Church Hats in Scotland

We’re going to postpone our Tuesday series on Queen Elizabeth’s iconic hats until tomorrow to catch up on a number of new and repeated hats that appeared in Scotland Sunday morning for church. The queen led her family in a new turquoise felt hat and matching coat trimmed with a mass of copper feathers on the front of the hat. The feather trim is an unexpected colour clearly ties to the ensemble, thanks to the open collar on the coat which reveals a good look at the Queen’s copper and teal silk floral dress. The hat shape looks a bit clunky to me but I’m going to reserve full review until we have a better look.

Designer: unknown. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cambridge repeated her modified navy felt saucer percher hat with raised back, trimmed in overlapping felt leaves. It’s a simple hat that pairs beautifully with her navy trimmed coat.
Designer: Lock and Co.
Previously Worn: February 7, 2016 and March 26, 2015 (private event)
Princess Anne repeated her purple felt fedora with wide brim and layered, slim hatband (with looped bow and feathers on the opposite side as this view). Autumn wore a beret based percher in black or navy that looks to be trimmed with a side bow. There aren’t any similar hats we’ve seen on Autumn before, leading me to suspect this is a new design.

Designer of Princess Anne’s hat: Amy Morris-Adams
Previously Worn: March 16, 2018  
Designer of Autumn’s hat: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Interestingly, the Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor were both in attendance but neither were in hats (see this photo gallery of additional shots). So Sunday’s outing saw four hats- two of which appear to be new. Thoughts?
Photos from Peter Jolly/REX/Shutterstock and social media as indicated

17 thoughts on “Church Hats in Scotland

  1. I realize this is Scotland, but I am surprised at the autumnal or, dare I say wintery, look of all of these hats in August. They could all be worn in January. Having said that, everyone looks very smart. I particularly like the colour on Her Majesty.

    • I agree with you Glitter Girl! Autumnal colors in high summer seem off to me.i do like all the hats although I would like to see Her Majesty and Autumn’s hats better. The Princess Royal looks fab in purple.

      • SoCal Gal, the colors don’t bother me as much as the weight of the clothing. If HM’s hat was straw, I think it would look even better, however I didn’t check the temperature in the Scottish highlands today. Bear in mind that this comment is coming from a part of the US which is 92F in the shade today! (or at least it feels like it.) After this Labor Day weekend, I’ll put away my pincord and seersucker clothes, but not break out the heavy wool quite yet. My mother would be packing away her white shoes about now, also.

        • I was just thinking about how I need to put away my whiite Dooney & Burke handbag after this coming weekend, shoes too. No white after Labor Day per my mother!

          • I think it’s funny that any of us who give any thought to appearance have “rules” to follow, whether they are handed down, or self-inflicted. For example, if my shoes have suede on them, they don’t see the light of day until October. Pastel ties go to the back of the tie rack, and my belt better darn well match my shoes! I wish there were more important things to ponder at times(!) Happy hump day, SoCal Gal.

  2. The blue and copper is an interesting one that I think has potential, but from these photos, the execution doesn’t look to be so good unfortunately. Full judgment reserved for a better view, of course.

    Kate looks very lovely and put together, although this isn’t a new look for (not surprisingly considering the occasion).

    Nice to see Anne out in this ensemble again, but I thought she had worn it another time since it’s premiere.

    This is a nice and subdued look for Autumn, and I like the pairing of this hat with her coat/outfit in burgundy, grey, and black.

  3. Like you I’ve also been surprised by the number of new hats recently – especially this summer’s break at Balmoral.

    I was at both Trooping the Colour and the RAF centenary flypast this summer and both high profile events saw repeated hats while lower profile ones such as church at Balmoral and even the Holy rood garden party have seen new hats debuted.

  4. I think the royal blue/copper colours look fantastic on Her Majesty – the perfect colours for late summer in Scotland on a dull and cloudy day. Although we don’t have a good view of the shape of the hat.

    I also particularly like the shade of purple on the Princess Royal. The shape of the hat is so her.

  5. I’ve been wracking my brains about HM’s hat as I’m sure I have seen it before. But perhaps it just feels like I have. I rather like the autumnal colour combo. Heavens she has had a lot of new hats recently; not sure when she’ll get the chance to wear them all! It does rather feel as if Angela and team have a production line going on but that the opportunities for them to be worn and reworn are a bit lacking now that HM has quietened her diary down a bit.

      • Ah yes hats the one. Yet again I’m puzzled why this second one was needed! Along with the new one she wore when she arrived at Balmoral that’s three very similar outfits. Which does just make me think she can’t quite keep up with Ange and team!

      • I liked the outfit worn for the visit to Hull. I can see the similarities but I think I prefer the deeper blue/copper combination of this new hat and coat although I like the shape of the older hat.

    • JamesB, HM has worn FIVE new hats (two of them renovated, including the Trump visit) all of them blue, or white and blue combination, since July 13th! The year 2018 has brought us at least 17 new hats, and we still have 4 more months to go! Any bets on the Braemar Games hat?

      • She normally goes tweedy for Braemar, I wonder if the purpley Heather one (with the fuchsia dress) she has will get an outing? Or the brown one worn to the Synod a couple of years back with the large bow… we shall see!

        • My alternative guess would be the grey hat and coat worn in Germany in 2015 and repeated for the centenary of the Battle of the Somme in July 2016.

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