to the angular hat and links with the lace embellishment on Camilla’s coat. While the hat is new, however, it feels like a look we’ve seen many times before. This is the twenty-eighth cream/ecru hat Camilla has added to her wardrobe and while her neutral-hat-and-pale-coat formula has been a good one to base her working wardrobe upon, I’m ready for some greater variety. I originally wasn’t terribly keen on the pink hat Camilla wore to the wedding on Saturday but this white one today is making me warm to it!

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Designer: Philip Treacy. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The new Duchess of Sussex also appeared in a new hat, the second brimmed design we’ve seen her wear. In blush pink straw, the molded saucer shapes, in a single piece, around a shallow crown and extends to an oval shaped brim. Meghan has placed the hat at a perfect angle on her head, and the piece is balanced with her neat side chignon.

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The hat tops a head-to-toe look in blush pink that works beautifully, thanks to the different textures, and levels of sheen between the pieces. While some might wish for a flower or feather to liven up the hat,it reflects the streamlined and elegant Meghan continues to show us and find the restrained simplicity works well to show off the beautiful lines of the hat.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. It appears to be a bespoke version of OC-427 from SS 2018. Goat dress.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Prince Charles and Prince Harry both held their silk top hats (unfortunately, I can’t find evidence that they actually wore them!)
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It looks like a lovely day was enjoyed by all. What do you think of this pair of new Philip Treacy designs?
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33 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Prince Of Wales At Garden Party

  1. I feel compelled to comment on the contrasts and similarities between the two Duchess’ millinery choices. It seemed apparent to me that the rebirth of the power matron was revealed on the steps of St George’s Chapel on May 19. Standing either side of the Prince of Wales, Doria Ragland and Camilla were standouts in mature, chic and assured styling. They were unapologetically elegant older women. In the photographs at the Garden Party, the Duchess of Sussex wears a sweet, unadorned yet broad brimmed ‘entry level’ hat of diffusion label quality. Camilla wears the hat of the confident veteran. Camilla is the doyen of serious hat wearing; her millinery choices are bold statements that play up her dignity and flatter with their broad brims and passementerie. I suspect that she orders multiples of her most successful hats in neutral. A wise choice as they provide a style continuity that does not distract from her duties. Meghan is a beginner and plays it safe at these early stages. which is also a wise choice, as she has quite a road of hat choices ahead of her.

  2. These are such great hats on everyone and they all look so happy! The new Duchess continues to knock it out of the park and I like the new hat of the Duchess of Cornwall.

  3. Great first official appearance for the newly minted Duchess. She wears a brimmed hat so well. The doughboy style is very familiar, but the asymmetry gives it a lot of interest.

  4. I’m not in love with Camilla’s hat today and I think it is the crown, if it was all squared or all rounded then I’d like it much better. I do like the lace trim however. This new hat of Meghan’s is lovely on her and the lack of embellishment looks really modern with this dress. I think if Tracey had added a giant flower or a loop or feather as he loves to do, it would have looked like she borrowed someone else’s hat. This one says “Meghan” to me. At least right now! We’ll have to see where her style goes as it evolves! But a very good showing for her very first garden party and her first appearance as the Duchess of Sussex.

  5. It may just be the lighting in the photographs but it seems to me that Meghan’s hat clashes with her dress, like it matches the sheer bit but not the main fabric, and it really does not do it for me. But as I said, it may just be the lighting.

    • I was at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party on Tuesday and the hat seemed perfectly matched with Meghan’s dress, and very elegant indeed. However…the sun was very strong so that might have affected the photographs, as you say.

      • Thanks, Maggie! I would have been very surprised if in reality, the pieces didn’t match. Unfortunately, pieces of an ensemble can look entirely different on camera.

        Hope you had a wonderful time at the garden party!

  6. If Camilla had to add another neutral colored hat to her rotation, I think this was a good choice overall. Compared to most, this is actually stark white, and the lace trim adds a softer touch, whereas many of her hats have more dramatic or modern trim. My only complaint is the shape of the crown; round it out, and this would be a true winner! (see the 3rd photo of the post, taken from Camilla’s right, where the crown looks round, and IMO it looks much better than viewed from the front) The green of her outfit is lovely and more saturated than many of her outfits, and I’m glad to see her pull out a colorful outfit to go with a neutral hat; she needs to do this much more often!

    Meghan continues to know how to place her hats so perfectly on her head, which amazes me as so many US customers I work with have no clue how to put on a hat. This hat is very nice and flatters her so well, and I get this seems to be her style: simple, sleek, modern, but I really would like to see her in something more dramatic once all the hype around her settles down. I wonder what this would look like with a signature Treacy loop or two, or with a couple of large sweeping feathers (no, I’m not letting that go haha), but that may just be too much for this hat at the same time. What I don’t care for is her dress; I understand she’s trying to blend in as much as possible, but what is this shear fabric for her neck, shoulders, and arms? Not the worst choice, but certainly not the best.

  7. Love the blush pink ensemble from the Duchess of Sussex. One question though. I don’t see a hat pin or a headband holding it on. Wies-is it being held on by an inside comb or an elastic strap under her hair? Like the trim on the Duchess of Cornwall’s new hat but agree with Sandra that the white on white is hard to see. Maybe in a nice contrasting shade of green to somewhat match the coat?

    • Meghan’s hat is being held on with an elastic strap; you can see it in the 12th photo of the post, as there’s a line in her hair coming from her chignon that doesn’t match the angle of the rest of her hair. Hope that makes sense!

