This Week’s Extras

Princess Hisako visited Fukui Prefecture Monday and Tuesday this week to participate in the 130th anniversary ceremony of the Japan Red Cross Fukui Prefecture branch; She also visited the Red Cross Hospital, Sakai children’s science museum and a life-size dinosaur exhibit at JR Fukui Station. Princess Hisako wore two hats during the visit,a simple white straw design with pleated hatband for the anniversary ceremony and for the other engagements during the visit, a more interesting black and white straw design with pork pie crown and wide brim. I believe both hats have been previously worn.


Duchess of Castro shared this snap, with her husband on holiday in Portugal, in a straw summer hat

Great interview with Ghanan milliner Velma Owusu-Bempahhere at the Hat Academy website

The following new millinery designs caught my eye this week:

Lemon yellow straw trilby designs with feather trim from British brand Vivien Sheriff Ltd.
Large pink straw saucer with stunning black feathers from Irish milliner Suzanne Ryan
Lovely purple beret percher with straw and feather leaves from Australian milliner Karen Bailey
Natural straw hat with amazing, floating straw flower trim from French milliner Laurence Bossion
Punchy orange sideswept straw disc with floral circle from Dublin-based Ashleigh Myles Millinery
Huge white sidesweep saucer with flowers and silk organza ruffles from Rachel Trevor Morgan
Such a pretty and textural cream halo bandeau with flowers from Australian milliner Danica Erard
 Blue and mint picture hat with a layers of texture from London based Turkish milliner Merve Bayindir
Lilac snakeskin saucer with swirl of black feathers from London based Awon Golding Millinery


 Royal Hats

Surprised that the unveiling of a new statue of Queen Elizabeth in Gravesend, Kent on Thursday hasn’t been picked up more in royal news circles- what do you think of the likeness? (On The Thames)

Princess Mako’s fiancee, Kei Komuro, has quietly gone to study law in New York. Well, almost quietly, until the Imperial Household Agency staged a press conference to correct a minor detail and completely blew the ‘quietly’ part. Do you also smell interference from the IHA? (New York Times)

Fantastic photograph of Prince Harry’s visit to Lesotho last month, taken by Chris Jackson

Great snap taken by Crown Princess Mary of her family at the beach

We end this week with this delightful clip of The Band of The Royal Logistic Corp. playing an apt tune after the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. So fun!

Photos from Sankei

19 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. My picture in the Suzanne Ryan hat. It unfortunately came only with elastic and as I have shoulder-length hair and no access to a hairdresser here, I had a devil of a time keeping it secured, especially on such a windy day. Will add a comb for next time!

  2. During my fascinating ‘rabbit holing’ this week I came across an article regarding John Boyd ! And his remarks about Queen Alexandra being the instigator of the ‘Importation of Plumage (Prohibition) 1921’ seems she was very concerned about the feathers in ladies hats … and banned them from court ! 😊 this whole article was so different and engaging to me – I thought I would share !

  3. I think Princess Hisako’s black and white hat was worn last August at the 53rd Sea Cadet convention in Fukuoka. It had feathers then. Right click photos and open in new window to see the full version in the link below.

    Urg, the IHA and Fordham University made an awkward situation even worse. Why did the university post about Kei? Why did the IHA overreact and get nit-picky. Wish the IHA had let it go. A university’s law school blog doesn’t get that many clicks. Fiancé is the correct term regardless of Imperial custom. He proposed and she accepted. What would they prefer? Boyfriend? To-be-engaged? Certainly not lover. IHA would faint.

  4. Two more lovely hats for Hisako! The second hat, the black & white one with a wider brim, has a vintage vibe to it.

  5. This site may be dangerous for my wallet, but I’ll luckily be sporting that dramatic Suzanne Ryan hat at the final day of the Galway Races in a week. My husband is often oblivious to my purchases but I think he will notice this one!

      • I’m thrilled. I also just bought a vintage Philip Treacy and ordered the same as Duchess of Sussex wore to Royal Ascot. I adore hats – I used to collect vintage hats from the 1910-1950s and despite Seattle not being the most stylish of cities, I’m bringing hats back!!!

        • Ooh wonderful sntierney, do tell us afterwards what it was like to wear the Suzanne Ryan beauty!… and the Duchess of Sussex and P Treacy hats too, after you wear them.

  6. I’m so interested to see how the feathers are used on Suzanne Ryan’s dramatic saucer. They look as though they could be lethal!

  7. As I’m into everything Turkish this week – Turkish movies ,Turkish delight … 😊 i had to check out the Turkish milliner and I love that hat !! the colours, the texure, the shape everything ! and Rachel’s hat is gorgeous – how lovely that would be at P Eugenies wedding . I’m so sorry about the developments in Japan – sometimes cruel things are written about – that have no place in the lives of nice people ! The Queens statue was unexpected but I think it’s a really good likeness (even though at first glance I thought it looked a bit like Queen Sophia ) ☺

    • I meant to say the expression on that little one’s face (with Prince Harry) is priceless … trying to copy him and I love seeing the wedding band 😊

  8. Infanta Elena visiting social projects in Peru on July 11 and back in Spain on July 20:
    Embed from Getty Images

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