Trooping The Colour: Wales Family

For yesterday’s Trooping the Colour festivities, the Duchess of Cornwall was an elegant vision in blue. She repeated her ice blue straw picture hat with inverted brim edging, straw and crin wrapped crown base and a mass of flying straw and crin curled bow loops on the side. While we’ve seen this hat several times before, praise for its beauty is again due- the shape and scale are wonderful on Camilla and the exquisite trimming gives it just the right amount of movement and life. It’s such a great hat for this kind of event.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress and coat by Bruce Oldfield. 
Previously Worn: May 23, 2017; June 10, 2016May 10, 2015September 21, 2014June 18, 2014

The Duchess of Cambridge topped her pale aqua silk dress with a matching hat in woven straw. The sidesweep saucer is trimmed with abaca silk bows and net tulle veil in the same barely-there-blue along with cream silk flowers.

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Kate has worn a few vertical saucers over the past year and this one’s exquisite trim and gentle hue is among my favourites. While subtle, the colour is lovely against Kate’s colouring and dark hair and the hat’s lavish trim is a great counterpoint to the simple lines of her dress. It’s so great to see Kate experimenting with different hat shapes and working with new milliners.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images

Designer: Juliette Botterill. Dress by Alexander McQueen
Previously Worn: this hat is new

The Duke of Sussex wore the uniform and cap in his rank as Captain of The Blues and Royals.

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The Duchess of Sussex débuted a sideswept saucer hat in dusky pink straw. Featuring an oval, slightly upturned brim, the design is sleekly void of usual embellishments.

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Meghan has favoured very streamlined millinery designs so far and this one certainly continues along this vein. It’s a good look for her- the combination of this hat’s shape with the open, portrait neckline of this suit and Meghan’s flowing tresses is a beautifully balanced and elegant one that doesn’t need further trimming on the hat.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Suit by Carolina Herrera
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Now before we all get speculating this hat is a repeat of the one Meghan wore to the Prince of Wales’ birthday garden party, here’s a side by side comparison showing that the shape, the brim and the shades of pink are all different. Between the two designs, I think the warmer shade of pink on yesterday’s hat is particularly stunning on Meghan’s colouring.

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I can’t remember a stronger trio of hats in a single post for a long time- do you love these three as much as I do?
Photos from Getty as indicated

22 thoughts on “Trooping The Colour: Wales Family

  1. These three women looked FANTASTIC today. Camilla’s hat to me is a great style for her and I love the Edwardian feel these large hats give. Kate’s hat is so pretty with her dark hair. It gives such height and it is interesting from every angle. Meghan’s hat is opposite in it’s streamlined look. I am glad a side by side photo was used because at first look I would have thought they were the same hat. I appreciate the surprise so many had that this is the same color as her previous outfit. Perhaps she is starting slow and conservative before she bursts out in some very bold colors. And I must say she looks the full polished princess and the two Wales young ladies complement each other beautifully.

  2. Wow! The DoCam is really coming into her own (the cynics amongst us might attribute that to bringing attention back to her from the DoSus??)
    Anyway, the hat is incredible. I like the puffed sleeves of the dress (well, I don’t, but what *I* like, and what is suitable for the wife of the future King, are vastly different arenas), and her whole outfit is on point. Nice jewellery, too – some seriously chunky earrings…
    The DoCor – well, she’s got her formula and she sticks to it. No surprises there.
    The DoSus – hmm. I love the style of the hat, and the colour, both perfect for her colouring and general minimalist style. But I am utterly lost for why she has two hats in (pretty much) the same style and same colour? And *then* worn a week apart?
    I have little better to say about the dress. The neckline is perfection itself but man, the torso is ugly. Makes her waist look enormous! Also, in the bright sun, the dusky pink blends too much into her skin tone. If the dress had been a shade darker [or lighter], it might have redeemed itself.

  3. I think this is the DoCam’s best trooping showing yet. Last year I adored her pink on pink and was surprised by how much I love love this look. The square neck and puffed sleeves add some interest to the dress without detracting from the hat. What perfection! I love that it’s slightly bigger than some of her other hats of this style. The trimming is gorgeous, and the shape is very graceful. Just a knockout.

    The DoSu looks really great too- I love the simplicity of her hat, it lets her beautiful hair and the details on her dress stand out. She looks great in this color. I like that the brim on this hat curves up a bit more than the similar hat she wore previously. Really strong looks for both of these ladies.

