Ascot Day 2: Wrap Up

The second day of royal Ascot saw a number of hatted noble heads, starting with those in the third carriage in the daily procession into the racing grounds. Lady Lucinda de Mauley topped her red textured suit in a matching Dillon Wallwork hat featuring a button base in the same fabric wrapped in a rim of red straw and champagne crin that entwined in a curled bow at the top. Lady Celia Vestey’s Rachel Trevor Morgan picture hat, in blue open weave patterned straw, extends to a wide cartwheel brim beautifully edged in blue silk binding that is repeated on the hatband and a bow at the back, studded with silver daisies.

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Lord Samual Vestey, who is is the Royal Household’s Master of the Horse, and Lord Rupert de Mauley both wore black silk top hats.
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Longtime lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth, Lady Susan Hussey rode in the fourth carriage with Irish horse trainer Michael Magnier and his wife. Lady Susan’s white straw hat features an upswept brim and folded hatband, giving an illusion of a double, stacked crown. The hat is trimmed with flying straw twists at the side.

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Harry Herbert, who runs the most successful racing syndicate in the world, Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, rode in the first carriage with the Queen, Princess Alexandra and Master of the Royal Household Vice Admiral Tony Johnstone-Burt. Both men predictably wore black silk top hats.
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Lady Alice Manners, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland we saw yesterday, in an interesting draped hat in blue ikat printed straw from Lock & Co. that has a distinctly tribal feel.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

A number of hats on non-royal heads caught my attention today:
My favourite was fashion PR executive Nazer Bullen, in Edwina Ibbotson’s rainbow striped picture hat. The statement hat’s pairing with this red Suzannah dress (with pockets!) is just brilliant. Talk about a happy outfit to wear to a happy event.


That wraps up Day 2 of Royal Ascot! See you back here for Ladies’ Day tomorrow!
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

21 thoughts on “Ascot Day 2: Wrap Up

  1. I was not aware of her before this post, but kudos to Lady Lucinda de Mauley for the beautiful colours of her elegant ensemble. I would never have thought of putting them together but it’s a lovely combination.

  2. Love the hat on Jana Lang – very chic! Would look great on the Duchess of Cambridge, Duchess of Sussex, or Princess Beatrice.

  3. Love the ladies and gentlemen’s hats in this posting. Just wondering, but isn’t that Suzannah red dress on Nazer Bullen the same one that Princess Eugenie wore to Ascot last year? Very flattering silhouette and the Ibbotson hat looks wonderful. The shoes are terrific but I wouldn’t have chosen red.

  4. Lady Lucinda: Love the hat and the whole look, just a pity the hat is too far forward over her eye.
    Lady Celia: I feel the crown is too low for someone of her stature, and has a widening and flattening effect; her proportions are better suited to a higher crown (good examples of crown shapes in the rear of the second pic)
    Lady Susan: I think this hat is really really good. Hmm, could all-white hats be a trend?
    Lady Alice: fabulous hat, great hair, I just wish the dress were red or blue to pick up strongly on the hat colours,
    HQ’s non-royal hat picks: I love Kirsty Gallagher’s black picture hat; and of course Nazer Bullen’s rainbow picture hat – love that simple but powerful styling!

  5. I like both Lady Lucinda and the Lady Celia’s hats. Lady’s Lucinda’s hat is well coordinated with her suit but appears to large for her head and is positioned too far forward that it looks to be obscuring her vision! When I first saw photos of Lady Celia’s outfit I thought it was lovely but after looking more closely, especially at the trim on the hat I wonder of it too closely copies the pattern on her dress so that look is almost matchy? If you look closely, as well as the daisies the hat is also trimmed with small dark blue bell shaped flowers that exactly copy the dress pattern. As discussed previously on this wonderful blog hat trim that reference a dress fabric rather than exactly copying it work best.

  6. I don’t think that was the Earl of Carnarvon in the carriage with the Queen, but instead was his younger brother, Harry Herbert. As the procession was passing by the announcer was giving the names of those in the carriages and I remember hearing the Carnarvon name but looked specifically to see if it was the Earl and it was his brother. Which makes sense because Harry is more deeply involved in horses and racing.

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