Ascot Day 1: York Princesses

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie were both in attendance today for the first day of racing at Royal Ascot, each in an enchanting pale blue hat.

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Princess Beatrice topped her blue jacquard dress with a sky blue straw saucer hat. The design features a slim straw hatband around the hat’s small, central dome and is trimmed with layered curling cream feathers and blue crin twists. The colour and scale are lovely on Beatrice and the hat’s curves and whimsical trim form a great compliment to the more angular lines of her dress.

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Designer: bespoke Juliette Botterill. Claire Mischevani dress.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Princess Eugenie wore a large hat in ice blue straw with a shallow, bergère crown and mushroom shaped brim, simply trimmed with a trio of slim, overlapping silk hatbands and a blue tassel hanging down the left side. The sleek design of the hat pairs wonderfully with Eugenie’s minimalist wrap dress and the two pieces combine in an ensemble that is all about structure and line. It’s a brave and sophisticated look but one Eugenie carries off brilliantly.
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Designer: Emily London. It is the ‘Alcor’ design from SS 2018. Osman ‘Fleur’ coat.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
There was a time when the York princesses stepped out, only to become the punch line in another series of fashion jokes. How things change! Their looks today show how they have honed individual, personal styles that while different, are both  elegant, interesting, current and relevant to the extent that I can’t wait to see what they will wear later this week. What do you think of this pair of blue hats?
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17 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: York Princesses

  1. I’m glad to see Beatrice bring some color here, and while she looks good in this saucer cocktail hat, this is a style she’s worn often, so it doesn’t stand out as much. I like the pattern/texture of her dress, but the shoulders combined with the crew neck create a 1980s looks as jamiemid said; a different neckline or shoulders would rectify this, but if she’s gonna keep the crew neck, I would like the addition of a necklace to help break it up a bit.

    Eugenie looks wonderful, and I think channeling the Dior New Look is a fantastic choice for her. I’m not sold on the tassel however, and I think the addition of a necklace would help the neckline look less like a bathrobe/dressing gown. Otherwise, more of this please!

  2. Well, I’m always pleased when the York princesses make non-boring hat choices!
    While I think Beatrice’s hat is pretty, it’s a predictable, instantly recognisable Beatrice choice — and as so often happens, her unstyled hair spoils the effect. And whereas Eugenie looks supremely comfortable in her outfit, Beatrice’s dress looks too tight and too stiff, with its angular shoulders and unflattering centrepleat in the skirt.
    Eugenie has hit a winner for me with today’s hat, hairstyle and outfit; it will take a great deal to top this as my favourite royal look for Ascot 2018. It strikes me that I’m looking at the “pared-back, unfussy, low-key, minimalist” style that we have seen on the Duchess of Sussex — but done Eugenie’s way. The bergere hat is anything but boring, and the tassel is the perfect finishing touch. This princess can do no wrong with fifties retro looks, which IMO have always suited her. Just brilliant.

  3. Pss Eugenie looks amazing! With that wrap-style belted bodice, it would be easy to look like she was wearing a very classy dressing-gown, but she pulls it off very well. And as has been noted, with more than a touch of the New Look about her.

  4. It is true how these two ladies have changed in their style. Earlier whether from experimenting or being a bit rebellious they have definitely left those wayward looks behind. They both look great but I love Eugenie’s total look. She certainly looks great in a retro look. I am not sure I love the tassel but it is a small detail.

  5. I really like Eugenie’s hat (and her dress as well). The little tassel is such a neat accent – gives a little Chinese coolie hat look to it I think. Not a fan of Bea’s dress, but her hat is quite nice on her today.

  6. Love these! There is something quite Dior about Eugenie’s ensemble, it is so elegant. I’ve really enjoyed watching how these ladies have honed their style over the years, and found wonderful ways to incorporate their personalities. And may I also say, without wishing to sound inappropriate in any way, that it is equally wonderful to see how many of their outfits celebrate their gorgeously feminine figures. I have such admiration for these ladies!

  7. Princess Eugenie’s look is my favourite of Royal Ascot Day 1. Classic simplisty with a modern edge. I love Eugenie in broader brimmed hat. Princess Beatrice’s hat is very pretty by itself but I feel it does not suit her style also I agree that the heavy fabric and poor cut of the dress distracts from the look.

  8. Lovely use of several shades of blue in Beatrice’s. I agree with JamesB about a more open neck. The fabric also looks heavy for summer.

    Eugenie’s look reminds me of Lady Sarah’s. It looks as though the tassel is the end of a hatpin, which is a very fun detail. I don’t think I’ve seen a tassel on a hat other than at commencement ceremonies!

  9. Our little Yorkies have been on quite a roll lately haven’t they!
    It was not that long ago that the first words that might come to mind in reference to one of the York sister’s millinery choices might be inappropriate, unfortunate, or even WACKY…..but so very rarely now!
    As HatQueen notes, they have matured, their styles have matured, and they look incredible. Especially in recent months, they have both looked routinely wonderful — Keep up the good work girls. (but it IS ok to toss us a little outré hattery once in a while!)
    JamesB does zero in on one appropriate criticism….the fabric on Bea’s dress is a bit heavy for the design, if such a structured brocade is to be used, it needs to be a relatively simple design so it doesn’t read as remodeled dressing gown….but in the grand scheme, very small quibble, she still looks great.

  10. I like both of these hats very much. The trim on Bea’s hat gives it movement and the color is really lovely on her. Eugenie’s hat is also a great shape on her but I’m iffy about the tassel. It’s graduation season here so that’s all I can think of. The dresses aren’t awful but they could be better, particularly the fit on Bea’s.

  11. I love Eugenie’s dress and hat, and she looks amazing. I like Beatrice’s hat, but the dress just doesn’t suit her. The color is quite pretty, but looks bulky and uncomfortable to wear. It reminds me of the 80s, which was not my favorite decade for fashion. She is such a pretty girl, and I wish she had worn something else.

  12. Any other photo I have seen, Princess Eugenie’s dress looks white. Thank you Hat Queen for the wonderful photos that show the prettiest blue hue. I love the dress and the hat and she looks fabulous. My only (small) quibble is that I’m not a fan of the tassle. Other than that, the scale and style is beautiful on Princess Eugenie.

    I adore Princess Beatrice’s hat! It is stunning, and the color is gorgeous on her! I agree with “JamesB” about the dress.

  13. Both princesses looked lovely. As HQueen noted, they seem to be making better choices on a consistent basis. Any idea on the source of Eugénie’s wrap dress? The detailed styling of the top and sleeves is gorgeous.

  14. I love Beatrice’s hat and the colour is lovely. But that dress is swallowing her up, there’s just too much fabric, a more open neckline on this would be so much better.

    On the other had, I LOVE Eugenie’s look. It’s so pared back but dramatic due to that lovely shape and stunning, wide hat. She looks fabulous.

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