Takamado Princess Supports Animal Welfare

Princess Tsuguko of Takamado took part in a “Panel Life” event yesterday which promoted animal welfare and encouraged the adoption of rescue cats and dogs. For this event (see part of her speech here), she wore a textured white pillbox hat in the same white boucle as her suit. The hat’s trim is a more unique story- there appears to be a wide binding around the bottom of the hat in palest blue that is also used to make a layered fan that is attached to the side. I’m always intrigued by new motifs used for hat trimmings and find the tall fan on this one quite fascinating.

May 22, 2018 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
It’s an interesting hat, isn’t it?
Photos from Oricon News

11 thoughts on “Takamado Princess Supports Animal Welfare

  1. What a great observation- this hat really is reminiscent of Queen Mary’s toques from the texture and the upright fan embellishment. And yes, Shannon- so very art deco!

  2. Many of the Royal Hatters seem to think alike! MrFitzroy’s first thought was also of Queen Mary….an ultra modern Queen Mary with origami trim instead of towering feather cluster!

  3. This hat’s trim is unusual for an Imperial princess. I probably wouldn’t like it on anyone else. Thrilled there’s a good photo of Tsuguko!

  4. Prayers to the hat gods have been answered: close up photos of Tsuguko and her hats! I do wish the photos had darker backgrounds so we could appreciate the hat more, but the video showed it off well. The pillbox is not a new shape for the Japanese Imperial Family, but that structured fan trim on the side is so unique, and definitely something I think only the Japanese could pull off really well. Brava!

    P.S. I agree with Mitten Mary, this also reminds me a lot of Queen Mary’s toques.

  5. Very striking! As hats off says, it’s hard to discern the detail against the pale background, but I like the fan trim. Even though it’s a pillbox, the shape and tall trim remind me of Queen Mary’s toques.

  6. If her hairstyle was more formal the effect of the hat would be different. it is somewhat difficult to judge as the background is pale as well. interesting hat

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