Ascot Day 4: Wrap Up

Today’s royal carriage procession brought some wonderful hats. The Queen’s carriage was rounded out with John Warren and Peter Troughton, both who wore black silk top hats.

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John Warren’s wife, Lady Carolyn Warren, was in the third carriage in a wide brimmed Philip Treacy hat with gently sideswet brim and angular crown, trimmed with a pleated hatband, feathers and a large cream silk rose.
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Lady Carolyn was accompanied by William Wyatt, his wife and Lieutenant Colonel Charles Richards. Mrs. Wyatt wore a pink straw upswept saucer hat with pretty silk rose and cut feather trim. The men wore black top hats.
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The second carriage carried Sir Nicholas and Lady Bacon and Edward and Sophie Tollmache (Edward is a godchild of the Prince of Wales). Lady Bacon wore a wonderful oversize grey silk covered pillbox, trimmed with a large white and aqua ombre ostrich feather pompom at the back. Sophie Tollmache topped her floral dress with a cream straw beret based percher hat with twisted bow
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The final carriage included Nicholas Henderson (former British Ambassador and current chairman of the Prince’s Council of the Duchy of Cornwall) with his wife Mary and Lieutenant Colonel James Gaselee (Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regimen) with his wife. Mrs. Gaselee wore a pink brimmed hat with flat crown, sideswept brim, pleated hatband and trimmings that included feathers, silk organza and looping bow tails. Mary Henderson wore a lovely blue straw saucer with a flat abacca silk looped bow and a cream rose.
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Lady Alice Manners was at the races again today in an exquisitely trimmed black silk calot heapiece with lace, beads and  silk roses (with beaded centers!) by Laura Cathcart.

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UPDATE: Thanks to reader Grazia who tweeted this photo of Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones, also at the races today. She looks to be wearing a black textured beret based percher very similar to this Stephen Jones design owned by Princess Eugenie.

And finally, a lot of brightly hued designs caught my eye races today:
Nicki Chapman in an orchid purple straw saucer with flowers and pleated crin. So pretty!
Jaw dropping scale and sweep on Belinda Strudwick’s oversize saucer (see front view here)
Beautiful shape on this bright pink brimmed hat from Irish brand Millinery By Mairéad
Nazer Bullen in William Chambers’ ice blue ostrich feather extraveganza
Rachel Trevor Morgan in a beautiful green saucer with clients in stunning pink and black hats
ITV’s Charlotte Hawkings in a gold button Layla Leigh Millinery percher with garnet floral trimCamila Carril’s classic blush pink straw picture hat with the loveliest curved brim
Tatiana Korsakova in a black button percher with bright yellow oversize flower and feathers
Clare Balding in a bright blue Rachel Trevor Morgan sidesweep with feathers & fuchsia edged loops
Michelle Dockery in a stunning raspberry flower trimmed Philip Treacy hat (gorgeous with her green dress)
This unnamed racegoer in a vibrant orange silk bandeau with floral trim from John Boyd
This sweet pair of racegoers in matching white, lime and navy dresses and adorable hats
And my favourite of the day, ITV’s Francesca Cumani in this beautifully embellished pink Jane Taylor saucer hat
I sign off with this amazing hat, trimmed by the wearer with a horse made out of a 1950’s vintage molecule chemistry set! This is creativity on a whole new level. 

18 thoughts on “Ascot Day 4: Wrap Up

  1. Lady Carolyn Warren looks great in this Treacy hat, but I prefer it with the outfit she wore at Epsom; it’s interesting that she seems to have so few hats considering how much horse racing is a part of her life. Mrs. Wyatt’s pink saucer hat is a delight!

    I think Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones’ hat is actually one she borrowed from her mother; it looks like this one Serena wore to the Duke of Marlborough’s funeral:

    Rachel Trevor Morgan’s green saucer hat was one of my favorites of the whole week. She looked absolutely amazing! Michelle Dockery also looked stunning in her great hat and ensemble.

  2. Of HQ’ s non-royal picks, I love:
    Belinda Strudwick’s red saucer, Michelle Dockery’s Treacy, Tatian Korsakova’s yellow flower, and finally Petersham’s 3-D molecule model hat, with its fabulous midcentury modernist aesthetic.

  3. First glance the pictures, I thought Mrs Wyatt was the Duchess of Cambridge. I really like her hat. I also like QEII’s hat. I haven’t managed to guess HM’s colors all week.

  4. Those are some seriously chic hats in the carriages. And Lady Alice’s look is brilliant; that style of calot is not what I would expect to see with such a dress but it is absolutely perfect for her.
    I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to view all the linked hats, thanks for all the riches you keep sending our way HQ.

  5. Also fabulous
    Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

  6. I loved
    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Yes (they would have been covered here had they attended another day). I highly doubt they will return for Day 5 tomorrow. The Queen is the only royal who consistently attends all 5 days of racing.

  7. James Gaselee’s sister Sarah was a bridesmaid to the Princess of Wales in 1981. It’s a small royal world.

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