Princess Royal Celebrates Regimental Anniversary

The Princess Royal braved hot temperatures on Monday at St. Omer Barracks in Aldershot at the weekend to take part in the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment.

As guest of honor at the day’s celebration, which included the Kasam Khane ceremony (when Gurkha soldiers swear their allegiance at the start of their service with the regiment) and parade,  Princess Anne repeated a hat we’ve just seen once before. The cream straw design features a diagonal crown wrap that gives the slightly domed crown the appearance of an  indented, pork pie shape and a moderate width brim with lovely side sweep. The hat is trimmed with stacked wheat coloured straw and silk hatbands and a variety of different cream feathers that balance out the lower side of the brim. While the hat’s pairing with Anne’s silk dress is a bit too literal for my taste, a raw silk dress was a great choice to combat the day’s soaring temperatures (do these people ever sweat?!). Royal hat closets all need pieces in neutral colours- this one is such a great scale and shape on Princess Anne that it gets a solid thumbs up.
Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 26, 2017 


Photos from social media as indicated and The British Army

5 thoughts on “Princess Royal Celebrates Regimental Anniversary

  1. This is a wonderful hat — happy for that great close-up in the 3rd photo. Though it did look interesting with the previous green outfit, I like it much more this time — despite the overall scheme being neutrals, there are so many different shades of neutral. Plus, on a hot summer day, a pale neutral color just seems psychologically cooler, even if the fabric may not actually be lighter weight. And Princess Anne does really seem to be enjoying herself at this event!

  2. What a lovely hat. I love the contrasting colors in neutral, and the shape which is so flattering on her. I like the neckline of her dress, but don’t particularly care for the plaid.

  3. This is actually quite a complicated hat with a lot going on, so I think the fact that it is in a neutral palette saves it from looking overly busy. I like it.

  4. Princess Anne always looks great on miIlitary occasions, whether wearing a uniform herself or not. Interesting to see how happy and relaxed she seems. I wonder what the hat would have looked like if it had been tilted just a tiny little bit more.

  5. For a neutral colored hat this is a really nice one, especially for Anne, but I do prefer it with the emerald green outfit she wore for this hat’s premiere.

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