Top Royal Hats: Ascot 2018

Royal Ascot is a highlight in the royal millinery calendar and your favourite hats during this week of racing are often among your top picks for the year. Here are your choices for favourite new and repeated hats worn to Ascot this year:

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Beatrice’s black & white saucer with black roses & feathers by Sally Ann Provan on Day 3

Embed from Getty Images

Autumn Phillips’ magenta straw cocktail hat with rose & quill twists by Juliette Botterill worn Day 5

What worthy winners! Jump over the poll for new hats here and repeated hats here to see the results in greater detail or jump over to the Fan Favourites page for a running tally of your top picks so far this year. Next poll, we’ll face off hats worn during the rest of the month of June- it’s going to be another strong lineup.
Photos from Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “Top Royal Hats: Ascot 2018

  1. This creation by Sally Ann Provan is way and beyond the most stunning hat that Princess Beatrice has ever worn.

  2. HQ, you usually include a link to the results so we can see the number of votes for each hat. I don’t see that this time?

    • The links are there- jump back to either original poll and scroll down to the bottom of the voting box. The results should be visible- if not, click “show results” in the very bottom of the voting box. Because both polls were larger than usual, it might seem different than in the past!

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