Dutch Queen Opens Theater

Queen Máxima was in Veghel today to officially open the theater de Blauwe Kei. Built in an industrial heritage complex on the canal, the theater completes a revitalization of the area into an arts and culture hub.  For today’s opening, the Dutch queen repeated her oyster straw hat with straight sided crown, wide cartwheel brim and slim silk hatband tied at the front in a bow.

Embed from Getty Images

The hat’s classic shape and neutral colour is a great compliment to Queen Máxima’s delicate blue silk dress. While the ensemble isn’t one of the punchy ones we’ve come to associate with Máxima, it’s pretty and polished, which perfectly fits the bill for a royal day away. We’ve not seen this hat worn in five years and its great to see it paired with what I think is its best ensemble to date.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: Jul 8, 2013Nov 3, 2011Mar 11, 2011 
Thoughts about Queen Máxima’s hat today in Veghel?
Photos from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Opens Theater

  1. I don’t care for the sad shoelace-esque bow, but otherwise it’s a lovely working hat that was perfect for the occasion and paired beautifully with this outfit.

  2. Queen Maxima seems to know how to dress for the occasion, and this is no exception. I particularly like the way she often wears a glove and carries its mate -so elegant. This hat is simple but no less lovely for that.

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