      • That certainly is a hat elastic. Best way to keep a light straw hat like this fixed on to the head, and allows it to be placed at any angle the wearer wants. There may also be a comb on the inside of the crown for extra security. Very considerate of Meghan to show us her hat from every possible angle!

  8. My first thought when I saw these pictures was that Meghan’s style had been totally whitewashed. This is SO BLAND. And white nylons? Is this 1983? Kate used to wear hose but I think she dropped that. Maybe the Queen put the rule back? That would be a 100% deal breaker for me and I’d quit the family! The hat is OK but the whole look is so boring. Maybe she knew all the cameras would be on her and didn’t want to take any more attention away from Chuck. So play it safe but I dunno. I think she looks like she’s playing dressup and I’m creeped out by it.

    Camilla’s hat is OK but the flaps on that coat and those Jetsons sleeves are so wrong. The lace on the coat also makes it super fussy. That shade of green is also too cutesy. I LOVED her pink hat at the wedding! It was super fab!

  9. The Dss of Cornwall’s hat is lovely in and of itself, but why not add a little bit of colour, perhaps in the same family as the coat, to bring the outfit together? I’m all for wearing what you know works, but 28 hats in the same sort of colour is inching across the border between go-to outfit and style rut.
    The Dss of Sussex’s hat is exquisite, but I find myself irritated by the visible seam (presumably including a zip) that runs up the back of the transparent part of her dress. It just looks unfinished, and with the understated look overall, it does draw the eye. The hat and its placement, however (this is a hat blog, after all), are spot on.

    • Deborah Makarios: I agree with you on the distraction of the visible zipper and seam. It appears that many designer outfits have the exposed zippers on their garments. Don’t understand why when it’s like a glaring spot light on the zipper.

    • To be fair, not all of those 28 hats are still in service and this coat calls for a hat that is a very light cream or white. I do like the matched lace trim on the hat and the coat- it’s a really lovely touch.

  10. The trim on Camilla’s hat seems rather lovely but it’s actually hard to see, white on white. I agree with Glitter Girl that 28 pale hats seems like maybe 24 too many! Would a bit of colour in the trim be such a bad thing? The curved brim is nice, not sure about the crown.

    The new Duchess looks lovely, elegant from top to toe, and the colour is lovely on her. She has made such an assured start, long may it continue.

  11. I very much like the lace on the hat of the Duchess of Cornwall, it gives such a graphic effect. I’m not so fond of the shape of the crown, it makes the hat look a bit heavy.
    As to the now Duchess of Sussex, she seems a determined follower of the “less is more” style and I think it suits her very well! She looks polished and beautiful (and very happy too!)

  12. Twenty-eight large cream or white hats!?!? And many are very similar. The Duchess of Cornwall needs a dresser who is handy with trims. It’s all very well to find a look that is comfortable for you, but this does seem like an excessive number of cream or white hats. And on another note, I am not fond of the “flaps” on this coat. The Duchess of Sussex really got it right. She looks elegant and very chic. It will be great fun to watch her on her hat journey.

  13. Both are lovely, though I do feel that Cam’s is very “seen this before”.

    As for Meghan, while some adornment would be nice, this suits her well. I think it’s very wise that, as she is just beginning to build her milinery wardrobe, she chooses simpler pieces in classic shapes that will work well for multiple outfits/events and not become dated.

  14. Cam’s hat reminds me of a Royal Mounty hat with that crown for some reason. Other than that, I do like her new hat. Ms. Meghan’s hat really works on her and does the dress justice. She looks perfect. I have a feeling we will be saying that a lot about Meg in the future. She really knows her style.

  15. Camilla’s hat is very Camilla and for her, I like it. She has a look that works for her like the Queen Mother did and Princess Beatrix so why not work it . Meghan will never do embellishments I don’t think. Whilst I love a bit of feathered bling myself , the sleek look works for her . She looks so elegant and polished not dissimilar to the style of Sophie . Her hair is wonderful with the hat

    • I’ve learned never to say ‘never’ when it comes to personal style- she’s got a whole royal life ahead and in 20 years, we’ll look back and see an evolution! For now, this is her aesthetic and I really do like it on her.

  16. This is the best hatted look for the DofSussex that we’ve seen so far. I much prefer her in this brimmed style, and I love that it’s sleek and untrimmed. I also like the DofCornwall’s hat on it’s own, but I agree that she seems to favor one hat style and dress/coat style way too much. I think it’s lovely that she has favored silhouettes and knows what looks good, I just worry that she’s headed the way of HM, which does tend to get a bit boring for us royal watchers.

  17. Both very great hats. The one from Camilla is rather predictable but lovely. It has a great shape and a nice trim. The one from Meghan is perfect in its simplicy. So far I loved the hats she wore and I’m very curious to see what she’ll wear next. It seems like she found a style that suits her. One that is different from the other members of the royal family.

    • Thank you for saying what I was thinking only better. Two additional points – I hope the new Duke and Duchess will be at Ascot this year and also thanks to Meghan for putting her head down so we got a great shot ot the top of her hat. That doesn’t always happen.

      • I, too, am hoping the Sussex’s will be at Royal Ascot. I’ll give everyone a first-hand report! LOL! BTW, I love the Duchess of Sussex’s look today, especially the hat, how she’s wearing it, and her hair. Tres chic!

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