This Week’s Extras

Last Sunday, Prince Edward was at Lulworth Castle in Dorset to present the Yeomanry’s South West Regiment with its first guidon. As to be expected, he wore military uniform complete with cap.

The Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg wore a floppy straw sun hat in France last weekend (Cour Grand-Ducale de Luxembourg)

Princess Estelle in an embellished pink headband for her mum’s birthday celebrations today

On Tuesday, Princess Mako visited the Imperial Palace sanctuaries (as preparation for her upcoming trip to Brazil) in a sand coloured bumper hat.

Infanta Elena was in Peru this week to visit educational programs supported by the MAPFRE Foundation she leads. She was photographed on Wednesday in one of her go-to Panama hats (Andina)

Great historical footage from the Danish royal family with one of Queen Margrethe’s late 1970s hats and a young Prince Frederik mopping the deck of the royal yacht Dannebrog in a sailor hat.

Queen Mathilde repeated her black calot hat with textured overlay and side bow today in London at the annual Belgian Remembrance Parade at Horse Guards

The Duchess of Sussex attended the women’s tennis final today at Wimbledon in a chic, wide brimmed white straw fedora with black hatband  from French millinery brand Maison Michel- the Virginie design.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Wonderful art print by Adrian Valencia of the Duchess of Cambridge in some of her hats. Such fun!

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Beautiful shades of blue in this feather trimmed saucer hat from London based Bundle McLaren
Wonderful textured vintage straw on the extended brim & hatband on this Monika Neuhauser design
Sorbet hues and candy floss crin & veil trim on this bergere from Scottish milliner Lizzie McQuade
Chic and effortless straw panama hat with statement striped ribbon hatband from California milliner Jill Courtemanche
Such a bold statement in this black & white mushroom brim design from Murley & Co. Millinery in Australia
Love the different textures of straw in this double brimmed picture hat from Australian milliner Louise MacDonald
And this fabulous wide brimmed summer hat in bright raspberry from British label Atelier Millinery. Delicious!


 Royal Hats

Great article by the Duchess of York about the 25th anniversary of her charity, Children in Crisis and its recent merger with Street Child (Evening Standard)

Sweet snap of Princess Madeline and Princess Adrienne at 4 months old

And finally, the Dutch royal family at their annual summer photocall. The ‘A’ team of Dutch princesses suddenly look very mature.

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Mako does the sweetest little head bow to the cameraperson shooting the video — 0:44 to 1:00 –so gracious! I wonder if the rest of the Imperial Family do this too.
    Queen Mathilde has lately given us a run of contrasting, mid-to-dark-coloured small hats and matching accessories paired with a lighter-coloured dress. I’m not convinced by this styling strategy, particularly in today’s case, where the inclusion of many small contrasting accessories encircling an already dramatic dress has resulted in a helluvalotta focal points. (Another shot of Mathilde indoors, without the gloves [or hat, apparently], shows a much less busy look.) Following Camilla’s lead with her recent black-on-white Garter Day outfit, I’d substitute gloves and clutch in a neutral nude or metallic, and carry the focus upward with a more visible hat — a large plain black, or plain white with a small black accent.
    HQ, my fave of the lovely hats you picked is the black-and- white of Murley and Co.

  2. Wonderful poster of the Duchess of Cambridge in her many hats! This demonstrates more variety than we give her credit for.

    Love the use of texture in the two natural straw hats.

    I wonder whether Catherine Amalia raided her mom’s closet for that dress?

  3. Queen Mathilde’s hat looks a bit too small maybe enhanced by the placement ,I wish it was slightly bigger, she looks wonderful very polished look.I like Meghan’s hat, I want one,
    Really like Louise McDonald’s hat but in a different color perhaps white or blue

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