Ascot Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

The second new royal hat of the day was worn by the Duchess of Cornwall. In pale almond straw, the characteristically large scale piece features a sideswept brim and angular crown with off-centered peak that Philip Treacy has repeated several times in recent collections. The hat is trimmed with a large silk cabbage rose and a slim hatband that ends in a twisting, multi-looped bow at the side.

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While the hat is new to Camilla’s millinery wardrobe, its scale, shape and trimming are so familiar that the piece could easily be mistaken for one she has worn before. I adore the slightly higher angle on brim’s upsweep, beautifully balanced by the lavish trim and how the hat is supported by the strong and very interesting triple layered collar on Camilla’s coat.

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Designer: bespoke Philip Treacy. It is similar to OC 460 from SS 2018. Coat by Dior.
Previously Worn: This hat is new.
Prince Charles topped his grey morning suit with is much repeated his black silk top hat.
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What do you think about Camilla’s new hats? You can see all of her other cream/ecru hats at this inventory.
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14 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I love Camilla’s hat, although I agree with the comments about the usual beige-y color choice. I’d like to see her in a new shape of coat/dress; I don’t think this particular shape is flattering to her. Frankly, she is “top heavy” and we well-endowed girls need lots of support and shaping.

  2. I don’t think that the Duchess of Cornwall’s feels comfortable in brighter colors although her evening frocks are sometimes in lovely, strong jewel tones such as dark green velvet which pairs beautifully with her parure of Saudi emeralds. But for day engagements such as garden parties, church or Ascot she almost always is in some shade of beige, powder blue or pastel green and with 30+ hats in cream/white/almond or ecru she seems to prefer these neutrals. And, she certainly doesn’t want to upstage her mother in law either! Maybe once she’s Queen consort her millinery choices will change although I wouldn’t bet money on it.

  3. As has been said multiple times on here: this is a whole lot of biscuit! For a new beige hat, I love this one, especially the drama of how downturned the brim is on her right side. But this hat is begging for a colorful outfit! This would go great with a crimson or turquoise outfit.

    Charles is looking dapper as he always does, and while his all grey morning suit is nothing new, it does give a small sense of security in a such a volatile world.

  4. Both the PoW and the Duchess look elegant….but I would dearly love to see some variety from the Duchess.

  5. Yes, Prince Charles looks very handsome, I love a top hat! Camilla looks lovely thought I too wish she had chosen a color. This just looks so nondescript.

  6. Camilla’s hat is lovely, although I’m not a huge fan of this crown shape. but another cream hat, so similar to others, seems a bit pointless and dare I say wasteful. If only it had been lilac, yellow or peach.

  7. There must be something about the title “Prince of Wales” that turns them all into “natty” dressers – Charles is really looking smashing – he has that confident air about him I love Cams in cream I think it softens her and she looks so elegant ! They are quite the couple these days aren’t they ?

  8. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! The collar on her coat is more interesting to me than the hat here, lovely as the hat is. Charles is the winner of the two here, lovely soft colors, a tie pin, buttonhole and an impeccable top hat. Go Sir!

  9. The Duchess of Cornwall has gone through a period when her hat crowns were too tall and a period when her hat brims were too big. Lately the balance has been better, and this hat seems to my eye to be just about perfect. So it’s ironic that I am missing something “out there” that seemed to express more personality.

  10. I love the hat, and I do in fact love most of her hats. This seems to,be,a style she likes and is comfortable with, and it looks great on her. I’m not so sure about Meghan’s hat from what I can see in these pictures. I will have to wait for a better look.

  11. Lovely! In looking through the inventory, I think it is my second fave (civil wedding hat being first). I had to look closely to be convinced that it is not a re-trimmed #25, but I think I see a darker “thread” in the weave of the earlier hat. Otherwise, they appear to be same color and same hat block. So many times she has repeated this look, but manages to keep it interesting. No need to fix what isn’t broken, I guess!

  12. I’ve always liked Cams in cream – it’s right up there with powder blue on her, as some of her best shades to wear. She does look a bit of the same old in this new hat – but it works well on her.

    • This hat and coat are interesting- in bright sun they photograph as cream but in shade, they look more of an almond, which I think is the actual shade (not that there’s a whole lot of beans difference between cream and almond!).

  13. Prince Charles is definitely the standout here. Of course his hat looks good and I love the blue/white/pink combo in the shirt and tie. Of course Camilla’s hat is lovely and flattering, and I too like the triple layered collar, but I confess to being a bit tired of what feels like a lot of “the same” from her. I’d love her to shake it up a little bit. My strongest wish for Camilla-strong colors!

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