This Week’s Extras

Crown Prince Frederik celebrating his 50th birthday gala dinner last night in military uniform with wonderfully feathered bicorne hat.

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Queen Mathilde repeated her black silk calot hat Friday at the funeral of the Duke of Württemberg

The Earl of Wessex looked dapper again in his Panama hat to present Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards on Thursday.

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Princess Akiko of Mikasa in a natural canvas hat with black piping to plant rice earlier this week.

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Elegant black and white straw bergere hat by British milliner Jane Bailey
White straw upsweep trimmed with the most wonderful flowers from London-based Bundle MacLaren
Striking black and caramel straw percher (the veil!) and fedora from Madrid milliner Biliana Borissova
Swooning over this massive brimmed design with lilac velvet hatband from Australian brand Murley & Co.
Fascinating inverted brim on this almond lattice straw wide brimmed saucer from London-based Philip Treacy
Closeup view of detailed petal-by-petal rose construction in Rachel Trevor Morgan’s studio

I’m always drawn to classic black and white and this stunning wide brimmed design, by Australian milliner Catherine Ellen, puts a beautifully modern twist on this colour scheme.

 Royal Hats

Great article by Omid Scobie about the whole story behind the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress (Harper’s Bazaar). Speaking of the wedding- I updated nearly all of last weekend’s posts on the royal wedding with late release photos (there are some great ones!). You can access all of these posts here. And don’t miss this interview with Canadian media personality Ben Mulroney about his children’s participation in the wedding. 

Prince Hussein passed out high school diplomas to a class that included his sister, Princess Salma. Their exchange was adorable, as are the photos with Queen Rania trying on Salma’s mortar board.

And we close with the same prince that opened this post- Crown Prince Frederik’s 50th birthday celbrations kicked off last weekend with a mile long “Royal Run” held in cities across Denmark. Frederick was joined in Copenhagen with Crown Princess Mary and their four children.

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5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Very fun to see Frederick in the ultimate birthday party hat and in his “hi, mom” moment in the video.

    I was so intrigued by the texture of the Murley and Co. hat because it photographs as granite, which would certainly be a groundbreaking hat material! It’s “soft grey marle jersey” according to their website — sounds much more wearable.

    Prince William could follow his uncle’s example and start wearing a snappy straw fedora.

  2. The “striking black and caramel straw percher (the veil!) and fedora from Madrid milliner Biliana Borissova” is a jaw dropper! I can see Beatrice Borromeo wearing this.

    Now that we know the Duchess of Sussex can pull off brimmed hats, I would love to see her in the black and white brimmed hat by Australian milliner Catherine Ellen. So stunning!

    Great finds this week Hat Queen!

    • I had the same thoughts, Shannon! Black and caramel make an unusual and striking combination in these styles. And I agree that the understated elegance of the Catherine Ellen makes it an excellent choice for the Duchess of Sussex.

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