Ascot Day 4: Queen Elizabeth

For the second day in a row, we have successfully predicted the Queen’s hat colour! Her Majesty attended the fourth day of races today in her fourth new hat, this one in vibrant lime green. It follows a very familiar Angela Kelly shape with fluted, domed crown covered in the same silk wool crepe as the accompanying coat. The straw brim follows a gentle sidesweep and is bound in a wide stripe of the same fabric covering the crown; the hat is finished with a posy of pink silk rose blooms studded with leaves and pink glass bead floral blossoms.

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I like the creative use of the pink glass beads, nestled in with the silk flower trim, which lend a slight sparkle and lightness to the design. I’ve always found this style of crown to be a bit clunky, particularly when covered in fabric. The more open, straw brim also lightens up the design and in bright sunshine, illuminates the Queen’s face. The bright colour scheme is one we’ve seen on the Queen before and while not my favourite interpretation (I’m more partial to this one), enables her to stand out successfully in a crowd!

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Her Majesty was accompanied this morning by her nephew, the Earl of Snowdon, in his very smart black silk top hat. Of all the royal men’s top hats we’ve seen this week, this one excels in terms of both shape and state of repair. It’s such a handsome hat.

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Thoughts about this new lime hat for the Queen?
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27 thoughts on “Ascot Day 4: Queen Elizabeth

  1. Ok, finally starting to catch up after such a crazy week, so apologies for not adding anything to the conversation, but here it goes!

    While I love green and think this shade of lime is lovely on HM, I’m disappointed with the construction of the hat in general. The crown seems too wide and just overall big, while I’ve never like these asymmetrical brims for HM. I like the glass beads for something different with the trim, but the trim in general seemed a little off to me; I wonder what a hatband and some fabric loops or some sort of bow in the darker forest-sage green would’ve looked like instead of using that color in the leaves, which seems too literal for me. The outfit is wonderful though!

    The Earl of Snowdon and Prince Michael of Kent always wear such classic top hats with great brim curves that continue to be amongst my favorites every Ascot.

    • Also forgot to mention, if HM wanted to repeat the 2016 neon green Trooping RTM hat, there would be no better place than Ascot, and I would love it!

  2. This is my favourite of the Queens outfit worn at Royal Ascot this year. I agree with HatQueen that the straw brim that allows the sunlight to shine through is delightful and the beads are a lovely touch. My only quibble is that the shade of the leaves on the trim maybe is to dark and clashes with the lime green.
    Whilst I love this hat I absolutely love the dress and coat, do we know if it also an Angela Kelly creation? If so she has definitely up her game, it is beautifully tailored and I like how the v-neck of the coat allows HMs ubitiquous pearls to shine and the dress in the same plain coloured fabric as the coat and has an embroidered hem to coordinate with the hats trim is very creative as well as beautiful.

  3. I finally picked the right color! LOL
    I’ll echo everyone else who said that this shade of lime is better on HM than the neon one from birthday celebrations. The hat is good and the trim very pretty with the beads. I just want to tweak that third rose over and up so the flowers are making a triangle and then angle the leaves and beads to where that third rose is now. I REALLY want to see the dress underneath without the coat because I think I would love it. Nice that HM is getting a variety of handsome carriage companions this week!

    • I agree about the carriage companions! Does HM personally choose who rides in her carriage each day, or is there a list that they rotate through according to protocol, I wonder.

    • Agreed Buffy.This version of lime green is better for HM – and I love a literal trim, where the flowers are so 3D and realistic. But the positioning needs work as you say; the rose furthest on our right in particular is unsupported (visually I mean), and the trim’s strongest focal line should extend a bit more to our left. But the trim colours are so lovely, I’m still enjoying the look overall.

  4. I’d like to merge this and the 2016 hat to produce the 2016 shape and trim, only with this subdued shade of lime and the sparkling glass beads in the trim. Can that be done?

  5. I must prefer this shade of lime on HM to the near neon lime she wore for her 90th birthday celebration. This one is softer, but still carries a punch. Nice floral array on this one today.

  6. I quite like this, the pink and green gives a real pop, and the trim is very restrained from the hand of Angela Kelly. I can’t help but wonder if this coat is an old one; the one worn for the Colombian state visit (and a couple of times since) is identical, in fact it may just be the shade of green that is different (or not, I don’t know!) If so, and it is a new one… again, I’m scratching my head a bit and asking… why?!

