Christening of Princess Adrienne

Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Chris O’Neill, were joined by family and friends today at Drottningholm Palace Chapel for the christening of their daughter, Princess Adrienne.

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For the event, held on the couple’s fifth anniversary, Princess Madeleine topped her cream silk floral dress with a bandeau headpiece of silk flowers in the same pink and coral shades as the flowers on her dress.

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It’s a pretty headpiece that has the feel of a folk floral headdress. Madeleine has worn headpieces for each of her children’s christenings (most of those in attendance wore small headpieces) so it’s not surprising she went this route today. I can’t help wondering, however, if a small, embellished straw percher hat might have coordinated better with the dress and felt less ‘twee’ than this headpiece.

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Designer: unknown. Dress by Giambattista Valli
Previously Worn: this headpiece is new

Princess Leonore wore a small white flower trimmed barrette in her hair.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this is new
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15 thoughts on “Christening of Princess Adrienne

  1. I am on record strongly disliking all headband style “hats”, but to me this reads flower crown and I think it’s gorgeous. Perfect for the floral dress and the christening. I don’t think it would work at all (way too twee) at any other kind of event, but here it’s just lovely. She’s like a woodland fairy or something with all the florals. Beautiful.

  2. While I agree that the headband was a bit juvenile, and as some said, bridesmaidy, the photo shots of her with the tree and the flowering plants right behind her made it seem “right”.

  3. While Madeleine looks lovely, this floral wreath headband seems more boho/festival chic, especially paired with her sleeves; I understand this fits in with more traditional Swedish outfits, but it just is a little off for me.

  4. I like the idea of the floral headband but the placement isn’t quite right. Shouldn’t be right over the top of her head but leaning forward a bit, like a tiara. Also, I would have liked it more if it were real flowers. I think it was a sweet touch as it’s her 5th anniversary – it looks a bit bridal but after 3 kids in 5 years if she still feels like that then more power to her and her hubby!

  5. I agree the floral headpiece seemed to juvenile but maybe it would have worked with a solid color dress. Though I liked everything she wore separately, including all of her jewelry, it just looked too busy. As for Leonore…I love a simple white dress! Very sweet!

  6. I like this headband (I like pretty much all headbands, halos, crowns etc) but feel that this one hasn’t been served well by the styling. I agree that there’s a juvenile vibe about this headpiece, and I think the main culprit is the hairstyle. The flattened-down, centre-part styling with long hair down the back does look very much like the way a young teenager might wear her hair to this event. Whereas an up-do would go a long way to “adult” those flowers.
    A minor quibble — I do wish the pattern on the dress was not so very similar to the headband – the way they match is rather too close and literal for my taste. A different patterned, or non-patterned, dress would, I think, give this headband some much needed breathing space.

  7. The casualness of Princess Leonore’s bare feet and sitting on the floor holding her toes during the baptism goes beyond casual almost to undisciplined. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone, and I do not mean to be the etiquette police, but this was a religious service.

  8. I agree with Glitter Girl – the flowered headband is too bridesmaidish looking. However, being Swedish, I do understand how this ties in with Swedish traditional dress of celebration. I would have maybe changed the flowers up to be smaller.

  9. I see what you mean about the percher, HatQueen, but the princess’s bandeau was so much in the spirit of both the occasion and of Swedish folk dress, that it pleased me very well. (It also appeared to be very beautifully made.) (I loved little Princess Leonore’s bare feet. Things have changed a lot about what degree of casualness is permitted, and perhaps for the better.)

    • (The casualness of Princess Leonore’s footwear or lack of it contrasts completely with the fact that baby Princess Adrienne came outfitted with the sash and medal of a Swedish order.)

  10. The headpiece seems a bit juvenile to me-rather bridesmaidish. I would have preferred her in a real hat.

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