Ascot Day 5: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth attended the fifth and final day of Royal Ascot today in her fifth new hat, one I think might be the most interesting and unique design we’ve seen on her in a long time. Made of gray, white and green snakeskin printed straw, the design follows simple lines with a flat brim and upturned kettle brim that raises diagonally to form a short upsweep on one side. The hat is trimmed with a pouf of green and white ombre feathers tucked behind the front right side of the upturned brim.

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I broke out in a great smile when I saw this hat, simply because it’s different than what we usually see on the Queen. I can’t think offhand of another printed straw hat in her wardrobe and its uniqueness is supported by its attractiveness. Is it the most exciting shape? No. Does it coordinate well with her bubble printed suit? I’m not convinced the slightly different shades of green on both pieces work together. But do I love the hat amidst these issues? YES! It’s such a departure for Her Majesty, I can’t help but embrace it.

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Designer: yet unconfirmed
Previously Worn: This hat is new
The Queen was accompanied again today by the Duke of York in his black silk top hat.
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I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this new hat!
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28 thoughts on “Ascot Day 5: Queen Elizabeth

  1. LOVE the Queen’s outfit—head to toe fun! I’m happy to see her in a shorter jacket. It’s very slimming and youthful looking on her, don’t you think? This is my favorite outfit of hers this week. Well done.

  2. this is a great outfit for Her Majesty and makes her look even younger. Love the hat, suit, maple leaf brooch and everything else. She continues to surprise me – and I sincerely believe this world is a better place because of her.

  3. Only for Ascot, and only on HM, would this hat and this outfit work together! It’s a lot of pattern, but I’m so grateful it’s not matching! My favorite part about this is that the hat and the outfit could be mixed and matched with HM’s other pale aqua/mint green hats and outfits. It’s also nice to see HM out in a shorter jacket and (presumably) skirt instead of the long coats she usually wears. What a treat for the fifth day, which always makes me a little sad with the lower number of royal hats to admire, signaling the end of Hat Christmas.

  4. Yes this is a great hat! From the photos I actually thought it matches quite nicely in colors! I love the Queen’s outfit as well. I haven’t seen this suit before and I love that it is a print!!

  5. In the category: Which came first, the chicken or the egg (well recast it slightly for our purposes….) Which came first the suit or the hat?
    HM wore this outfit at the CHOGM in London, sans hat. Generally when she wears a suit, it is at an informal late afternoon or evening occasion which doesn’t include a hat. In other instances (see State Visit to France) a suit is worn with a very clearly matching hat.
    So, what have we here?…..a hat that was designed with the suit but not worn until today? or perhaps designed after the fact to be worn with this specific suit? Or most intriguing, an orphan hat that has been waiting around for a serendipitous or fortuitous pairing — and that happened on the final day of Ascot?

    In all honesty, who cares! It’s a great hat, and great look, and most wonderful of all — a different look for HM, and something different (and also good) doesn’t happen all that often these days.

    It was a great way to finish up a wonderful Ascot week, not just for HM and guests, but those of us watching from afar
    (or not so afar — thank you Chicago Chuck for your contributions to the week!)
    HatQueen you have done yourself proud yet again– with, if it may be said as a long time reader of your blog, your best Ascot coverage to date!!
    Bless your well hatted little heart for everything you do for us here. It is always much more appreciated than can be conveyed, and we cannot say it too often.

    • Well said, mrfitzroyobe!
      Yes, this a very exciting look for all the reasons mentioned by viewers and HQ. Even the most perfectly lovely signature style deserves an occasional shake-up. Such daring pattern-mixing! no matter if it the colours are a bit off, it’s still thrilling to see. Like others, I can’t wait for this hat to be worn again.

    • Mrfitzroyobe, I agree with Mcncln – very eloquently stated are your words of thanks to HatQueen! I love your three theories on HM’s ensemble, and like you said, who cares? Maybe it was created for a trip to the zoo, but not used for fear that the royal hat would be too camouflaged! The bottom line is that we were treated to something very special indeed yesterday! Can you imagine the queen’s hat closet? Now a new shelf labeled “snake skin” is being installed!

      • HatQueen, I wanted to add that as with the recent royal wedding, the way in which you organized the photos and descriptions by family with extra posts for the nobility and notable attendees, capped by the Index, was superb!

  6. What a lovely surprise! And snakeskin at that! Wow QEII, what have you got up your sleeve next? I really like it for it’s differentness. I hope we see it again soon, like Holyrood Week or whatever that week in Scotland is called at the first of July.

  7. I love this hat! A beautiful, flattering shape on HM, one I greatly prefer to the usual “Mad Hatter” shape. The printed reptile straw creates a lovely shadow effect, and the feathers are soft and feminine. This blue green is a perfect color in HM, and I’m happy to see a change from the printed dress, solid coat uniform.

  8. I have to love this because HM is still surprising us! I hope we see this again with a solid color coat just to see if it looks different. I didn’t care for Sophie’s ostrich feathers and I said recently I was tired of Camilla’s, but these soft green feathers are making me smile. It’s HM’s particular brand of magic 😀 I am very curious now about how straw is printed, all kinds of possibilities open up!

  9. HatQueen, after this, you will be entitled to a well-deserved rest! THANK YOU so much for bringing us such delightful hat coverage and analysis throughout this entire week!

    And Chicago Chuck, we also thank you for your insightful comments, explanations, and analysis — it made it even more as if we were there ourselves seeing it from the inside.

    Three cheers for both of you!

  10. WOWZA, what a fantastic departure from the usual! Just like last year’s final Ascot day when HM wore the bright magenta hat, (which was recently worn) she saved the best for last! HQ, you should take a well deserved break this coming week! Thanks so much for your great work this week.

  11. I read somewhere that the hat was an Angela Kelly but if it is – it’s an interesting one ! I do like it but I’m not sure if the colour palette is the same as her suit – could be my screen ! I really thought my eyes were deceiving me this morning HQ I couldn’t find the poll – it’s OK – I blamed it on my age !😉

  12. I like the suit look, wonder why she doesn’t opt for that more often, I think it’s a bit more up to date, but then she does not need to be up to date at all

  13. I’m damn thankful we didn’t bet today! Wow! The bookies were either loving or hating this (see HQ’s comment about pay outs).
    Just landed back in Chicago. What a great time we had!

    • I’m glad you had a good time Chicago Chuck … you’ll probably want to sleep the clock around a few times for the jetlag 😊 A friend also spent the week at Ascot but is stopping off in France for a Rolling Stones concert!!! (no hats involved!) Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to join in your fun !

      • Yep, definitely a bit tired. The warm hello from our dog helps. Put clean sheets on the bed, showered and now pizza. All the gorgeous hats made me tired!

  14. When you are ninety two years old, and a Queen, you can wear a reptile print hat with giant pouffes on it with anything you like! I think it is safe to say no one predicted a green straw snakeskin hat. I can imagine Her Majesty laughing and saying “I’ll fix those people placing bets on what colour of hat I will wear!”

    • I hope that’s exactly what the Queen thought this morning!

      I realized this morning that I had forgot to include a poll to guess her hat colour today- I wonder if the bookies had to pay out for green, silver/grey and white?!

  15. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been meaning about too many near replicas of precious outfits, and then out comes this! While the shapes are familiar, the patterns and colours are not! I like the combo of bubbly pattern and the animal print, it’s certainly a bold one. My favourite look of hers of the week, I hope we see this again!

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