    Camilla looks lovely, but it seems very in keeping with her regular approach.

  4. I think the Dss of Cornwall and the Dss of Cambridge have made excellent choices here – spot on.
    The Dss of Sussex’s hat… I don’t know. It’s nice, but a bit…bare, leaving the eye to stray elsewhere, such as to (cough) tan lines. I agree with you that the colour is excellent on her, and as other commenters have suggested, she may be easing her way in to the hitherto unfamiliar world of millinery. Although if I was starting a life of public hat-wearing I don’t think I’d have the courage to wear something that wasn’t firmly clamped about my head!

  5. Camilla’s hat is one I did not care for when I first saw it, but the more often it appears, the more I like it. Looking back at the older posts, it’s interesting that she always wears it with the same dress and coat, as I think there are other things in her wardrobe that it would also go with just for variety.

    I normally don’t like vertical saucers, but Kate’s is so exquisitely decorated that I’m changing my mind. It was especially nice to see that photo where she is bending over and we can see a direct view of the top — an angle we don’t often get to enjoy!

    As far as Meghan’s pink hat so much like the previous pink hat, here’s possibly a different take on the subject. My favorite color is turquoise, and one day I came home from a store with a turquoise cable-knit sweater, only to realize after I got home that it was almost identical to another turquoise cable-knit sweater that I already owned. But my fondness for the color and style caused me to decide, what the heck, I’ll keep them both. If I didn’t now live in Florida, it’s quite possible that I might at some point accidentally acquire a third one. Maybe it’s like that with Meghan’s two similar pink hats. Maybe she didn’t realize when she bought whichever one came second how similar it was, but decided to keep it anyway!

    • (I’m going off topic just to say, “Keep them both, Matthew!” Turquoise is one of my favorites, too.)

      I agree with you on all three hats, but Cambridge wins it today. We’ve seen this style with flowers under the brim, but the albaca is different. I love the way it is fanned out over the knot. Hair and placement are excellent. Kate is really coming into her own as a royal hat wearer.

  6. Very beautiful indeed! The hats of the D. of Cornwall and Cambridge next to each other are a feast to the eyes. I love the gently pointed brim of Kate’s hat and Camilla’s is just perfect on her.

  7. The appearance of this hat on Camilla proves I have not stolen it from her closet . . . yet (haha). This will always be one of my favorite hats for her!

    It was great to see Kate decide to wear blue instead of her usual pinks and beiges for this time of year. This one has more drama with the trim than usual, and I love it! Brava! What I’m not so in love with are the shoulders of her sleeves; they look dated to me, and give a Victorian vibe when paired with this hat.

    Meghan’s outfit, hair, and hat make for a magnificent pairing here! She looked gorgeous! What I will complain about is that at first I thought this was a repeat of the hat she wore a few weeks ago at the garden party; while it’s not, it’s so close that it makes me ask, “Why?”

  8. I love all three hats, but my favorite is Camilla’s.
    I just wish Meghan had bought a hat at least a bit more different this time, perhaps with a feather or one of Philip Treacy’s signature loops or a stronger colour.

  9. I love the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat. Although it seems large, it is not overwhelming. I agree that the color of the hat and the suit do seem a bit off. Not sure if it is how the colors show up when being photographed.

  10. I love Kate’s hat. It is beautiful! She carries off the larger scale of hat wonderfully well! I hope we see more like this on her. I see her hat and dress as being blue, not sea foam green. I don’t know if that is just my screen or not. The Duchess of Cornwall also looks terrific in her hat with the fantastic flying bows in the trim. Meghan looks fine. It is not a stunner, but it is very appropriate. I hope she experiments around a bit to find what works best for her.

  11. A trio of winners in my opinion! I think that Kate’s may just be the best new hat of 2018, it’s that beautiful.

  12. 3 gorgeous hats indeed!

    My absolute fave is the one from Kate. I think this must be one of my fave hats from her. Can’t say anything wrong about it. The size, the shape, the color, the trim…. All perfect. And it works so well with her dress.

    I can say the same about Camilla. One of her best hats. Absolutely stunning.

    Meghan. Now this is where I don’t really know what to think. The hat is good, no doubt about that. And it works with the outfit. But I think I would like it more if she didn’t wear a similar design just a few weeks ago.

