Princess Anne Hosts `Not Forgotten` Garden Party

The Princess Royal attended the annual Not Forgotten Association Garden Party at Buckingham Palace today to support the charity, which provides support for both current and former servicemen and women facing illness, injury or disability. For the event, Princess Annere repeated her repeated her almond straw hat with sideswept brim trimmed with cream feathers and apricot and cream curling quills.

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It’s one of my favourite hats currently in rotation in Anne’s wardrobe and paired well today with her apricot dress and almond empire waist coat. I’m just not a fan of the chocolate shoes, purse and gloves, which add heaviness to the otherwise streamlined ensemble.

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Designer: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: June 20, 2017May 20, 2017 
Thoughts about this hat’s outing today?
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14 thoughts on “Princess Anne Hosts `Not Forgotten` Garden Party

  1. Great hat and outfit to see again on Anne. I wish she had gone with navy gloves, shoes, and bag instead of brown to make it more spring and less autumn, but overall it’s a fantastic look.

  2. Princess Anne looks terrific in this outfit – elegant and lovely … I love the way she really takes notice when she’s talking to the “old soldiers” so interested in what they are saying !

  3. What a wonderful hat (and coat/brooch). So graceful, perfectly proportioned for P.Anne’s face, and perfectly placed. I much prefer this to the mustard/brown combo the other day. Really really great.

  4. A lovely hat! great coat too, mercifully covering the apricot dress, whose unfortunate fabric made the dress look, on last June’s outing, as if The Princess Royal had slept in it.
    I agree that the brown accessories are too much. They might have worked, if the hat contained a fair amount of the same dark brown. Actually, someone like Kate could easily wear this ensemble as is, because her hair is a lot darker than Anne’s, and she wears a lot more eye makeup, which together create a strong high-contrast focus for her face. As the outfit stands, the high-contrast brown accessories are clustered low (below the midriff) and aren’t balanced by anything similarly high-contrast near Anne’s face; which is why the outfit feels “heavy”. It’s not that dark accessories don’t work for summer; I can think of many pale summer outfits which look fabulous with dark or black accessories. But for Anne, with her “natural” makeup” look and lighter hair colour, a lighter shade of brown accessories (matching the mid-brown trim on Anne’s hat) would suit her and the hat much better.
    Although the buttons of Anne’s coat demand a differently-shaped earring to the round pearls she has on, and I would prefer to see Anne’s badge/ tie-pin worn next to her brooch…perhaps it is correct to wear the badge this way. I do love how the style of this brooch mimics the swirls of the hat’s trim.

  5. Anne looks just lovely here. Really elegant. I confess that I really love the brown accessories, but I’m a brown-loving kind of girl. I am also not so wild about the rooster brooch.

    • I’d be completely fine with the brown accessories in November… just not sure about June! To be fair, brown is a go-to accessory colour for her.

  6. Anne looks terrific in this hat and coat, and I’m so glad they have come back out of her closet to be worn again! At the May, 2017, appearance of this coat, there was some sort of interesting decoration at the left waist of the coat that I would have liked to get a better look at, but unfortunately in every single photo of today’s garden party, the left waist is covered by Anne’s arm or purse.

    I actually don’t mind the brown accessories just for color contrast just purely considering the garment, but they do seem to be a little wintery for a June garden party.

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