Queen Presents New Standard to Royal Scots

Queen Elizabeth visited Leuchars Station in Fife, Scotland, yesterday, to present a a new standard to the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers and Greys) .

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For this visit, the Queen, who is Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment, repeated her pale grey-blue straw hat with domed crown and sideswept brim, trimmmed with handmade silk flowers, silk loops and a wide silk hatband.

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I’ve already complimented the scale and shape of this hat numerous times- what struck me on this outing was its wonderful mix of textures. The silk hatband and loops give some lovely sheen against the matte straw and link so beautifully with the buttons on Her Majesty’s coat. Completely monachrome hats are often boring but it’s the mix of textures on this one that keep it balanced and interesting.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: Feb 20, 2018June 4, 2015;  June 17, 2014; April 20, 2014
The Duke of Kent, who spent his 20+ military career in the Royal Scots Greys, also took part in the engagement, dressed in the uniform and cap of his final ranking of Field Marshal. The yellow chevron design on this hat makes it certainly stand out.
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It never fails me to be awed by how the Queen’s choice of coat and hat – in a rather nondescript colour on this occasion – are clearly chosen to stand out in a sea of military uniforms.  That’s coordination. What do you think about her hat yesterday?

11 thoughts on “Queen Presents New Standard to Royal Scots

    • HQ, thanks for including this beautiful picture of HM, sans coat!! So special! I could have sworn I had seen a nice picture of her dress from somewhere in the past, a private audience perhaps, but I could not locate it.

    • Yes, thank you for this photo! This confirms for me that this hat works just as well with or without the coat. Some of HM’s hats look good with the coat, but look awkward when paired with just the dress, but not this one. This demonstrates true craftsmanship and what a great collaborative team RTM and Stewart Parvin are!

  1. Just look at her smiling face … she knows she looks good ! I absolutely love this hat and the coordinating coat … she looks lovely ! 😊 I could look at this over and over again – everything about the outfit really looks like ‘a Queen’ to me !!

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