Ascot Day 1: Dubai Royals

With several horses racing at Royal Ascot this week from their Godolphin stables, it was no surprise to see members of Dubai’s ruling family at the races today. Princess Haya wore a large, invisible cream straw disc hat- invisible, thanks to an oversize silk flower trimming the top and back of the hat. The design is completed with a cream crin brim that falls into a gentle mushroom shape, and cream straw and crin twists at the back.

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Designer: Philip Treacy- bespoke version of OC 294 from SS 2017. Roland Mouret ‘Etty’ dress.
Previously Worn: This hat is new 
In the charming photo above, Princess Haya’s youngest child, Sheikh Zayed Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, is seen at his Ascot debut. Zayed looked adorably handsome in a black silk top hat. In the lower photo below, he is led by Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan.
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Zayed’s older sister, Sheikha Al Jalila, who first attended Ascot last year, topped her royal blue dress with a lavender irredescent headpiece with star-shaped floral cutouts. The modern piece is a great scale on the young royal and the hue is so pretty against her colouring.

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Designer: bespoke Alexandra Harper Millinery
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, clearly pleased after his horse Blue Point ran to victory in the King’s Stand Stakes with jockey William Buick, repeated his black silk top hat. His young son looks, based on these photos, like he needs some time to fully embrace hat wearing! So sweet.
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16 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Dubai Royals

  1. Thanks Hat Queen for all your wonderful Royal Ascot coverage – fantastic as usual!

    I’m watching the ITV Racing coverage (in Australia via Ch78!) and a fashion segment, showed a Alexandra Harper Millinery design similar to the one that Sheikha Al Jalila is wearing. After some Instagram sleuthing, the designer confirms that Jalila is wearing a bespoke, one-off @alexandraharpermillinery headpiece. It looks like she perhaps styled her royal blue dress with the “lilac” headpiece from an earlier AH Millinery post, see links below.

    I wish she’d worn the headpiece further forward and different dress colour, but it seemed the family was wearing a blue theme that day!

    I’ve also included a post of a similar AH Millinery lilac headpiece with a dark green floral print dress with hints of fuchsia pink, leaf green and violet blue, which I think is a better pairing.

  2. I adore this hat on Princess Haya. I much prefer her in a fitted dress rather than the huge skirts, although this dress, if I’m being honest, could do with a tad less fit. Her daughter looks fresh and pretty. Each Ascot, I eagerly look forward to seeing whether the Sheikh is going to wear a morning suit and hat that fits – as usual it doesn’t!

  3. A fantastic look for Haya, but it’s quite sedate compared to what we often see her wear at Ascot. Sheikh Mohammed is rockin’ his top hat, but his clothes could always be a bit more tailored; oh well, some things will never change. 😉 I do love how he paired the different blues in his tie, shirt, and waistcoat that work together well, despite being so close to each other in terms of shades.

    Jalila’s cocktail hat is a good choice for her and pairs very nicely with her dress, but styling her hair a bit more would help show it off better. Zayed is looking good in his Ascot ensemble, even if he doesn’t want to wear his top hat (which I’ll gladly do for him haha).

  4. Princess Haya can always be counted on to bring it at Ascot. I love this hat! I don’t know that it necessarily needed the back flowers though. Love the family coordination. Sheika Jalila is a pro now, this being her 2nd year at Ascot. Her fascinator is a good scale for a girl her age, but the hair overwhelms it. Sheikh Mohammed looks like he has found a new tailor, looking very spiffy! Sheikh Zayed is adorable with his hat and without.

    • Sheikh Zayed is indeed adorable, but now I’m wondering (and maybe Chicago Chuck knows the answer) what the rules are regarding boys in general in the Royal Enclosure — are they actually required to wear miniature morning suits, or was that just a cute one-time thing?

  5. Hooray! It’s not Ascot till I see Princess Haya in a statement hat, with one or more HUGE flowers…
    Love the hat, great hairstyle for it, perfect dress (though too tight; but I’ll pretend I don’t notice 🙂 )
    It’s always fun to see the children. Sheikha al Jalila is looking almost grown up. Her headpiece could work with a proper “hair down” styling — Duchess Kate (early hats) and Princess Beatrice provide many good examples –but with no hairstyling, the hat looks like an afterthought, and too twee.

  6. This hat is the type of hat Ascot is known by reputation. This hat is original but flowery for sure. I would have missed the invisible brim if HQ would not have mentioned it. Thanks!

  7. I love the back flower on Haya’s hat, but the top flower is going to take some getting used to! And I don’t care for Sheikha Al Jalila’s hat at all from these photos, but I’ll reserve judgement until I see some views from different angles.

    However, I think there’s no disagreement that the little Sheikh is absolutely adorable!

  8. I’m a huge fan of Princess Haya and she never disappoints with her Ascot hats. I adore this! It’s a stunning piece of craftsmanship with a bit of a “party in the back” with the unexpected flower. Her dress is beautiful on her and compliments her gorgeous hat very nicely.
    What a great hat show for Day 1!

    Thanks Hat Queen for the enjoyable posts!

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