Ascot Day 2: The Queen

We kick off coverage of the second day of Royal Ascot again, with Her Majesty. For the second day in a row, Queen Elizabeth wore a hat in our second colour of choice (!), debuting a painterly design in pale blue straw. The hat features a tall, slightly flared and sloped crown with a flat brim and is trimmed with a layered silk hatband and handmade silk peony blooms and rose buds.

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As we’ve come to expect from Rachel Trevor Morgan, the hat is beautifully balanced with subtle nuances in shape (that ever so slight raise in the brim on one side) and exquisitely beautiful trim. I think the colour contrast between the blue hat and pink flowers needs some help from the silk floral printed dress to relate and Parvin’s design of the coat, with buttons that stop a little higher than many of the Queen’s other coats and a neckline that peeks open, helps make this happen.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat and dress by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: This ensemble is new.
Before we get into sharing thoughts on this new hat, we have just one more opportunity to guess the Queen’s hat colour, tomorrow. Cast your guess in the poll below and let’s earn some money for charity!
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33 thoughts on “Ascot Day 2: The Queen

  1. Reviewing on Day 4, this is my favourite HM look, with the zingy green coming a close second. This is SUCH a great colour combination and the modern neckline/collar/non-collar of the coat brings the ensemble to the present day.

  2. This is a beautiful hat and ensemble for HM, but for some reason, it just doesn’t quite say Ascot to me. Easter, Buckingham Garden Party, official state visit, yes, but not quite Ascot. I think that’s because this blue is quite pastel, and HM usually goes bold with her colors for the races. Hope we get to see this one again soon!

  3. Beautiful isn’t it. Great colours, lovely trim and well tailored and executed. HM normally debuts a few Trevor Morgan/Parvin combos at Ascot and they show each time why they’re the dream team for her. This one also manages what yesterday’s didn’t, to be her go to style but still have something new about it.

    • The lady in the red hat and floral outfit is the Countess of Derby, her husband is looking through his binoculars and standing next to Prince Edward with the same lady in the same article. I did wonder if the lady wearing the beautiful gold jacket is the Duchess of Rutland, but I don’t think it is.

      If you go to there’s a section called royals, go to Royal Ascot Day 2 – the lady in gold is pictured there. Beautiful jacket over a print dress.

  4. Having been originally drawn to the Queen’s hats (and this blog) by the floral decorations, I have to say that this hat is just about PERFECT – I love everything about it. I hope that at some point we get to see the dress without the coat – looks like some interesting pleats down there at the bottom.

  5. I think this is the best ensemble I’ve seen on HM in a long time ! What’s not to like ? … beautiful hat , lovely coat , good accessories and a gorgeous brooch !

    • And hosiery and gloves which add the final touch of polish. Best dressed 92 year old within a 20 mile radius would be my guess.

        • Fascinating article Matthew. I always thought HM wore kid gloves for day wear; what a surprise to read that she wears cotton! Did you notice how fine the fabric is in the gloves HM wore today, they seem practically seethrough! Nice and light for a hot day, I imagine.

          • I have several pairs of Cornelia James gloves, their shop is local to me, and the quality is beautiful.

          • And she is frequently shown handling booklets, programs, and other printed materials with no problems, unlike often happens with generally sized store-bought gloves, so clearly the gloves are perfectly sized. I loved the quote in the article where Genevieve James said she could tell the difference between the gloves she had made and those made by her late mother, which were still in use.

          • Lesley, how perfectly lovely to own some things from The Queen’s chosen supplier! You must treasure those gloves. It’s winter here in temperate Sydney Australia, so right now, gloves for going out every day are very much a part of myroutine.

  6. RTM is just the best. Such a beautiful shade of blue on HM! And I love the bright pink. Curious what the Centenary Rose brooch would have done for this outfit.

  7. I love this outfit on HM. It is a nice contrast from the bright sunny yellow of yesterday. This is a subtle color which really makes the pink flowers stand out. As for my voting on the color HM will wear, I chose pink….do the flowers count as a win??

    • I did not even notice the buttons until I read your comment. That’s one of the things I love about this blog is that it makes me go back and look again at all the details. Thanks for pointing this out.

    • Barbara, I agree with you completely that the buttons on HM’s coat detract from an otherwise beautiful ensemble; at least they can easily be changed in future!

    • I agree about the colour of the buttons; for me they don’t connect clearly enough to the hat, in fact they compete with the hat for attention. Buttons that colour-matched the coat would be just right. But otherwise, the outfit is lovely, and the hat perfect.

  8. I’m in love with this wonderful ensemble. RTM is the/my shining star of hat(tery)-heaven. Wish we had seen the dress underneath. However, a sensational outfit!

  9. I guess I’ll just keep voting for green until HM hears me LOL

    RTM for the win, as always! This hat is beautifully made and the trim is placed perfectly. I really like this combination of light blue and bright pink, it’s like the garden on a sunny day.

  10. I’m two for two on the hat color poll, but I didn’t expect the hat (and coat) to be such a lovely shade of blue.
    I love this outfit and the hat is charming. Just gorgeous!

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