Ascot Day 5: Peter & Autumn Phillips

Peter and Autumn Phillips attended the final day of racing today as well. Autumn stood out in the crowd in a bright pink dress and hat. With a teardrop shaped straw base, the design features a circular straw ruffle centered with a silk flower. A curling ostrich quill completes the design.

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The first time we saw Autumn in this hat, it was worn with a green dress- a combination met with widespread approval. Today’s pairing with this pink frock ups the graphic impact of the ensemble- perhaps not something to do at the all-family royal events Autumn usually attends but that works really well for Ascot. Combining a bright hat and dress can be tricky but this ensemble is beautifully balanced with a neutral purse and shoes and minimal jewelry, which allows the hat’s statement to stand. I think it’s a great look for her.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Rose Quill Percher from SS 2017
Previously Worn: June 17, 2017
Peter Phillips wore a black top hat that looks to be made of felt.

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Thoughts about these hats on the final day of racing today?
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12 thoughts on “Ascot Day 5: Peter & Autumn Phillips

  1. Autumn looks lovely. I really like the monochromatic look of pink on her. I agree I wish she would wear her hair differently, a low bun or a more tidy ponytail. Do we see the headband of the hat? But these are quibbles…she looks great and like she is having a wonderful time.

    Is there any particular reason why the attendance of royals gets less as the days go by?

  2. Also another delightful treat to have for the final day of Ascot! While I adored the pairing of this hat with the jungle/jade green dress last time, I also love it with this color as well! And it certainly looks to be the same design of dress, but when it looks so good, who cares?! I will say I liked the Trooping placement just a little better, but that is my only very minor, tiny complaint (which I don’t know how much of a complaint it really is haha).

    Peter’s top hat does look to be of felt instead of silk, and I bet it’s beaver felt.

  3. I love that colour on Autumn – it’s so pretty with her blond hair ! I think her and Peter were laughing when the carriage rode by because the Queen was laughing ! I imagined them to have their own side bet with her ! 😉

  4. Love the hat and the all-pink look as well as how much she seems to be enjoying herself. Am I imagining it, but is this pink dress basically the same dress in a different color as the green one worn with this hat last year? (After yesterday’s debate over HM’s green coat, I almost hesitate to suggest such a thing!)

    • Matthew, the chance to debate minutiae is one of the things I love about this blog :)! So I’ll dive right in, and declare that I tend to agree with you about the same dress/different colours – based on closups of the bodice darts and skirt seams, which appear to be in exactly the same places in both dresses, suggesting they are both constructed the same way. I guess Autumn really liked the style. The dress is a simple workaday basic, but it matches perfectly with the hat, and overall punches well above its weight, strongly magnifying the hat’s impact. It’s a great look which I feel only needed more hairspray in order to look totally polished.

  5. I love the hat , one of my favourites of the week , it suits her so well. I only wish she had put her hair up in a simple low bun , I don’t Ike the pony tail

    • Yes, I agree. The pony tail doesn’t look as polished. Otherwise, I think that Autumn is fairly consistent with her overall look–fantastic!

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