Christening of Prince Louis

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their son, Prince Louis, to the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace today to be christened in a private ceremony led by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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For this event, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a  bandeau headpiece in textured vanilla straw, trimmed with silk flowers, leaves and tufts of net tulle veil.
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The bandeau style is a departure for Kate and it’s great to see her continuing her recent streak of experimenting with different hat shapes. The trim on this piece is exquisite and the textured, nubbly straw gives great dimension and creates the illusion that it is studded in pearls.
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My only design qualm is the height-  I’m not sure that this raised bandeau shape (reminiscent of a traditional Russian Kokoshnik headpiece) is the most flattering on oval shaped faces and suspect a flatter design would have worked better for Kate. This issue aside, a bandeau is a great option for events in hot weather and this one balances well with the open neck and puffed sleeves on Kate’s dress. It’s a good take on the all-cream uniform she has worn for each of her children’s christenings and I really like how she has adapted this dress code with different pieces at each one (see her ensemble at Prince George’s christening here and Princess Charlotte’s here).

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Designer: Jane Taylor. It’s a custom version of the “Cassandra” headpiece from SS 2018. Dress by Alexander McQueen

Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Charlotte wore a blue headband trimmed with a bow, sweetly matched with her Mary Janes.

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The Duchess of Cornwall topped her cream silk dress with straw hat with wide, sidesweeping kettle brim. The hat, made of ecru textured straw, is simply trimmed with a slim straw hatband tied with a side bow, visible only from side view. The gentle curves on the upturned brim are really lovely on Camilla and I really like how the textured straw on the hat, patterned purse and two-toned shoes brought some warmth and dimension to her

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Dress by Fiona Clare.

Previously Worn: November 9, 2012

The Duchess of Sussex wore a new hat in olive green crinoline capeline overlaid with net veil in the same colour. The hat’s shape follows a shallow crown and wide brim with upsweep on one side. The hat is simply trimmed with a large bow in translucent olive green crin on the lower side of the brim.

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Olive green is an not a colour we see on very many royal hats- it’s fantastic on Meghan’s colouring and makes a great, semi-neutral compliment to the cream and pale blues worn by other family members. The shape of this piece works so well with the boat neckline of the accompanying dress and the  layered use of crin and veil gives the great lightness and a subtle textural pattern that contrasts against the dress, coordinating with it while still making its own statement. I think it’s an outstanding look for the Duchess that keeps with her signature streamlined style while still being incredibly interesting.

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Designer: Stephen Jones. Dress by Ralph Lauren
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Carole Middleton topped her Suzannah pale aqua dress with a matching Juliette Botterill designed saucer hat in pinokpok with knotted bow detail and crescent feather trim. Pippa Middleton Matthews wore a Jane Taylor designed blue straw saucer with raised back, trimmed with blue silk abaca twists, feathers and net veil.

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Thoughts about the royal hats seen at Prince Louis’ christening today?

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19 thoughts on “Christening of Prince Louis

  1. I think all of these hats are winners today. Camilla’s and Carole’s seem to fit what we have seen on them before. Pippa’s hat seemed a bit too small to me but it is cute and was a good choice for her dress. I love that Meghan chose to wear olive green since it is not a color we usually see and as you say it goes well with her coloring. It is also a style that is a win for her. Kate’s hat was a complete surprise. I really like it especially with her hair. My only quibble would be that the flowers on the side seemed a bit too large. All in all a great hat event!

  2. Kate’s bandeau hat is beautiful, but it does strike me as stiffly ornate, in a 1930’s way (it’s the kokoshnik vibe) and it reminds me very much of the halo hat worn by Wallis Simpson at her wedding to the Duke of Windsor. I do think the dress’s 1940s puffed shoulder, the v-neckline, and the 1950’s cluster earrings, are tending to reinforce the old-fashioned feel – modern plain earrings, and a plain open oval neckline, would provide a fresher, more modern-feeling backdrop for this hat.
    Meghan’s hat is just fabulous. I love the transparent big bow, and the diamond lattice pattern that can be seen in some photos. This is a hat style I would LOVE to wear, likewise the entire plain, simple and easy outfit, which looks as fresh as tomorrow (and including leather gloves, no less :)– Maxima and Mathilde would approve!)
    Camilla, like Meghan in her hat and outfit. is also looking fresh, light, easy and modern. She understands her style so well!

