Ascot Day 1: Earl & Countess of Wessex

The Earl and Countess of Wessex celebrated their nineteenth wedding anniversary today at the races, the Countess wowing in a new hat of pale pink straw. The hat’s saucer shape fluidly extends to a high upsweep at the back and the perimeter of the piece is bound in a wide stripe of black lattice printed crin. The same black crin is layered with pink crin to create folded ruffles that trim both sides of the upsweeep.

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Sophie always brings out the millinery ‘big guns’ at Ascot and this look is magnificent on her. The pink and black scheme is unexpected but works, thanks to light materials used on the black accents. The exuberant crin ruffle trim on both the front and back of the hat gives playfulness to the piece from all directions and today, paired to perfection with Sophie’s amazing upswept hairstyle. We don’t often see the Countess in pink and this shade, along with the hat’s flattering scale, suits her so well. Many of us have become admirers of Sophie’s ongoing collaboration with Jane Taylor and this hat is one more in a long lineup of greats.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. Emilia Wickstead dress
Previously Worn: This hat is new. 
The Earl of Wessex looked dapper in his gleaming black silk top hat and whimsical yellow tie, printed with saddles and jockey’s jerseys. I so hope this was a cheeky father’s day gift!

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What do you think of Sophie’s pink and black look today?
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28 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Earl & Countess of Wessex

  1. They both look fabulous. I especially love the pics from the back with the Countess’ curls almost blending in to the details of the hat. Bravo. But can someone tell me why her dresses are always so long? She appears to be weighted down by the length of her skirts.

  2. I always love Sophie’s Ascot hats and outfits. I just loved her dress too, particularly the black trim down the sleeve. I love Edward’s tie. Didn’t he wear one with cats on it to Harry & Meghan’s wedding?

  3. A fantastic hat for Sophie! I love the combo of pink and black, although I do wish the pink was slightly more saturated as in some photos it registers almost beige. As for the dress, I’m not such a fan; the crew neck combined with the black running down her sleeves make it looks like a wetsuit. A different neckline would make a world of difference.

    Edward is certainly taking after his father sartorially. Bravo!

  4. I love this hat on Sophie and the lattice trim on the black crin ties it all in with the dress (which I don’t love so much). Even though it is pink I think this could end up being a versatile hat in Sophie’s wardrobe, I think it might end up going with a lot of things. Edward is channeling his dad with his spiffy tie.

  5. Love, love the pink and black color, especially with HRH’s blonde hair. The dress is okay, I wish she would stick with a different neckline, especially after seeing her on Garter Day with that beautiful neckline on my favorite Sophie dress. The HAT is perfect, colors, shape, placement and her HAIR is to die for!! Sophie, LOVE it!

  6. Awesome hat and hairstyle from Sophie. I love how the lattice crin mimics the embroidered ribbon details on her sleeves, it is a careful and well-thought-out combination.
    I do find the dress too bland; some texture would great, and something other than the ubiquitous activewear crew neckline would be welcome. But that’s just a quibble – top marks Sophie!

  7. I love Sophie’s hat! But, let’s talk about Meghan’s hat. I didn’t expect a hat like this from Meghan. I love the black crin and the stylish updo–no loose bun here. I think it goes very well together. Keep surprising us Meghan! I love it!

  8. I love the way Sophie almost always brings such high elegance and sophistication. I like this hat and the way the trim on the hat seems to mirror the trim on her dress. In some photos the dress almost looks lilac in color. A great look for Sophie!!

  9. So many of these hats are a fresh style – many are heading straight to the top of my favourites list. What a great Ascot year!

  10. Sophie looks just great – I think the black accents are not so harsh as a bold black – these look more really deep charcoal on pale pink to me. Just a great hat and really terrific as you said, with Sophie’s great up do today.

  11. Sophie’s hat is fabulous!
    Edward is the king of cheeky ties, he’s had this one for a few years. he also has one with horses he wears to races.

  12. Countess Sophie’s hat is the best of the batch for me. The shape, size, style, materials, coordination with dress…all work so well. And Sophie’s beautiful hair style today perfectly matches the ruffles of the hat and lifts the whole look tremendously. It’s just beautiful.

  13. I think Sophie looks absolutely lovely ! her hat is so pretty and looks great with the updo – I can’t believe it’s been 19 years since her and Edward married … Edward is looking so good lately – he has a style all of his own … I like those two a lot !

  14. Sophie’s hat is lovely. The swirly lightness of the black looks lovely against the pink. There’s really great shape and movement here. I find her dress a bit too plain for my taste, but she is such a beautiful lady and her hair and hat are fabulous here.

    Also, I think she looks lovely sitting with Meghan, their two hats complement each other!!

  15. I wasn’t wowed by this to start with but it has grown on me. It’s an unusual colour scheme, but really stands out with this design. The hat is exuberant so Sophie keeps the dress relatively simple in contrast. I could happily see the hat a bit bigger; more like the scale of Meghan’s but that’s all I’d change. Sophie really is the one to watch isn’t she.

  16. Beautiful hat! The dress is pretty, but I would prefer short or 3/4-length sleeves. Why do they always wear long sleeves & coats in the summer?

    • Because it is rarely very hot and often very cold at Ascot even in “summer”. Racetracks (and probably open carriages) are notoriously chilly even in hot places like Australia.

  17. I love the reference to the trim on the dress by the trim on the hat. The scale is different which makes it all work. The whole ensemble is utterly charming and beautiful on Sophie and Edward looks very dapper. Happy Annivesary.

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