Ascot Day 3: Queen Elizabeth

After two days of seeing Her Majesty in hats of our second choice, we successfully predicted her hat colour today! A new design in bright pink straw, the hat follows a familiar shape with a sidesweeping brim of moderate width and a crown with gently molded waves on the side and a slight slant on the top. The hat is trimmed with a layered double hatband, handmade flowers and beautifully placed, arrow trimmed feathers, all in the same bright pink hue.

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While it’s a familiar look for the Queen, it’s a very good one. The saturated colour is wonderful on her and the cut of the tweed coat allows a fair amount of the printed silk dress to peek through and the neckline and hem, linking with the rose trim on the hat and giving soft contrast to the bright pink. The use of straw on the hat gives great textural contrast to the tweed jacket- while the two are the same colour, the ensemble doesn’t read as overly matchy thanks to the use of these different materials. It’s a great, summery hat on the Queen.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Queen Elizabeth was accompanied in the first carriage in today’s procession into the Ascot grounds by the Duke of York, in his black silk top hat. While it’s been a little sad not to see the Duke of Edinburgh this week, it’s lovely to see other members accompanying the Queen to what is widely known as one of her favourite events of the year.
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A quick note from our dear ChicagoChuck this morning confirmed that our winnings on the Queen’s hat this morning put us ahead for the week! He will graciously donate these, along with an additional donation, to your charity of choice, the Children’s HIV Association. We’ll hear more from ChicagoChuck about this year’s races in weeks to come (there is a hat story he will share!) but it sounds like he has had a wonderful time.
While ChicagoChuck will not be at the races tomorrow to place another bet on our prediction about what colour hat the Queen will wear, several of you have requested we continue these polls this week, for the sheer fun of it. So, before sharing your thoughts about the Queen’s new hat today, what colour hat do you think she will wear tomorrow?! 
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15 thoughts on “Ascot Day 3: Queen Elizabeth

  1. Beautiful hat and beautiful color for HM; so happy we were able to guess correctly and win some money! But I will say I’m not convinced the inclusion of both blue AND goldenrod yellow in the roses on the hat was the best decision. Overall though I still love this!

    • I agree Jake, the rust and cobalt silk roses, while beautiful in themselves, look like an afterthought on this lovely hat. What’s more, at the distance we are viewing, they don’t appear to connect colourwise to the pattern of the dress. (They probably only make sense in close-up; the problem is the amount of negative space in the pattern, which needs to be reflected in the trim for better coordination. Nevertheless, the gorgeous watermelon colour is a treat for the eyes. I’m looking forward to some repeats.

  2. Yes yes….all is in order. Her Majesty in pink Stewart Parvin and Rachel Trevor Morgan. Such a pretty dress with a little bit more colour and looks like it’s pleated which is a nice change. Wonderful.

  3. Thank you ever so much to Chicago Chuck for taking the time from his horse racing bets and giving us the pleasure and the opportunity of playing along !! I for one enjoyed it a lot – thanks again 😊

    • I would have bet on her hats anyway so this way it was fun to include everyone (even though I would have bet on yellow on Opening Day!) LOL!

      My three days are completed. I truly don’t know how I could do any more days – it is exhausting! For the week I’m down about £100 on the horses, but that’s because I had a great day yesterday.

      Home to Chicago on Saturday, where I’ll say hello to my sweet Lucy (Labrador retriever) and watch the 5 days of Royal Ascot on the DVR. It was such fun!

  4. I think if my fairy godmother sent me 1500 dollars and said, the next time you’re in London, go buy yourself a hat, I’d go right to Rachel Trevor Morgan.

  5. This is a lovely addition to the pink section of HM’s hat closet. I like the texture on the coat as well. And then Andrew went and matched his tie and buttonhole to Mummy, so sweet!

  6. Is it just my imagination or does the Queen really stand straighter when she wears Parvin? And that hat is just so extra special on her – fabulous RTM !!
    So far this week the outfits have been better and better each day
    I”m so pleased to see our Lilibet so happy and bright and thoroughly enjoying herself !

  7. Another winner! And (unlike Tueaday’s yellow number), this is sufficiently different to the other hot pink outfits she’s worn in recent years (I can think of three at the past three Ascots) to make Sense as an addition to the wardrobe.

    I particularly like he fabric flowers to tie in with the dress.

  8. So glad pink won! I’m 3 for 3 in hat color picks – a rarity!

    I love this color on The Queen and the hat is gorgeous. I love the color contrast of the silk flowers.

  9. I love this bright pink hat on HM! I was surprised at the darker shade of a couple of the flowers in her hat, but I realize this is a tie in with the printed dress beneath. I agree I miss seeing the Duke of Edinburgh ( and I am sure HM is missing him as well) but it is fun to see who is riding with the Queen in her carriage. And finally my color choice won!

    • If nobody really remembers, the Duke of Edinburgh has never been a big fan. I remember in past years he had earphones in to listen to other sports. And there is a TV at the back of the box to watch cricket and/or football.

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