Ascot Day 3: Princess Beatrice

Princess Beatrice was back at the races today in a wonderful upswept saucer hat of patterned natural and black herringbone buntal straw. The design is trimmed in handmade silk satin roses with feather accents placed, en masse, on the underside of the raised brim.

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Embed from Getty Images

The medium sized hat is a great scale on Beatrice and the graphic, monochrome colour scheme is a great compliment to her auburn hair.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sally Ann Provan. It is the ‘Greta’ hat from SS 2018. Jonathan Simkhai dress and Moschino cardigan.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

 This is the second hat from Scottish milliner Sally Ann Provan we’ve seen on Princess Beatrice. She and her sister both regularly introduce pieces from new milliners- something not only brave, but that yields great new looks such as this. What do you think of this new hat on her?

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23 thoughts on “Ascot Day 3: Princess Beatrice

  1. Wow, I love all of this! A fantastic hat that deserves another outing for sure! And I’m in the very small minority that likes this outfit; it’s got a punk and sci-fi vibe to it I love, but that’s still elegant in my opinion. Probably my favorite of Beatrice’s looks this year.

  2. Oh I am just so happy to see this look! (the hat, not the dress). Every time I see Bea with her hair unstyled yet again, undermining yet another beautiful hat, my heart sinks. But here she is, doing justice to this amazing hat, with her hair pushed right back and straightened into a sleek waterfall, all of which is creating unfussy lines which give her added height, poise and panache, as well as drawing the eye up to the hat. “Sophisticated” is not a word I would usually associate with Beatrice’s style, but IMO, today’s hat-styling is just that. Brava, Beatrice!

  3. Love Princess Beatrice’s hat it is my favourite of Day 3 and suits her very well. When I first saw this outfit I liked it a lot but after reading the comments and analyzing it more I am not so enamored.

  4. Excellent hat! It’s very flattering to her and versatile enough to be repeated with other ensembles. (I’m with the rest of you about the dress, so, moving right along…)

  5. Thankyou for choosing that first photo of Beatrice…not only does it show this very striking hat but the angle and lighting just catch her looking her natural best and highlight her lovely facial features. She is a sweet looking girl. This hat is really striking, classic black and white done well. I too concur with the comments on the outfit….from the waist down. When I saw the first pictures they were of Bea in the carriage and it looked very promising. I shall just look at the top photo and ignore the rest. Thanks

  6. The hat is absolutely wonderful, and the shoes are fantastic. I am not crazy about the white side panels on the dress. I would have preferred it all white or all black.

  7. The hat is first rate, whereas the dress is just awful. Let’s hope we see more hats from an obviously very talented young lady!

  8. This is wonderful! I love the black and white checker feel and the trim feels perfect. And I like her modern feeling dress- the whole ensemble is a hit.

  9. The hat is so wonderful—beautiful shape and scale—and goes so well with the princess’s dress that it’s a shame that the dress itself doesn’t live up to it. Yes, it’s that spiky thing. Skirt could have been all white—all black seems heavy for the occasion.

  10. Well.. like others have said, that hat is stunning and so flattering on her. The dress is weird though. At first I thought she was wearing leggings! The jackets not helping either as you can see the dress poking through. Hmmm.

  11. I love the hat – it’s colour palette it has texture and pattern and looks wonderful on her … the rest of the outfit however … 😕 I read somewhere somebody mentioned a body suit malfunction – now I can’t get the thought out of my head !! Sorry Bea !

  12. I also love the hat. (This is the positioning Princess Michael should have used yesterday!) Unlike others, I don’t hate the dress, but that black spike down the front looks a little silly to me – I would have liked it better if the skirt was of the white fabric all around.

  13. I love this hat on Beatrice. I am a sucker for black and white but I especially love the black and white pattern on the main part of the hat and the spiky black pieces coming from the flowers. The size is good as well not to small or too large to hide her face. I do like the bodice of the dress, her shoes and her purse (it looks like the same one I have seen with other outfits) but the skirt is a huge miss IMO.

  14. Love the hat! I love the lighter pattern juxtaposed with the mass of spiky blackness. The dress, on the otherhand…tsk. It all goes wrong below the belt.

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