Princess Benedikte Celebrates Bridge

Last Saturday, Princess Benedikte attended festivities in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Egernsund Bridge. It was a full-circle moment for the princess, who originally opened the bridge between Egernsund and Gråsten in 1968 which replaced Denmark’s last chain ferry

For this event, Princess Benedikte  repeated her recently debuted oyster straw beret with twisted ruffle detail. This photos give a better view of the hat than we’ve yet seen- it’s certainly a neutral design but not a boring one, thanks to that twisted embellishment. Paired here with a white suit, the hat makes for an understated and elegant ensemble.

Designer: Mathilde Thoe Førster
Previously Worn: May 5, 2018
Now that we’ve had a better look at this hat, what do you think of it?
Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Princess Benedikte Celebrates Bridge

  1. I’m still not a fan of this hat. I think it’s awkwardly sized, especially with Benedikte’s hairstyle; it’s just a little small to be a hat that fully covers her head, but not small enough that it works well as a cocktail percher. Also, the is just too washed out.

  2. It’s a pretty, elegant hat with a nice sheen that goes very well with her hair colour. But not so well IMO with the business-like white dress and blazer suit (interestingly, Queen Sonja wore a very similar outfit on May 26 2018. But then, Sonja has always been a fan of all-white outfits). I wish white fitted business blazers didn’t make me think “nineteen eighties”, or suggest that the wearer is an uncloistered nun/ or works in a Biological Hazard establishment. But since the Princess must like this suit, I’d love to see it worn with less dull accessories — say, shiny silver or gold jewellery, or accessories that pick up the hat colour – or better still, with bright pink nails, shoes and lipstick.

  3. You’ll enjoy this video from May 5, 2018, when the three sisters visited Kolding. Especially watch from 10:20 to 12:10.

    • I enjoyed seeing the video and seeing the hat from different angles. It is definitely not a stunning hat, but a good working hat. I liked it with the first outfit better since it matched the jacket she wore. I didn’t think it had enough contrast to the white suit worn today. I also like the basket weave detail in the back of Queen Anne Marie’s hat.

    • Wow, great video, and thanks for sharing Jimbo! I love Anne-Marie’s hat even more now that I see the interesting weaving in the crown. Also nice to see Countess Sussie (in a lovely fuchsia pillbox) and Count Ingolf were also in attendance, something I don’t think was obvious when the event was covered previously.

  4. I agree that we still do not have the complete picture of the hat, but I love the combination of the hat with her white dress and jacket and pearls. Such an elegant princess, she always reminds me of princess Alexandra of Kent.

  5. I confess I don’t care for this hat. The color is fairly dull and blendy with her hair, and the shape doesn’t wow me. Princess Benedikte looks lovely though.

    • If you watch the video part that Jimbo recommended you will be able to see the back and left side of the hat. Just fast forward and it’s lovely an interesting embellishments.

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