New Hat Streak Continues in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth continued her streak of new blue hats in Scotland yesterday, debuting yet another design for church. In a dark cornflower shade, the design follows a familiar slightly fluted crown shape, which is covered in what looks like the same fabric as the matching coat, and a short, straw brim. High contrast black accents on the top of the crown, binding round the brim and on the stem and leaves of the spiky dahlia bloom embellishment link with stripes on the coat and make for an ensemble with strong impact. While details are difficult to ascertain from these photos, it’s a hat with promise I can’t wait to see from all angles, soon.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: this hat is new

The Queen was joined for church by her eldest grandson, Peter Phillips, and his wife, Autumn, who topped her raspberry coat with what looks like the same dark navy felt beret percher she wore two weeks ago. With looped bows and quills it’s a smart hat that Autumn carries well and that pairs beautifully with her bright coat.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: possibly August 26, 2018

The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay (as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall are known in Scotland) also were in attendance, with Camilla in a taupe felt hat barely visible in the photo below. I think it is the same rounded crown, brimless design with pheasant feathers she wore last month, also in Scotland. The hat follows a calot shape but like others in Philip Treacy’s recent collections, is designed to perch on the side of the head- a rather natty look for Camilla that I suspect works well with her hairstyle.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: August 19, 2018

Back in 2015, we waited more than six months for Queen Elizabeth to debut her first new hat of the year; if I’m counting correctly, yesterday’s hat is her sixteenth new design so far in 2018, the fifth of which is blue! Not that I’m complaining, particularly when the design looks as promising as this one does. What do you think of Her Majesty’s new chapeau?
Photos from Getty and social media as indicated

13 thoughts on “New Hat Streak Continues in Scotland

  1. I agree that these hats probably are new just to us, not to the Queen herself, but this hat is especially spectacular. I love the color combination and the black on the crown. I hope this summer’s Balmoral hats become part of the rotation, although if they’re worn with a short jacket rather than with a coat, I suppose the hats may rarely be seen again.
    I hope that in the future a designer can be confirmed for some of these mystery hats. I’m curious!

  2. I have a theory that none of these hats are new, they’re just new to us.
    My guess is that the Queen has worn them on occasions when we don’t see photos, she visits schools and some other thing that appear in the Court Circular, but we never get photos. Also, some were probably made to go with the outfit, but she only wore the dress or coat before. Looks like Angela is having a rummage in the closet.

    • Hmmm. These days, very, very few of the Queen’s engagements which appear in the Court Circular are not photographed. On the rare occasion that a royal photographer is not present, other photos still appear on social media.

      That being said, there is a regular occasion the Queen wears a hat but it is not photographed- to church on the Sundays when she is not at Balmoral (2.5 months in late summer) or Sandringham (December through early February). We know she attends church each Sunday but when she is at Windsor or in London, we don’t see her hats.

  3. Another great hat for HM, and I’m betting it’s a RTM creation based on the shape and those feathers in the trim.

    I’m 99% certain Autumn’s beret is a repeat from a couple weeks ago, but it’s a good choice to pair with another more colorful outfit.

    It looks like Camilla’s taupe beret is a hat twin to her red one: For a smaller hat, it definitely works well with her hairstyle.

    A good show by all the ladies, although it would be great to see some of the men in a fedora or cap once in a while for these outings.

  4. It’s not always raining in Scotland in spite of the church photos! Absolutely love this bright shade of blue and the black trim. One of my favourites of the year so far.

  5. The Crathie Kirk photos of the Queen are all the same – HM in her car, window glare or raindrops included. One of the photographers needs to go up to the church, and get a shot of her standing outside the car, glad handing the vicar, etc. I like this periwinkle and black combination.

  6. Is it possible that HM has actually had these (or some of them) for quite some time but only previously worn them on private occasions, and now has gone into a “what am I saving them for” mode? My mother started doing that with her special occasion clothes when she got into her late 80s.

  7. Lovely color and contrast on the hat and coat. I think it’s nice that she debuted new hats while in Scotland and makes her people feel special instead of just repeats.

  8. She’s sheaves some of her best new hats for Scotland! I like this one a lot and really hope we get to see it out for a proper spin soon. I’m just not sure when she’s going to get chance to wear all of these hats, when she’s in engagement mode she tends to only really do one hatted event a week these days at most. And yet Ange and co are still churning them out at a rate of knots!

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