Top Royal Hats: May 2018

After an incredibly busy month of royal hat watching (with a few more busy days ahead!), I’m stealing a moment to catch up on some poll results. Here are your choices for favourite new and repeated hats worn during the month of May:

Embed from Getty Images

Countess of Wessex’s lattice brimmed straw saucer hat with twists & coral feathers by Jane Taylor worn May 15

Embed from Getty Images

Lady Sarah Chatto’s textured navy straw mushroom brim hat by Stephen Jones worn May 19

It’s a double British royal win for wide brimmed hats in textural straw!! Jump over the poll for new hats here and the repeated hats here to see the results in greater detail or jump over to the Fan Favourites page for a running tally of your top picks so far this year. Stay tuned later this week when we face off our favourites from Ascot. 
Photos from Getty as indicated

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