Ascot Day 3: Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Laurence

Princess Anne and Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence rode in today’s royal carriage procession in the second carriage, joined by the York Princesses. Princess Anne repeated an embellished, vibrant turquoise trilby hat I don’t think we’ve seen since its debut six years ago.

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This straw design features a characteristic short trilby brim, upturned around the back and downward facing in the front, with a tall, pinched crown trimmed with a mass of different varieties of turquoise feathers at the front.

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The feather trim is a bit haphazard and madly off in all directions for my taste- I think it would benefit with a haircut and slight shift onto the side of the hat. Feather quibbles aside, the colour is glorious on Anne and I love the cheeky interplay between the hat’s short brim and the raised collar on her jacket.

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Designer: Walter Wright  
Previously Worn: June 5, 2012
Vice Admiral Laurence looked very distinguished in his gleaming black silk top hat. I particularly like the hat’s contrast with his pale aqua tie.
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I call this hat a win for Princess Anne, simply based on colour and scale. What do you think?
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15 thoughts on “Ascot Day 3: Princess Royal & Vice Admiral Laurence

  1. I think we all like the colour, but what I like best about the Princess Royal’s presentation of it is her excellent lipstick choice, just the right shade of blue-red to counterpoint the aquamarine. Well done!

  2. Aha, a hat and outfit I had forgotten about, but am so glad to see back in action! Beautiful color, beautiful design, perfect for Anne for Ladies’ Day. I do agree the feathers seem a bit haphazard, but perhaps the wind had more to do with that than anything. That necklace is also a great addition to this ensemble. Brava!

  3. Love this windswept turquoise on Anne! and the aquamarine necklace. The Princess can easily wear most of the medium-strength cool colours her mother wears (mainly in the blue/pink/purple range); it would be great to see Anne ditch all those unflattering warm-coloured items in beige, yellow, ochre, brown and olive.
    My only complaint is the ensemble from the ‘eighties, whose heavy embroidery has a very dated Mother-Of-The-Bride feel. The ornateness of the jacket next to the busy texture of the hat reminds me of the highly-adorned monochrome looks that The Queen Mother was so well known for. I am not convinced that The Queen Mother’s romantically feminine style is the best look for Anne to copy; a less fussy look could be created by replacing the embroidered jacket with a plain one.

  4. I do wish Anne would go the whole Edwardian hog – if the skirt were a little longer, if the jacket were a little less flared we’d have a real winner IMHO. She wears this sort of thing so well it’s always disappointing to me that her outfits aren’t just a smidgen more …. well, thought about. The colour is beautiful on her and I love the aquamarine pendant. Pretty good for a four-time Granny!

  5. Definitely a win for P.Anne! She’s having a great Ascot sartorially speaking. I agree that the feathers would be better on the side, but the turquoise is sooooo good and the high collar is even better and the swirly print/weave on the jacket is great and the aquamarine necklace is delicious.

  6. Great hat! The coat and hat look lovely together. I quite like the mad feathers, maybe the wind made them more rebellious than they were intended. They create a colourful explosion that suits Princess Anne very well!

  7. The colour does wonders for her, she looks good and she knows it. I love the necklace and don’t recall ever seeing her wear it.

    • It was quite windy yesterday. After the procession had passed by and we were going back into the grandstand area I even mentioned the headwind that had picked up and said I wondered if it would have an effect on any of the horses. The weather this week has been glorious!

  8. I think this hat shape is a very good one on Princess Anne but the feather explosion kind of obstruct the shape entirely except from the back. I agree with your assessment HatQueen to trim the feathers and move them to the side a bit. The color is great though. Hey there Sir Tim!

  9. This hat is perfect for Anne …she looks like she knows she looks good in it ! I love this colour on her it’s fresh and summery and smart and VA Laurence isn’t bad either with his top hat and coordinating tie. 😊

  10. Wow, a picture of the PR laughing. Turquoise must agree with her too. And TL’s tie is lightly coordinated.
    Good show to both.

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