      • The lapels are definitely from the same pattern but is the colour and fabric the same? Today’s coat seems a shade darker (wouldn’t photos in bright sunlight make a garment look lighter, not darker?) and is a lighter wool silk while the other coat seems a heavier weight and a softer pile on the fabric.

        One thing we know for certain- the hats are different!

    • JamesB and Matthew, I’m not one to disagree, but I do think this lime green coat today is either new, or altered. Look at the lapels on the previous wearings, and you’ll see quite a difference. Also, the body of the coat today doesn’t seem to crease when HM is seated, as in the previous pictures.
      June 28, 2016
      Embed from Getty Images

      Also, her blouse today seems to be a much closer match than her Columbian blouse below.
      November 1, 2016
      Embed from Getty Images
      All of this detective work aside, I’m with JamesB – WHY? I felt the same way on Tuesday with the yellow, and yesterday with the pink. Granted, they’re ALL absolutely wonderful ensembles, and Queen Elizabeth has consistently looked heads above the rest, but she’s singing the same old song, and I’d like to hear a different refrain once in a while. Maybe she’s taken her mother’s attitude, and wants every color of the rainbow in limited designs. So far, my favorite day for HM was Wednesday, mainly because her outfit seemed fresh, different, and inspired. I’m crossing my fingers for purple or lavender tomorrow.

      • Gee your tough. In the past week this 92 year old woman has just worn four completely new outfits in different colours all with slight variations in style of coat and possibly dress and with different jewels. These are just her public outings. All the indications are that she changes several times a day and has a substantial and varied wardrobe for her less public engagements. I have no issues with her coat, dress and hat uniform for this event which I find attractive, practical and well executed. I am glad she isn’t a king or all we would have to discuss is different colour ties and button holes and possibly glen plaid pants. All this “fresh” from my computer in my 10 year old dressing gown with my morning coffee in hand and laughing out loud.

    • I too wonder whether this is the Colombian coat. What strikes me as odd is that in the old photo and in today’s photo the top of the dress appears to match the coat material; the bottom of the dress is different. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t tend to wear outfits with different material in the top and bottom of a dress. I don’t understand this extra piece of solid green underneath the coat, but since the two coats are so similar anyway, it seems especially odd for this extra material feature to have been included in two otherwise virtually identical coats. Maybe today’s skirt was embroidered and left with a plain top, nan maybe that happened with the Colombian outfit too, but what a coincidence! The Colombian coat, incidentally, was worn with the D-day dress on another occasion,.

      Embed from Getty Images

      The only thing that makes me wonder whether the coats are different is the Jimbo’s comment about the creasing/wrinkling of the Colombian coat. I don’t believe one can tell anything about colors in photos since so much manipulation, either intentional or accidental, can occur.

      The Colombian coat, incidentally, was worn with the D-day dress on another occasion,.

      In any case, today’s is the most successful iteration of the (?) coat, and I like today’s hat and dress.

  7. The glass beads are a very nice addition to the flowers, and I must say that I agree with Glitter Girl in preferring this softer shade of green to the one in the 90th birthday post. HM has not been known to wear skirts and blouses at official appearances, and seems unlikely to start now, so I’m inclined to go along with the solid dress decorated only on the bottom theory. Hopefully at some point, the dress underneath will appear at some indoor occasion and we’ll get a chance to see the full effect!

  8. I wonder if this dress is embroidered on the bottom with those vibrant pink flowers, and the top is plain green, which could account for the “blouse and skirt look” which is something Her Majesty only seems to wear on her off duty days. This green seems less jarring to me than the 90th birthday colour. And I love the glass beads interspersed with the silk flowers. She looks so happy and relaxed and The Earl of Snowdon looks very handsome too.

  9. HM doesn’t disappoint! She looks lovely in this shade of green. The color is relieved by the pretty pink flowers on her hat. I noticed peeking out from the top of the coat is a solid color while on the bottom is a print. Would the Queen be wearing a blouse and skirt?

    The Earl of Snowdon looks quite handsome and I must say it is a great looking hat!

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