  13. As an American I am still trying to understand the art of the hat! I love seeing just how beautiful they can be and how an appropriate hat raises the fashion level immensely! These three examples today are all so different from each other and yet seem just perfect for each lady. I wish I had the confidence, the boldness of the Duchess of Cornwall. The always beautiful young Duchess of Cambridge never disappoints, such a stunning woman in “pretty” hats! And the new Duchess of Sussex….will need time, no doubt, to get comfortable wearing something on her head! Where will she eventually land in the spectrum? I expect a good bit of experimentation- cautiously at first. I enjoyed this article very much, thank you.

  14. All three are lovely hats but one quibble: on my iPhone and computer monitor, the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat and jacket seem to clash. The hat is what I would call a baby blue and the jacket more of an aqua. Beautiful pieces but I don’t like them together.

  15. I have to agree with JamesB about Meghan and her future hat choices. I, too, expect this is a style she will repeat often. It has taken me a long time to “get used” to vertical saucer hats. (I guess I am showing my age. ) But this hat of Catherine’s is truly lovely – the colour, the trimming and the placement on her elegantly coiffed head. It all works beautifully. However, I do love Camilla’s Real Hat. This is the hat of a confident woman who knows what looks good on her and shows it to advantage. One thing I do appreciate though, particularly after the headwear worn at the Swedish Baptism, is that these all qualify as actual hats.

    • I’m really tired of comments that include the phrase “real hat”. All the hats covered on this blog are real. No fake hats here!

      There’s been a slow creeping in, in numerous comments, of an implied message that only hats with traditional shapes and brims are real hats. This message has to stop. Vertical saucers or disk hats with S-shaped, waved brims claim as much millinery legitimacy as a boater or fedora.

      I hate to do this but feel that my hand is forced- In future, any comment that uses the term “real hat” to infer superiority or greater legitimacy as compared to other hats will simply be deleted. If you prefer a hat with a brim, simply say so! We are lucky here at Royal Hats to admire the work of milliners every day- people who painstakingly design and make hats. Every piece we see is REAL, made by real hands- whether it appeals to each of us is an entirely different story.

      Let’s continue to have fun discussion – and share what we like or don’t like about particular designs – but not in a way that demeans anyone or their work.

      • I read the comment as lamenting the fact that so often these days ladies wear what might be described as a token, rather than a properly thought out piece of millinery. I don’t think the implication was that such tokens are inferior, but rather that for hat lovers, it means less opportunity to see beautiful examples of the milliners’ art, and as such is to be lamented (in a light hearted way – hats aren’t that serious!) That’s what I feel, anyway. I’m very glad to have the chance to see three such beautiful examples as these (although like others I am really puzzled as to why Meghan would choose something so very similar to the previous hat to add to her currently small hat repertoire).

        • A vast majority of the hats and headpieces we see worn on royal heads are couture pieces of millinery, all of which, by very definition, have been “properly thought out”.

  16. Camilla brings out a favorite, this hat is so flattering to her and I love the movement in the bows. Kate’s hat is a winner! It looks good from all angles and the pleated trimming is really beautiful. The simple lines of the dress make the hat the star of the show. I hope we see more from this designer on our royal ladies, so far she has hit it out of the park. Thank you HatQueen for the side by side comparison with Meghan’s two pink hats. Everyone kept saying they were different and I just wasn’t seeing it. I can see buying two similar hats, especially if you are new to the hat game and still feeling your way, but I do wish she’d picked two different colors rather than two shades of pink. Maybe she couldn’t decide between the two for the garden party and just got both. I imagine with trying to shop for a new working wardrobe and planning the wedding there wasn’t a lot of time to spend. I do think the streamlined style suits her and is a nice counterpoint to the froof and frill of the other senior ladies.
    We’ll be seeing her in hats for many years, she can take her time evolving her hat style.

  17. I like Kate’s hat on her a lot; it’s much more dramatic than she’s worn in a while and I think it’s a winner. Camilla’s oft seen cartwheel is still fabulous. I do wish she’d have a root around and pull out some other old favourites though.

    I’m just perplexed by Meghan buying this hat. It’s very lovely, but so similar to the last one as to be almost identical. I like her streamlined style, but I fear we’re going to see a couple of styles repeated again and again.

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