Hat From the Past

Royal Hats one hundred years to a silver anniversary celebration and two lovely summer hats. On July 6, 1918, the future King George V and Queen Mary celebrated 25 years of marriage with four of their six children (the Prince of Wales and Prince John are not pictured). While the men’s military uniforms show the country was still in the throes of WWI and Queen Mary’s voluminous feathered toque looks plucked straight from a Victorian fashion catalogue, the future Countess of Harewood’s flower trimmed boater looks modern, fresh, and rather hopeful.

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6 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. Please enjoy an excellent, high-quality video of the occasion. Isn’t it amazing how well the film has held up, being 100 years old?!?!

      • MM, thanks for pointing out the footman’s breeches. I noticed 2 other things: 1. How he took his 🎩 off and hung it on a hook. 2. I have an English footman’s step stool dated 1800, (a perfect item for a potted plant today, shiny brass on a black metal frame) which I had hoped he would have had, instead of the collapsible steps of 1918!

  2. Fascinating! Not only the hats but also the dresses clearly show the changing fashions: Queen Mary’s is still the pre war hour glass silhouette, her daughter wears a highwaisted dress with flat bossom, complete with a sash embellished with a Poiret rose, that announces the flapper-to-come. The curvey, baroque lines of the 19th century against the streamlined ones of the 20th. The times, they were-a-changing!

    • Wonderful analysis, Wies Mauduit. I’ve never seen the fashions of this era as transitional, but I see your point. The ladies must have been happy to avoid the bulk of those Victorian ensembles.

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