Ascot Day 1: Wrap Up

The first day of races this year also saw hats worn on a few noble British heads. The Duchess of Rutland topped her wonderfully fitted 1950s-esque coat with a percher hat trimmed with an oversize pale blue rose studded with net tulle veil. The hat is the “Full Bloom” design by Edwina Ibbotson Millinery.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Lady Carolyn Warren, wife of the Queen’s racing manager John Warren (and daughter of her former racing manager Lord Porchester) standing just behind the Earl of Wessex on the left below, wore a wide flat brimmed hat in pale pink, lavishly trimmed with curling bows and what looks like a mix of crin and feathers.
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The Duke of York and Lord Vestey arrived in the Queen’s carriage, both in black silk traditional top hats
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Turning our attention to non-royal heads at Ascot today, numerous beautiful designs that caught my eye including:
We end Day 1 with racegoer Edite Ligere in a fantastically theatrical navy hat with bows and blue ostrich plumes by Sarah Marshall for John Boyd. 
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
That’s a wrap from Day 1!  Were there any other hats at the races today that captured your heart?  
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12 thoughts on “Ascot Day 1: Wrap Up

  1. Does anyone know what the function of an Ascot Ambassador is (Natalie Rushdie)? I tried googling it, but only came up with lots of unrelated stuff.

  2. The Duchess 👸🏼 of Rutland, I just wish the veiling were finer, but the color and the rose are lovely. Edite Ligere in the Sarah Marshall for John Boyd hat, WOW, what a hat! It would fit in perfectly in the My Fair Lady Ascot scene, were it in the black/white color scheme. Not a fan of the apple blossom brim, but to each their own. The young woman behind the Countess of Wessex in the group picture, does anyone know who she is? Her outfit is lovely, and I love the deeper color of her hat!

  3. Lovely hats, all! But the apple blossom one is calling to me today. Edite Ligere’s hat is serving up some My Fair Lady tributes, it’s awesome but I hope she doesn’t get neck strain and that the people behind her could still see the race. But what stands out here and at every Ascot really is John Warren. There is a man who very clearly loves his job and his life. We should all be so lucky!

  4. The Duchess of Rutland’s hat is gorgeous, but demands a tightly sculpted hair and an open neckline with no collar. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa is past master at showing how a petite woman can successfully wear a tall statement hat such as this.
    Lady Warren’s hats are always first class; I have no doubt a closer look would show her hat to be a lovely choice — flattering and well-styled.
    Thanks HQ for the non-royal hats. I cant go past Lisa Tan, her edgy pant suit look and the boater with the ribbons trailing off the back, Edwardian-style, is so fresh!

  5. Edite Ligere’s hat is so complete an homage to the late 18th century that I was actually a bit surprised when my eye traveled down to her 21st century ensemble. What a challeng to wear with authority!

  6. Thank you HatQueen for your dedication to all things relating to Royal Millinery! Try to get some sleep for tomorrow is another day filled with wonderful woman’s and men’s hats. That last picture must be of the woman that Charles spotted today, thanks for her picture,it’s awesome.

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