Queen Elizabeth’s Iconic Hats: Early Hats & Extras

 Our search for Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic hats brings us to this last exploratory post.  As we think about which of the Queen’s hats are “widely known and acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence” are there any designs from the 1930s and 1940s that come to mind? Are there hats from any part of the Queen’s life or reign that we have not discussed yet that deserve the label of iconic? As always, feel welcome to link to articles, youtube videos or photo galleries featuring a particular hat but please avoid pinterest links and any hotlinked photos.

We have covered a LOT of hats in each of our discussions on this topic- are there any we have forgotten that you believe should be included in a gallery of Queen Elizabeth’s most iconic hats?

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20 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth’s Iconic Hats: Early Hats & Extras

  1. 15th September 1950: Princess Elizabeth en route to Balmoral Castle by train. with an infant Princess Anne and young Prince Charles.

    Embed from Getty Images

  2. Remember the Queen wore a full length dress for Princess Margaret’s wedding which she very rarely does – the Queen mother wore one for the Queens wedding also as a one-off, any idea why? This may make the outfit as a whole for Princess Margaret’s wedding iconic. Here is a link https://goo.gl/images/yFSta4 to the photo from Prince Andrews Christening where the Queen did not wear a hat.

    • At the time of Princess E and M’s weddings ‘formal court day wear’ ( my description) for such high profile events was long dress, hat and gloves. As we moved further through the 60’s this dress code was abandoned and short dresses / outfits were adopted as more in keeping with the times. At modern events (e.g. Harry’s wedding) you see everyone in hats but not so much the gloves – although the Queen sticks resolutely to that part of her dress code.

  3. I think the Queen’s uniform and regalia hats could be included as iconic except for the fact that they aren’t unique to her. Does that matter? Otherwise I just don’t know how to judge excellence from this modern day vantage point. Our tastes have changed so much. From the ones in your slide shows above I only really like the close fitting cap with the thin feather, but I don’t know how widely known it was or is, probably not much anymore. The headscarves are definitely iconic, but alas not hats.

      • I think the tricorn hat used at the Trooping of the Colour is unique – it was designed specifically for the Queen but based on an army design from the 1800’s.

  4. Depending on one’s interpretation of iconic-ness, here’s an interesting photo: HM’s pink hat from 1933, her crown worn for her father’s 1937 coronation, and the hat worn at Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965.
    Embed from Getty Images

    I’m adding the following photos for an odd reason. The hat shown in the first slideshow, 2nd photo, was worn by Princess Margaret 2 years later. One of very few occasions where a hat is shared by the two sisters.

    May 25, 1944
    Embed from Getty Images

    November 5, 1946
    Embed from Getty Images

    • I forgot the scalloped brim hat was handed down to Margaret! I suspect many of Princess Elizabeth’s hats were. I included this hat because that scalloped edge of the brim stands out to me as unique. Granted, maybe not iconic…. but interesting!

  5. I agree, the Charles’ christening hat is one of the first I think of, along with the hat from Anne’s christening (the first 2 photos I’ve seen many times over the years, so they are iconic for me in representing the late 40s/early 50s for the British Royal Family):
    Embed from Getty Images

    The headscarves are also an iconic look, although they do skirt the edge of the what constitutes as a hat haha. Otherwise, the Order of the Garter hat and the Trooping the Colour military hats are ones HM has worn for many years and are more “timeless”.

    • Interesting, Jake- the hats from Charles and Anne’s christenings are stand out ones for me, yet I can’t recall at all what she wore for Andrew and Edward’s christenings. In fact, I’m not sure that photos from the two later christenings were ever publicly shared…

      • There is a photo from Edward’s christening, but I can only find it on Pinterest. I think these were just much more private events.

        • A little research gave a lot of information:
          Prince Andrew was baptized on April 8, 1960 in the music room of Buckingham Palace.
          Prince Edward was baptized on May 2, 1964 in the private chapel of Windsor Castle.
          It’s safe to assume that since both christenings occurred “at home,” Queen Elizabeth did not wear a hat.

          Speaking of wearing a hat in the house, I remember vividly as a youngster, my mother running into the kitchen after just returning home from church. She had put the Sunday dinner in the oven before Mass, (which lasted longer than usual) and came home to find it burnt to a crisp! Adding insult to injury, she neglected to remove her hat before opening the oven door, and the veil immediately frizzed up on her. Any encouraging words from the pulpit that day about the virtues of the 2nd commandment had clearly fallen on deaf ears!

      • You’re extra good, HQ, finding the photo of Edward’s christening! HM seemed over dressed in it with her long gown! Years ago, Jimbo Junior’s baptism was on February 14, so Mrs. Jimbo wore a bright red felt hat and I wore a red tie and red plaid tartan waist coat under my Harris tweed herringbone coat.

  6. Well if there’s anything left to be iconic, then I’d say it’s her headscarves. Technically not one hat, but you added it into a slideshow, so I’m going with it.

    The hat from Charles’ christening is a well known one too, and I’ve always rather liked it’s exuberant bow, which is very typical oh her hats of the time.

    • I debated including a headscarf here because you’re right- it’s not technically a hat. However, it’s such a “covered head look” that we associate with the Queen that I couldn’t leave it out and I knew you’d all have something to say about it!

  7. Thank you for including a head scarf in the series! They are definitely iconic in their own way – and you’ve displayed such a vivid little beauty, wow!

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