  3. This bandeau hat is a wonderful departure for Kate! I do agree that at times it did seem rather high (I wonder if having her hair down would help balance that out), and I don’t think this is a shape I would want to see her in a lot, but she wore it well, and again, a great deviation from the normal cocktail perchers she favors. The use of sisal with the little twists was probably the most unexpected part of this hat for me (In the past I have sold hats with this kind of styling of the material).

    I’m unfortunately not feeling this hat for Camilla; compared to everyone else’s headwear, this looked much more like a casual, every day hat, and this was an odd choice to repeat for this event. I think the Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service hat, the Melbourne Cup hat, or the wood shaving hat (as I call it) from the Diamon Jubliee river pageant would’ve been better choices (see all of them here:

    Meghan’s was definitely my favorite of the day, partially because it was in green, my favorite color. While it isn’t a departure from her streamlined style, the color was certainly unexpected, but it’s a beautiful shade for her. I hope we get more photos of this hat soon, and that she keeps it for future use!

    Carole and Pippa both looked lovely in their disc percher hats, but the styles were a bit standard for them, especially in such subdued shades of blue.

    It is a bit odd HM was not present, but I read it was a decision made in advance, especially as HM has a busy week ahead of her.

  4. The Duchess of Cambridge’s new bandeau reminds me of the cream ribboned and flowered headpiece that Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore for all 4 of her children’s christenings. I don’t know how to find the pictures but perhaps Jimbo or HatQueen can help? I find the bandeau to be interesting and beautiful and am not disturbed by its height as others are. It would have also been lovely to be extended into a calot/Juliet cap style which Her Majesty frequently in her younger days. The DofC has a look that suits her and even though I would have liked to see more color in today’s hat, I do like this one today. DofS wore a lovely olive green hat that works so well with her Ralph Lauren dress and great shoes once more. Overall a good outing for all the ladies today.

  5. I loooooove Kate’s hat! It’s so fresh looking and something we haven’t seen before (though like MrFitz states, it does have a vintage vibe). I wouldn’t necessarily want to see Kate in this style continuously but I love that she is mixing things up. Camilla is in her wheelhouse and as she’s so good at it, you can’t really complain. At least the shoes and bag give some color and texture interest. I also like Meghan’s hat very much. It suits her. I don’t mind the olive color as it is one she can wear successfully. Not many people can. The lightness of the hat and the light fabric of the dress keeps it from being overly heavy and thus autumnal. Carole and Pippa look lovely, nothing earth shattering but I don’t really expect that from them either. I like the blue for boy theme they have going on.

  6. On the whole I’d generally say why go for a tokenistic bandeau when you can have a proper hat but I surprise myself by liking Kate’s bandeau very much. I think because it’s substantial despite its style, and and also fun, so it suits the occasion very well (as well as beautifully designed, with all the subtleties of texture etc that you mention, HatQueen).

    Camilla’s look is no surprise, but how can one help liking it when she does it so well?

    I like Meghan’s hat very much too, I think the larger brimmed hats she’s so far chosen (is it 3?) have been a really attractive selection. Some people mention the olive green being unsummery, but I think the effect of the whole ensemble is light in weight and suits the time of year fine.

  7. I don’t care for Kate’s headpiece at all. Camilla and Meghan both win for me. I don’t mind the olive green. It’s different and looks good on Meghan. The Middletons look the same as always. I will say I was surprised to see how small Pippa’s hat was. If the link below works and she was indeed picking up her hat, that box looks big enough for one of Camilla’s larger hats. I do realize you don’t want to mush the hat but that box looks enormous.

  8. I do like Duchess of Sussex’s hat a lot. Kate’s hat just seems off to me. Perhaps as you said, it’s too high. I thought from the first photo, it was a pillbox which I would have liked a lot. This one however, is just a miss due to it’s height. The side views of it look most awkward. Not a fan of Carole’s hat. Pippa gets a pass on her hat from me. Cams looks, well, like Cams with her fluffy hat and big cream hat. She wears that look so well.

