Duke & Duchess of Sussex Attend Spencer Family Wedding

Celia McCorquodale, daughter of Sarah (Spencer) and Neil McCorquodale, was married over the weekend to George Woodhouse. Celia topper her lace gown with the beautifully scrolled Spencer family tiara, one undoubtedly familiar to royal watchers. After all the rumour that it was make its first noteable outing on the Duchess of Sussex’s head at her own wedding last month, I was secretly pleased to see it here, at this lower key, family affair.

Sarah McCorquodale topped her blush pink dress and coat with a cream straw upswept saucer hat by Atelier Millinery trimmed with silk blossoms and tulle out the outside, raised brim side of the hat.

Celia’s older sister Emily topped her green and pink coat with a pink straw button base percher hat trimmed with silk roses, straw bow loops and curling quills. The design, also from Atelier Millinery, is the “Gin Fizz”. 

Countess Spencer wore a cream straw vertical disc hat backed with multiple cream crin bows. The design is a similar one to the striking purple hat she wore to the Sussex’s wedding last month– no wonder as both are bespoke pieces from Rachel Trevor Morgan.

Lady Kitty Spencer wore a burgundy velvet Philip Treacy bumper base percher hat with handmade flowers and a Gatsby length tulle veil. While the hat has an autumnal feel to me, it paired beautifully with her floral Dolce & Gabanna dress.

Lady Jane Fellowes repeated a simple brown straw hat with wide kettle edged brim, trimmed with a warm caramel brown ruched hatband and cream silk flowers.  A neutral hat was a good call for her wonderful dot printed coat, although I’m not sure this one was the best choice.  I think the navy hat Jane wore to last month might have made a better pairing.
Finally, the Duchess of Sussex topped her blue and white floral maxi dress with a simple cream straw headpiece. With a flat, round button base, the design features a large bow with curling tails.

We have only seen Meghan in couture millinery pieces so far- pieces with a level of finishing and sophistication that this design simply does not have. While the colour palate of the ensemble is pretty, the scale of the voluminous dress and small hat don’t pair well. I suspect the choice of this rather run-of-the-mill headpiece may be tied to a desire to remain in the background at this event – whatever the reason, it is great to see Meghan experimenting with different millinery shapes and styles. Wasn’t it just a week ago when several commenters here suspected we’d see her only in sleek, unembellished hats for the foreseeable future? I love she’s already proved this prediction wrong!

Designer: Marks & Spencer Collection. It is the Pillbox Bow Fascinator.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Word on the royal beat is that we’ll see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make an Ascot appearance this week- if they do, I have a hunch we’ll see a new hat on the Duchess.
Photos from social media as indicated; Geoff Robinson Photography/REX/Shutterstock

8 thoughts on “Duke & Duchess of Sussex Attend Spencer Family Wedding

  1. Lady Sarah’s hat, while beige, is a lovely piece, and she wears it very well. I would’ve preferred her outfit to be either a more saturated shade of pink, or more beige, because the color contrast isn’t enough to work for me.

    Countess Spencer looks lovely as usual, but as this hat shape is similar to what she wore at Harry & Meghan’s wedding, it doesn’t excite me as much unfortunately.

    Kitty Spencer was my favorite of the day. She was able to make burgundy work for a summer wedding is a beautiful way with her cocktail hat. More of this please!

    Lady Jane’s outfit and hat are at definite odds with each other; both are good for her on their own, but not together! If we keep this outfit, I think some sort of large and flamboyant fascinator or cocktail hat would continue the joviality of the outfit.

    As for Meghan, this is my least favorite hat outing for her thus far. The dress is too flowy for her cocktail hat in my opinion, and I think a wide brim natural straw hat with a simple white hatband would’ve looked better (like this hat, but with white detailing instead of black: https://www.louisegreen.com/collections/spring-summer-womens-hats/products/5136fysb-floppy-wheat-w-black).

  2. I agree with HatQueen’s thoughts, the hat is just too small for the volume of the dress. While I’m not a great fan of the dress itself, I imagine it would look better sans hat and with loose beachy waves rather than an updo – far more in keeping with Meghans elected Cali style – but alas that would not have worked at a British society wedding!

    On the other hand, I’m a great admirer of Lady Kitty Spencer’s ensembles of late. She has such a polished, ladylike style, with a definite vintage aesthetic. She does a marvellous job of marrying colour, texture and shape, to great effect! A treat for the eyes.

  3. The print on the Duchess’ gown is lovely but there’s just so much of it! The top needs to be fitted IMHO and the sleeves normal length. Her hat looks like an afterthought, sadly.
    The bride looks lovely, as did her sister and mother. The tiara suits her well.
    Lady Kitty looks ravishing, such a beautiful colour on her. The Countess and Duchess need to meet in the middle on the amount of fabric in their respective outfits.

  4. The bride’s tiara is simply beautiful and it’s so nice to see a family heirloom being used at a wedding. Besides the Princess of Wales using this beautiful diamond, silver and gold tiara, there is a rich history of it being used for family weddings. My favorite hat #1goes to MOB Lady Sara, #2 goes to Lady Kitty and #3 belongs to Countess Spencer. All their hats are simply beautiful and really enhance their outfits. Lovely hats and fashions at a terrific British aristocrat wedding.

  5. My first thought was that Meghan’s lovely summery dress should have a bigger picture-style hat. I know she was trying to stay in the background, but the outfit is fairly dissonant as is.

    My favorite hat of the day was the bride’s mother, what a lovely scale and shape. The rest of the hats are all fine, I love the rich color on Kitty Spencer, and wish that the other ladies-in-perchers would wear their hair up or half-up (ala Sophie at garter), but the standout for me is Lady Jane Fellowes fabulous coat/dress!! YUM!

  6. This tiara is a beautiful balanced piece which has done well for many Spencer brides. Good hats all around here. Lady Kitty’s is my favorite —it’s interesting to see the bumper shape on a percher, and the saturated color is stunning. She looks a little swamped by her dress, though, as does the Duchess of Sussex.

    Thanks for the amuse bouche as we await the big event, HatQueen!

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