Ascot Day 2: Gloucesters & Kents

Members of the Gloucester and Kent families were also in attendance for the second day of Royal Ascot. Duchess of Gloucester, who celebrated her 72nd birthday today, surprised in a new hat! In warm caramel hued natural straw, the picture hat follows a traditional shape with rounded crown and flat brim. An additional stripe of crin around the brim extends the hat’s footprint and adds both formality and lightness to the design. It appears that the hat is finished with a mass royal blue flowers on the side that link with Brigitte’s vibrant dress. It’s a great hat for her and I adore its warm, orangey undertone with her blue dress.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Princess Alexandra repeated her cream straw hat with a rounded crown and cartwheel brim embellished with a cream widely woven net veil overlaying the brim and silk roses and tiny curling feathers in the same palest barely-there mist green as her suit. While it’s a beautifully executed and balanced hat, I think the ensemble would benefit from an ever so slightly deeper hue of green on the suit and the hat’s trim.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 1, 2017June 25, 2016

Princess Michael repeated her pale ecru straw hat with shallow rounded crown and high, upturned kettle brim, trimmed with white silk flowers and leaves placed on the left side of the hat, both on top and below the brim. I’ve always loved the way the flowers frame Marie Christine’s face – not something we often see on a royal hat – but I really think the height of the upturned edge on the brim means the hat should be placed as a sidesweep on her head. Wearing it straight on, as she did today, leaves the hat looking off in proportion which is such a shame because  its detail is really lovely.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown. 
Previously Worn: June 14, 2014; June 4, 2013; June 28, 2012
Prince Michael repeated his black silk top hat.
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I suspect the Duke of Kent was in attendance today (ChicagoChuck spotted him yesterday) but alas, he’s not to be found in any available photographs. Until I locate him, I’m curious, dearest readers about your thoughts on these hats! 
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14 thoughts on “Ascot Day 2: Gloucesters & Kents

  1. Birgitte, WHAT IS THIS? I LOVE IT!! Beautiful dress in a gorgeous color, and a fantastic hat! This is one repeat I won’t mind seeing two weeks from now. And happy birthday!

    Standard elegance for Alexandra, but I agree that a more saturated sage green would help elevate this whole ensemble.

    Well, Marie-Christine just hasn’t done well this week, has she? Colorwise this couldn’t be any more boring, and this is probably my least favorite hat for her. Such a shame.

  2. Even without being tilted much, Princess Michael’s hat looked much better in the 2013 and 2012 photos with an updo and a different outfit with less around the neckline. She really does seem to be off her style game this week.

  3. The DoG looks beautiful – I can’t help thinking that a pair of higher shoes would have made the outfit and her handbag gives me a Paddington Bear feel. princess Alexandra looks her usual beautifully elegant self. The ponytail sported by Princess Michael leaves me cold as does the hat and outfit.

  4. Duchess of Gloucester: I was struck by her blue hat and orange dress ensemble worn just recently and here she is doing the same colours again, only in reverse! very exciting. In fact the dresses look identical – could she have bought the same dress in 2 different colours? I’ll reserve judgment on today’s hat till I see a few more views of it.
    P Alexandra: gorgeous hat, gorgeous everything. The green theme, right down to the emeralds, is so refined, and different.
    P Michael: this striking hat does look disconcertingly like a fruit bowl from many angles. I much prefer it tilted the opposite way (as it was worn in 2013. with the underneath flowers more visible). A steeper angle, as suggested, would be very interesting

    • The orange and blue dresses look the same to me, too. If it works, buy it in every color! So interesting that she is working the orange and blue again, but in reverse.

  5. Birgitte’s hat is a stunner! She rarely wears colour and this is a bold mix. Just love it.

    Will someone grab PMK’s hat and tilt it please! It’s be a winner then!

  6. RE our earlier “discussion” about badges – notice that the Duchess of Gloucester and the Kent’s are wearing day badges to the Royal Enclosure and not badges to the Royal Box (pale yellow was Wednesday’s day color and the Royal Box is purple and oval). They are also wearing badges that give access to certain private clubs so it seems they may not have been in the Royal Box.
    Princess Alexandra is not wearing a badge but I’m quite sure she has one in or on her purse.

  7. Happy Birthday Birgitte ! She is the woman who quietly goes about her business doing for everybody else … she deserves a new hat !! and she looks so cute standing there in the sunshine 😊
    Alexandra’,s hat looks so elegant but the the pop of colour from the emeralds – makes the whole outfit look just right ! Looks like both Dukes were hiding today probably more interested in the racing than the photographs !

  8. I’m always happy to see Birgitta, and I love her hat. Too bad we never see Katharine Kent. I don’t think that flat crown flatters Pcss Michael at all, but after yesterday’s monstrosity it looks simply marvelous.

  9. Birgitte looks fab! Thanks for splashing out on a new hat Ma’am! And get a look at the pendant on her pearls. (grabby hands)
    Princess Alexandra looks lovely as always. Maybe that’s why she brought the emeralds out, to bring out the green in her ensemble.
    I really hate Princess Michael’s hat. I think you are right HatQueen in your suggestion that it should be worn more like a saucer on the side of the head because the proportions are so off with it worn like this. Prince Michael looks his usual elegant self!

  10. This must be the year of neutrals. Anne and Camilla have worn beige. Meghan, Princess Michael, Alexandra and Eugenie have worn white. Alexandra looks lovely in these hats that really suit her. The Duchess of Gloucester looks like she is set for a day in the sun. I wish we could see a photo of the hat showing the blue ribbons. Princess Michael’s hat is not my favorite, perhaps as you say the hat needs to be worn at a angle.

  11. The ladies all looked lovely today, and I especially liked Princess Alexandra’s hat and outfit. She looked fabulous. Princess Michael and The Duchess Of Gloucester have always been two of my favorte royals, so I loved the pictures of them.

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