Queen Hosts Holyrood Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth hosted a garden party yesterday in the grounds of the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. For this annual event during her week-long residency each July, she wore a new hat in vibrant pink.

The design follows a familiar Angela Kelly shape with square angled straw crown and wide straw brim with upturned kettle edge – this iteration’s brim edge is wrapped in silk crepe, giving us a strong hint that this ensemble has a matching coat in this same fabric. The hat is trimmed in two rows of rope made from the same silk crepe fabric, placed just above the base of the crown that finish in a figure eight bow, anchored by a pink jeweled button. A final swath of pink ostrich feathers, placed around the bow, complete the design.

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It’s a rare day that we see a new hat make its first appearance, paired with only its matching dress without coat. The two pieces pair well together, the cream background of the silk dress providing some calming contrast to the bright hat. Its nice to see a wider than usual brim on Her Majesty and I’m so glad that the silk crepe was used only on the brim’s edge, leaving light to pass through the main part of the brim, bathing her face in a lovely pink glow. I’m just not sure about the ostrich feather trim- we’ll have to wait to see this hat indoors to see if its haphazard look today was the result of a breeze or placement too far around the front of the hat.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Queen was joined by her two younger sons, the Duke of York and Earl of Wessex, both who wore their black silk top hats.

I’ll admit- I didn’t expect to see a new at at this event yesterday. What do you think of it?
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17 thoughts on “Queen Hosts Holyrood Garden Party

  1. How delightfully British: it’s warm enough that HM doesn’t need the hat-matching coat, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to step out in the garden without an umbrella. I love it.

  2. I like this hat on HM. However, the feathers need to be more to the side of the hat. As it is now, it reminds me of the hat worn for Order of the Garder.

  3. The pink color is beautiful on Her Majesty and I too like the fact that you get a gentle glow on her face. Love the ostrich feather and the new shaped brim. I like the coordinating ensemble including the pink umbrella which I find is a lovely touch. The men’s toppers look good and the feathers in the soldiers bonnets are terrific!

  4. I love the color and shape. I don’t care for the feather. I love seeing it without the coat. HM has such lovely floral dresses, it’s wonderful to see them with the hats.

  5. This will never be my favorite hat for HM, but I do like that it is something different. The ostrich feathers give it an Edwardian feel without being overwhelming or costumey, and I like the whimsy of it for a garden party. I’m also glad this hat is mostly straw, and that the fabric was only used on the brim edge and with the hat band/trim. The color is delightful, and does pair well with the dress. Overall I call this a win!

    And as Wies said, those are some fantastic feathers in the man’s cap!

  6. Wonderful bright happy outfit. Adore the colour. I do not really like the feather trim…seems out of season for summer.
    Overall, so nice to see the Queen in an outfit like this.

  7. I love the dress on The Queen but I am not sure about the hat. Something about the overall scale and the strong colour seem to overwhelm her.
    I love the gentleman in the bonnet with those HUGE jaunty feathers
    I the last photograph of the ladies in the back ground (Ladies-in-waiting?) seems to have a shoe missing. I’m sure it is some sort of optical illusion but it does look odd!

  8. Lovely! what a sweet look…I adore this hat worn with the strong, modern, well-spaced pattern on the dress – if only we could see such pairings more often! the hat’s candy pink is an absolute delight, as are those soft and froofy ostrich feathers with their exuberant curls. I love that AK seems to have factored in some brim asymmetry as mattmee5123 says, as well as (I think) raising the front of the brim upwards in a gentle face-framing curve, instead of leaving the brim in the same flat plane all the way around, as she has done for the similar hats in the inventory HQ has linked. The greater brim width is very summery; and I’m relieved not to see another tall crown.

    • Good call, everyone- the slight variation on this brim’s edge is almost a millinery evolution of this Angela Kelly shape. One of the reasons I collect these ‘core’ shapes is to show the subtle changes between them- its an interesting progression to watch.

  9. I actually like the feather, I’m all for a bit of exuberance now and then! And I’m not sure ostrich feathers can ever look entirely “polished” as it were, they by their very nature have a certain imprecision that can’t be tamed. Rather their attraction is in their larger-than-life effect.

    However, I think the brim of this hat is too solid-looking somehow, in proportions, not materials. I think I can see the slight asymmetry that Mettmee refers to, but to me, it’s not asymmetrical enough. I’d like it better if either the shape or the angle of the brim varied more.

    And what a vibrant colour! It’s great paired with the dress.

  10. Maybe we should best enjoy this hat while it is out in combination with HM’s flowered dress only. When it is going to be worn whith its matching coat, there will be a lot of strong pink. 🤔
    The Scottish military gentleman that is accompanying the Queen has terrific feathers on his cap !

  11. wonderful article !
    I wonder if it’s not a slightly different shape to any Angela Kelly hat we’ve seen before, its not quite a kettle edged hat as I know it, the left hand side of the brim (our left) is smaller and it increases in size as it moves round < don't know if that made sense. You can't see that in the above photos so its probably best to look it up as my description wasn't the best !!

  12. Hmm I’m not a huge fan of how haphazard this. I like the idea, the colour and the shape but that feather needs taming a bit; we’re used to HM looking a bit more polished.

  13. good detail spotted that the pink leave a lovely glow on her face, the ostrich feather is a bit distracting

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