Norwegian Queen Opens Music Festival

On Wednesday, Queen Sonja opened the 66th Bergen International Festival, kicking off a lineup this year that will see 300 events in the areas of theatre, dance, opera and performing arts. For this event, the Norwegian Queen wore a light new summer hat in stripes of white crin. The design features a rounded crown and upturned kettle brim with what looks to be a embellishment (fluted bow? leaf?) of some variety on the right side.

May 23, 2018 | Royal Hats May 23, 2018 | Royal Hats

I try to showcase all new hats (especially ones worn by reigning queens) in stand alone posts here but have resisted hitting the ‘publish’ button on this one. Why? There’s nothing memorably about the shape or style and I really do not like the veined seam that runs down the center of the crown. Perhaps with some different embellishment, it can be improved. I hope we’ll get a better look at the detail of this design on its next outing because, as it stands now, it seems to be lacking in quality and design. I hate to say it but it looks like the kind of thing any of us could pick up at a local discount department store, and that makes me sad. Here’s hoping I’m wrong on this one.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new
I’m looking forward to you all weighing in on this one to see if I’m being unnecessarily unfair about it!
Photos from Marit Hommedal / NTB scanpix via The Royal House Of Norway

10 thoughts on “Norwegian Queen Opens Music Festival

  1. That centre seam! (shaking my head). Without it, this hat would pass, (though I think it’s way too casual for a coat-and-dress outfit).
    When I saw Sonya’s unusual head-to-toe white palette (who these days would accessorize a formal day ensemble like this with white gloves, white bag, white heels, and white hat –except maybe P Charlene?) I was reminded of a large firm we have here in Australia called White Lady Funerals, whose all-female staff wear white coat-and-dress uniforms very like Sonja’s. (They combine them very strikingly with maroon fedoras, and beige gloves and shoes, I hasten to add). Sonja’s jewellery reinforces the funeral director (or is it registry wedding?) vibe – but with the oddly casual hat (plus sunglasses), it’s suddenly “ladies’ lawn bowls umpire – official team uniform”. Confusing.

  2. At first sight I liked it because it is appropiate for this season, light and white; however, its rounded shape and that piece of material at the right side of the hat do not do any favour to this new Queen Sonia’s hat.

  3. HatQueen, when I first saw photos of this hat, my own thought was that it was the type of mass produced hat one sees in the gift shops of tourist venues, and that was before seeing your own similar opinion! Another thought was that this was the hat base waiting for embellishment which they then forgot to add. I’m afraid I have to give a thumbs down on this one.

  4. The shape is good for Sonja, but dear Lord, what is that center seam?? In these photos, the trim looks too simple and random to be a good choice. I’ve seen and sell crinoline hats for women, and while I don’t care for all of them, they’ve all been much prettier than this hat. Unfortunately also feeling pretty harsh about this hat . . .

    • Thanks for that comment, James. I was wondering what it reminded of, but couldn’t place it until I read you apt description. One pound of sausages or two, Madam?

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