Ascot Day 1: Kents & De Mauleys

 Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were in today’s royal carriage procession into the Ascot grounds, joined by Rupert Charles Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley and his wife, Lucinda. Princess Michael repeated a hat we’ve not seen yet here at Royal Hats. In an interesting saddle shape, the hat is made of cream windowpane straw and is trimmed with a wide cream hatband around the crown and a mass of black silk roses under the raised left side of the brim. I’m not sure the saddle shape works successfully in this instance, where the oddly proportioned hatband makes the piece look like it has been badly flattened. It’s creative, yes, and the hat’s colour plalate coordinates nicely with Marie Christine’s printed silk dress but but I’m not sure the hat is particularly flattering.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: June 21, 2012

Lady De Mauley topped her textured white suit with an almond straw vertical saucer hat trimmed with a fan of burnt feathers tucked behind the hat’s raised edge.

Embed from Getty Images

Prince Michael and Lord De Mauley both looked dapper in black silk top hats.

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Thoughts about Princess Michael’s interestingly shaped hat today?
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19 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Kents & De Mauleys

  1. I read somewhere that the Queen alone decides who gets to ride in the carriage procession. For the non-royals in the carriages, is that a special honor that’s given like being invited to garden parties, or are they just people with whom HM has an association? I admit I never heard of the DeMauleys before.

  2. I agree with others that the hairstyle is key. The updo in 2012 went a long way in offsetting the odd hat shape. Her loose ponytail this year does nothing for it.

  3. I wasn’t a big fan of this hat the last time we saw it in 2012, but I dislike it a lot more this outing; the hairstyle and outfit looked much better last time, but I think this is a hat that should retire.

    Prince Michael certainly looks like his grandfather, doesn’t he? I love his patterned tie.

    The de Mauleys both look fine, but nothing to rave about.

  4. Princess Michael’s hat looks like the wings of a stingray as it swims and hovers near the shore…quite beautiful in nature. This hat doesn’t quite have the same sense of fluidity sadly…but the lattice effect is very nice and the bloom is sumptuous. It is the flat looking crown and that illfitting band that wrecks it in my opinion and it looks a little plonked on!! In agreeance with the hair…needed to be up. Thankyou.

  5. Related – I saw The Duke of Kent as he was departing ( walked right by me). He was much shorter than I thought and poor man is very thin.

  6. I think the problem with this hat today is – her hair ! – usually her hair is immaculate ,- and today it wasn’t … in the second photograph HQ posted – the hat didn’t look so bad !

  7. For some reason my first thought was, this is a hat for a younger woman. I am not sure other than it is too whimsical maybe in shape. I too usually really like what she wears but this one doesn’t work. Maybe the hat in a color other that white might have worked. It makes her look washed out.

  8. Ugh! Normally I like what she wears, and she wears a lot of big hats, but this one needs to go away and never come back. It is just awful. I think this one gets my vote as the worst one we will see this year. Hopefully she won’t wear it again.

    • Here’s a view of the left side from the hat’s last outing in 2012:

      Embed from Getty Images

      • I think her hair here helps this hat tremendously. It looks nestled in, rather than precariously perched as it does today.

      • I agree with Sarah, this dramatic hat looks far better with the updo. The black jacket also IMO provides a better counterbalance to the hat when worn over the busy pattern of the (same) dress.

  9. Princess Michael of Kent looks like her hat is about to take flight! Not a fan, despite I really like the windowpane straw used on it. It needed to go back to the drawing boards. Prince Michael of Kent looks dashing as always.

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