Ascot Day 4: Dubai Royals

Members of Dubai’s ruling family attended the fourth day of racing at Royal Ascot again today.

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Princess Haya topped her black floral dress with an edgy black silk headpiece. Built on a flat base, the design features curling black silk outer petals that layer toward the silk bloom’s center of rolled silk flowers studded with black beads. It’s an interesting design for Haya that reminds me of this similar headpiece she wore, also to Ascot, back in 2016.  Sheikh Mohammad, as usual, repeated his black silk top hat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The family celebrated another victory with Sheikha Al Jalila’s horse, Old Persion, winning the King Edward VII Stakes. Jalila collected her winning cup in a bandeau headpiece of layered red straw bow loops in the same vibrant red as her dress. While the young royal shows great maturity and poise, we need to remember she is not yet eleven years old- I thought this headpiece was wonderful on her (she wears the colour red incredibly well, just like her mother!) and hit just the right note between her youth and the formality of this event.
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Designer: Alexandra Harper Millinery
Previously Worn: This hat is new
 What do you think of this trio of hats?
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11 thoughts on “Ascot Day 4: Dubai Royals

  1. Honestly, I don’t care for this hat on Haya, and was disappointed with her millinery choices for Ascot this year. It was definitely her most sedate appearances. I love her dress though.

    Jalila looked perfect in red and this fascinator suits her so well. Congrats on the win!

  2. Princes Haya looks chic as ever, although I must day that this is a more low-key, casual, “picnic races” look. and I miss the high glamour that this Princess can bring. For example, the black rose hat she wore in 2016 was unquestionably the star of her outfit — whereas this not dissimilar black hat is more an everyday support accessory to the pretty dress. Still, it’s flattering and well-styled.

  3. Haya looks wonderful, I love her in a B&W print. Jalila’s fascinator reminds me of ribbon candy that you see at Christmas time, perfect for a young lady! And congratulations on your horse winning! I bet she’s learning a lot about horses and racing from mom & dad. Claire Balding looks great, her hat reminds me a bit of HM’s “Union Jack” hat.

  4. I thought Princess Haya looked lovely today and more slender somehow ! Jalila looked very good in her red outfit suited her very well . I love Clare Baldings hat – the colour is wonderful and made the hat a stand out when I saw it this morning !!

  5. It’s a sweet hat for a young princess. Her mother looks very elegant too. The dress and hat coordinate very well.

  6. For 11, I think this headpiece is fine on Jalila. But it surely reminds me of package bows you make with the big to small loops. This style bow was really popular on packages in the 60s when that self-stick ribbon came out.

    • I confess I thought the same thing. On an older lady, I think the style of bow might look twee, but it looks sweet, fun, and age appropriate on a young girl.

  7. Haya looks splendid – the more tailored dress suits her so much better. Claire Balding presenting the cup looks very elegant too.

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