  9. Well Done Wales family! The Duchess of Cambridge is managing to keep her christening ‘uniform’ fresh with this choice, and it really is a lovely piece. It somehow seems reminiscent of some hats the Queen Mother (and also the present Queen in her youth) wore …if not the actual bandeau construction, still very similar in style and look. Unfortunately, the google image gods are not smiling on MrFitzroy today and examples of the mental images conjured were not appearing in searches.

    The DofS is continuing to stake out her very specific style, and Meghan’s slightly elongated minimalist line not only looks wonderful on her, but really differentiates her from Kate’s established style. Which is quite amazing when one thinks of those years back in the 80’s when Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were often mirror images of each other, and sort of interchangeable at events — as far as their outfits and hats.

    The DofC is doing ‘classic Camilla’ and doing it very well, she looks elegant, tailored, and appropriate. The Middleton’s are, as always, appropriate and well put together.
    MrFitzroy can’t help but think how wonderful Meghan’s mother will look at the christening of the eventual baby Sussex!

  10. I did not expect a hat like this for Kate but I do like it. It’s great that she tried a different style for this christening. It has a medieval vibe that works well with the puffy shoulders on the dress and of course the christening robe as well. And that could quickly turn into costume territory but somehow I don’t mind.

    Camilla and Meghan both went for their signature style and looked great. It’s weird to say the Meghan already has a signature style but it seems she does. I can’t complain though. It’s a style that I like and that suits her.

  11. All hats are lovely. I like Meghan’s look, but olive green seems an odd choice for a christening – and in July, to boot.

  12. Oh dear, I’m afraid that I’m going to be the nattering nabob of negativism: I don’t like Kate’s head covering. It makes her look like an older woman attempting to look youthful.

    Meghan’s hat is gorgeous, but the color of the dress is all wrong for summer. And it has the weird puckers above the waistband.

    Camilla’s hat is perfect, as always. That size and shape really suit her.

    • I don’t think they are puckers so much as the upper parts of darts. I am guessing, and could certainly be wrong, this may actually be a two piece ensemble, the blouse with 2 darts at the bottom tucked into a wide horizontal waist band on which the very narrow belt is centered. I think (as others have mentioned) the lightness of the fabrics of hat and costume keeps the color from looking too autumnal.

  13. So I think I like Kate’s look… she’s opted for a uniform for the children’s christenings which is kind of interesting, but she makes it work. The headband is lovely actually, and I like the variation.

    I love Meghan’s look. The colour is fab; the dress is elegant and the hat is a stunner. Hope we see more wear out of this one.

    Camilla’s simple hat is lovely, that’s such a great shape on her.

  14. At first I thought Kate’s hat was a pillbox and I was thrilled. Then I saw it was a headband, and I was less so. However, it is a really lovely shape- I especially like the nubby texture and floral trim, and I concede that some sort of formal headwear for hot weather might be needed. As long as she doesn’t go to the donut hats I won’t grumble too much, but this style will never be a favorite. However, she looks beautiful and it’s wonderful to see her. The rest of the hats are great and I especially love the DoS- whose look seems very much in keeping with what she’s been wearing lately (nice to see a defined style) while definitely feeling new and interesting. The dress and hat are great, and the color is lovely. Lovely turnout all around.

  15. I didn’t think I liked Kate’s hat at first glance but it has defit grown on me and I like it’s vintage feel. I normally prefer her with an updo but in this case I wonder if it might have looked better with hair down as then the hair on top would have been flatter. It is a tad high. However it’s a new type of look so all good.
    Has Carole previously worn Pippa’s hat ? It looks nice on her anyway. Carole s hat is ok but the trimmings look at bit back-heavy. I like the pale blue scheme of both though. Camilla is doing the Camilla look perfectly as ever, great summer hat.
    Oliver green isn’t one of my favourite colours at all but it’s nice to see Meghan in ANY colour and I really like the style of the hat. She clearly has a preference for making statements with shape and not trim , which is fine as it is her signature style. She looks great. Look forward to the formal pictures , just a shame the Queen won’t be in them

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